Henry Harris

    Henry Harris, manager for the Uinta Mercantile Company at Evanston and thus widely and favorably known in the commercial circles of the city, was born in Nottinghamshire, England, September 8, 1866. His father, Matthew Harris, now deceased, was also a native of Nottinghamshire, England, where he engaged in business as a car repairer. Crossing the Atlantic to America, he first settled at Almy, Wyoming, where he cast in his lot with the pioneer citizens. He was employed by the Union Pacific Railway Company for a period of twenty-seven years and during his later life he engaged successfully in stock raising and farming in Uinta county. His life record covered seventy-three years and commanded for him the respect and goodwill of all with whom he was associated. He married Sarah Goddard, a native of Nottinghamshire, England, their marriage being celebrated in the mother country. To them were born ten children, of whom Henry Harris was the fourth in order of birth. The mother reached the age of seventy-six years.
    Henry Harris was educated in the public schools of England, where he remained until he reached the age of fifteen years, when he crossed the Atlantic to America and made his way direct to Evanston. He immediately secured a position as cash boy and delivery boy with the Beckwith Mercantile Company, which was his initial experience along mercantile lines. He started out in the business world at a wage of sixty dollars per month and that he was faithful and reliable is indicated by the fact that he remained with his first firm for seven years and then resigned his position to become associated with the Union Pacific Coal Company in the mercantile department. He entered the employ of that corporation as a clerk and was advanced from time to time to a managerial position, representing the company at Almy, at Cumberland and at Scofield, Utah, and also at Superior, Wyoming. acting as manager for three different stores. He continued as manager with the company for thirteen years and his entire connection with the corporation covered sixteen years. He then left the Union Pacific to enter into active association with the Uinta Mercantile Company as manager and one of the stockholders. He has since been in active association with the company and his marked business ability has contributed in substantial measure to its growing success. This firm has the second largest mercantile establishment in the county, employing five people and doing an annual business of thirty-five thousand dollars. A carefully selected stock is carried and the business methods of the house are thoroughly progressive and equally reliable, a policy that commands unqualified confidence being instituted by Mr. Harris and therefore bringing a substantial trade.
    At Logan, Utah, on October 14, 1891, Mr. Harris was united in marriage to Miss Carrie Fowkes, a native of Almy, Wyoming, and a daughter of Reuben and Mary Fowkes, who were pioneer people of Utah and of Wyoming but have now passed away. To Mr. and Mrs. Harris have been born seven children: Caroline Annie; Martin F., who is associated with his father in business; Irvin H., living in Evanston; Walter M.; Clarence William; Ione Mary; and Berenice L.
    In his political views Mr. Harris is a republican, giving unfaltering allegiance to the party. He served as postmaster at Superior, Wyoming, for five years, but otherwise has not held office, feeling that the pursuits of private life are in themselves abundantly worthy of his best efforts. Fraternally he is connected with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, while his religious faith is that of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. He came to America a poor boy of but fifteen years, but he recognized the fact that opportunity is open to all and he has wisely and carefully used the advantages that have come to him. He is fortunate in that he possesses character and ability that inspire confidence in others and the simple weight of his character and ability have carried him into important commercial connections.

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