Harold Roy Harrison

    Harold Roy Harrison, filling the position of county clerk in Lincoln county and making his home at Kemmerer, indicates through the faithful discharge of his official duties that he regards a public office as a public trust–and no trust reposed in him is ever betrayed in the slightest degree.
    A native of Utah, Mr. Harrison was born at Bountiful, Davis county, December 20, 1885. He is descended from English ancestry, the family having been founded in America by Henry J. Harrison, who came from England and made his way direct to Utah, where he worked at the mason's trade, becoming one of the pioneer settlers and promoters of the town of Bountiful. There occurred the birth of his son, Harold Henry Harrison, who was reared and educated in Utah and in young manhood took up the trade of brick and stone mason, learning the business under the direction of his father and becoming an expert workman in that line. During the period of his residence in Utah he held the record of having erected the greatest number of buildings in the state in a given period. In 1890 he removed to Wyoming, settling at Auburn, in the Star valley, where he engaged in merchandising. He has since continuously and successfully remained in that line of business and is one of the leading representatives of commercial activity in that section of the state. In 1890 he was appointed postmaster of Auburn and has since occupied the position, covering a period of twenty-seven years and holding the record of being the oldest postmaster in point of continuous service in the state. He has at all times been actuated by a public-spirited devotion to the general good and has put forth effective activity for the welfare of city and commonwealth. He established the first public bathing facilities at the Sulphur Springs, Auburn, Wyoming, and has since turned his interests there over to his sons. His political endorsement has always been given to the democratic party and he has done everything in his power to advance its welfare and promote its success. He has also been a stalwart champion of the cause of education and for many years served as school trustee. He married Clara Mould, a native of England, who at the age of seven years came to the United States with her mother, Mrs. Jane Mould, who is still living in Auburn, Wyoming, at an advanced age, being now in the seventies. The paternal grandfather of Harold R. Harrison is still a resident of Bountiful, Utah. He has reached the age of eighty-seven years and has been identified with that locality for a longer period than any other resident of the section. The maternal grandmother, Mrs. Jane Mould, was a widow at the time of her removal to the United States. She settled in Utah, so that Mrs. Harold Henry Harrison, her daughter, was reared and educated in that state. There she was married and in the intervening years she has become the mother of nine children who are yet living.
    Of that family Harold Roy Harrison was the second in order of birth. He obtained a public school education in Wyoming and later became a student in the Fielding Academy at Paris, Idaho. He next attended the Brigham Young Academy at Logan. Utah, and completed his studies at the age of eighteen years save that he afterward pursued a commercial course through the International Correspondence Schools. He started out to provide for his own support on attaining his majority. Prior to that time he had engaged in missionary work in the south, spending two years in that part of the country with very great success. On his return from the mission field he took up the profession of teaching and for three years was principal of the schools at Thayne, in the Star valley of Wyoming, in Uinta county. He later spent two years as principal of the schools in Auburn, Wyoming, and in November, 1912, was elected county clerk, which position he is now filling for the third term, making a most creditable record in office, as is indicated by his reelections.
    At the beautiful Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, Mr. Harrison was married October 6, 1906, to Miss Sarah B. Steele, a native of Utah, born in Tooele county, and a daughter of Joseph and Charlotte Steele, who were pioneer people of that county. To Mr. and Mrs. Harrison have been born six children: Donald, who was born in Auburn, Wyoming, October 28, 1907; Ila, born in Thayne, May 23, 1909; Blanche, born in Alpine, Idaho, June 16, 1910; Donna, born in Auburn, December 8, 1911; Letha, born in Kemmerer, February 15, 1913 ; and Harold, born in Kemmerer, October 12, 1914.
    Harold R. Harrison is not only filling the position of county clerk but is also identified with business interests as a member of the firm of H. H. Harrison & Sons. His religious faith is that of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints and he is first councillor to the bishop of Kemmerer. Politically he has ever been a stalwart democrat and as a member of the Chamber of Commerce he is taking active and helpful part in all interests that tend to promote the progress and advance the upbuilding of city and state. He is now acting as chairman of the good roads committee of the Kemmerer Chamber of Commerce and has been a potent factor in promoting other lines which look beyond the exigencies of the moment to the possibilities and opportunities of the future. In a word, he is a most public-spirited citizen and his fellow townsmen have the utmost confidence in his ability and in his devotion to the general good.

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