Starting out in life with a common school education as his equipment, working in the coal mines in his early youth amid constant danger, it would seem that there was little business outlook for J. B. Young, but ambition and determination will eventually come to the front, and believing that his future depended upon his own efforts, Mr. Young so directed his labors that in the course of years he was able to start out upon an independent financial career. He further qualified for life's practical and responsible duties by close study and the reading of good books and thus he continually broadened his knowledge and promoted his efficiency. At length he determined to leave the mines and with the money which he had saved he established a small confectionery store in Rock Springs. The business grew and expanded and his activities were extended to still other lines. One after another branch was added until he is now at the head of an extensive trade and ranks with the leading general merchants not only of Rock Springs but of his section of the state. His trade covers a wide territory and his business is most satisfactory.
    Mr. Young is a native of Scotland. He was born at Gorebridge, December 14, 1866, a son of George and Katherine (Black) Young, who came to America in the spring of 1888, making their way westward to Walsenburg. Colorado. The father engaged in mining and in 1890 removed to Rock Springs, where he continued in the same line of business. He died in 1899 at the age of seventy-three years, while his wife passed away in 1898. In their family were fifteen children, six sons and nine daughters.
    J. B. Young, the tenth in order of birth, attended the schools of Scotland during the period of his youth and afterward took up coal mining in that country, facing the many dangers incident to mining coal at that period, when life was not safeguarded as it is at the present time. He continued in coal mining at Rock Springs until 1897, when he established business on his own account in a small way and has since developed his interests until he now has one of the largest and most important general mercantile establishments in this part of the state. He began with a small stock and a limited capital but he based his activities upon industry, determination and indefatigable energy and those qualities have constituted an excellent foundation upon which to build the superstructure of success.
    On the 12th of February, 1906, Mr. Young was married to Miss Maude L. Rhodes and they have become parents of two children: George Nephi, who was born in Rock Springs in 1911; and Hannah Catherine, who was born in January, 1915.
    Mr. Young votes with the republican party and in 1892, again in 1894 and in 1896 was elected on that ticket to represent his district in the state legislature. He has also served as a member of the city council and has been a member of the school board of Rock Springs, standing at all times in support of progressive measures which have to do with the upbuilding and development of the community in which he lives and of the commonwealth in general. He belongs to the Church of Latter-Day Saints and is first counsel to the bishop. His business record is characterized by continuous advancement owing to well defined plans carefully executed. His career has been marked by an orderly progression and each forward step has brought him a broader outlook and wider opportunities, which he has wisely utilized.

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