Edwin M. Conant, who is filling the office of county clerk and is also serving as clerk of the district court in Washakie county, makes his home in Worland. He was born in Waupun, Wisconsin, December 22, 1876, and is a son of William T. and Agnes M. (Frazier) Conant. the former a native of the state of New York, while the latter was born in England. It was in the year 1855 that they became residents of Wisconsin, where they are still living, and in that state they reared their family of eight children, seven of whom survive.
    Edwin M. Conant passed the period of his boyhood and youth under the parental roof and divided his time between such duties as parental authority assigned him, and the work of the schoolroom and the pleasures of the playground. He passed through the elementary branches of learning and was graduated from the high school at Waupun, Wisconsin. He continued his residence in that state until he had reached he age of about twenty-seven years, when he sought the opportunities of the west and in 1903 arrived in Wyoming, taking up his abode in Washakie county. Here he was first appointed to the position of county clerk in 1911 and the following year was elected to the office, in which capacity he has since served by reelection, covering a period of seven years. He has also been clerk of the district court and in his dual position has discharged his duties in the most systematic, prompt and capable manner, the results achieved for the benefit of the county being most satisfactory. His political endorsement is given to the republican party. While active in office, he has also concentrated his attention in partial manner upon business affairs and is now the owner of two good ranches in northern Wyoming.
    In 1906 Mr. Conant was married to Miss Katherine Frisby, a native of Missouri, and they have become parents of two children: Donald R.. who was born July 15. 1907: and Agnes V.. born December 24, 1910.
    Both Mr. and Mrs. Conant are members of the Congregational church and are loyal adherents of its teachings. They occupy an enviable position in social circles and their home, which is one of the fine residences of Worland, is the abode of a warm-hearted hospitality which is greatly enjoyed by their circle of friends–a circle that is almost coextensive with the circle of their acquaintance.
    The name Conant has long been prominently connected with the history of Wyoming, for A. A. Conant, an uncle of Edwin M. Conant, became one of the first settlers of Fremont county. He died at Basin in 1904. He had been one of the prominent men of his section of the state, honored and respected by all who knew him, and most of all where he was best known.

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