George Whitten is the genial proprietor of the New Kemmerer Theater and is one of the most popular and best known citizens of Lincoln county. He is a theatrical manager of many years' experience, having conducted various theaters and moving picture houses in many sections of the country through a period of fifteen years. This has given to him a knowledge of public wants and demands in this direction and he is giving Kemmerer the best attractions that can be secured in film productions. In the conduct of his business he displays a most enterprising spirit and puts forth every effort to please his patrons, so that success naturally follows.
    A native of New York city, Mr. Whitten was born August 31, 1870, a son of George R. and Eliza (Lewis) Whitten. who were also natives of the metropolis and spent their entire lives in New York, where the father engaged in educational work, being a well known figure of New York city for a number of years. He there passed away, as did his wife, who was a lady of culture and refinement, a graduate of one of the best schools of New York. They had a family of six children, of whom George Whitten, of this review, was the second in order of birth. Only three of the family are now living, his sisters being Mrs. Mabel Bishoff and Mrs. Viola Richards, both of New York city.
    Through the period of his boyhood Ceorge W Whitten largely devoted his time and attention to the acquirement of a public school education in New York and New Jersey and later he made his initial step in the business world in connection with mercantile interests of New York. He was thus employed for five years and then turned his attention to theatrical enterprises and the moving picture business, conducting theaters of that kind very successfully in a number of different places. Finally in his travels in search of a favorable location he arrived in Kemmerer. The town was new and the opportunity for activity in his line of business was promising. He therefore opened what is known as the New Kemmerer Theater in 1910. It is a modern moving picture and vaudeville house with a seating capacity of two hundred and eighty. It has all modern appointments and equipment and the building has been erected especially for theater purposes. Mr. Whitten is conducting a most attractive place of refined amusement, catering to the better class of patrons, and he produces the best pictures which have been put upon the screen, thus bringing before his audience the leading actors and actresses of the country, together with many films that bring one into touch with the places of interest and the scenes of beauty in other lands.
    On the 6th of August, 1906, Mr. Whitten was united in marriage to Miss Lucille Hillier, of Nashua, New Hampshire, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Hillier, of Lancaster, New Hampshire. They have one child, George Hillier, who was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, in 1908, and is now a pupil in the Kemmerer schools.
    In his fraternal relations Mr. Whitten is an Odd Fellow. In politics he maintains an independent course, voting for men and measures rather than for party, and he has never been an aspirant for office, preferring to concentrate his efforts and attention upon his business affairs, which have been carefully directed. He is a believer in the future growth and development of Wyoming and intends to make his home in the state, being now closely allied with the interests of Kemmerer and at all times loyal to those projects which are working for the upbuilding and improvement of the city.

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