Dr. E. S. Lauzer is recognized as a capable physician and surgeon, successfully practicing at Rock Springs, but his fellow townsmen have also recognized the fact that he is qualified for leadership in public affairs and have called upon him to assume the reins of city government. He is now filling the position of mayor, in which connection he is exercising his official prerogatives in support of many well defined plans and projects for the general good and is giving to his city a businesslike administration.
    Dr. Lauzer is a native of Minnesota, his birth having occurred in Hutchinson, January 29, 1882, his parents being Simon and Anna (Tmey?) Lauzer, both of whom are natives of Bohemia, whence they came to America in 1857. Mr. Lauzer's study of his adopted land, its conditions and its interests led him to espouse the cause of the Union at the time of the Civil war and he became a member of Company A of the First United States Infantry. He won rank as a non-commissioned officer and rendered active service to his adopted land in her hour of peril, participating in many hotly contested engagements, in which he proved his valor and his loyalty. In days of peace his attention was given to agricultural pursuits and he became a well known farmer of Minnesota, where he devoted many years to the work of tilling the soil. At the present time, however, he is living retired, occupying a beautiful home in Minneapolis, where he and his wife are now able to enjoy all of the comforts and many of the luxuries of life. They reared a family of six children: Emily; Anna; Abby; Fred; Joseph; and E. S., of this review.
    The last named was the third in order of birth. He began his education in the public schools of Hutchinson, Minnesota, passing through consecutive grades to his graduation from the high school with the class of 1901. His advanced studies were pursued in the University of Nebraska, where he completed his medical course in 1905, winning the professional degree. Immediately afterward he came to Rock Springs, Wyoming, being sent by the Union Pacific Railroad Company, where he entered upon the active duties of his profession under the supervision of Dr. R. N. Reed, surgeon for the Union Pacific Railway & Coal Company at Rock Springs. He remained in that connection for two years and then entered upon the private practice of medicine, in which he has since continued, being recognized as one of the leading physicians not only of his city but of this section of the state. He has a very large and lucrative practice and is splendidly qualified to cope with the intricate problems that continually confront the physician because he has been a close and discriminating student of the profession, reading broadly, thinking deeply and keeping in touch with advanced professional thought, research and scientific investigation. He is now physician and surgeon for the Wyoming Coal Company, the Lion Coal Company and the Central Coal & Coke Company of Rock Springs and he is a member of the Wyoming State and the American Medical Associations.
    On the 18th of June, 1914, Dr. Lauzer was united in marriage to Mrs. Anna (Geise) Miller at Sidney, Nebraska. Mrs. Lauzer is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Geise, the former a pioneer settler of Nebraska and an associate of Colonel William F. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill. He acted as Indian scout under Colonel Cody and experienced many of the hardships and privations of pioneer life in the west. By her former marriage Mrs. Lauzer had a daughter, Mabel Frances Miller, who was born in Saratoga in 1901, and is now a student in Brownell Hall at Omaha, Nebraska. She is as dear to the Doctor as though she were his own child.
    Dr. Lauzer is well known in Masonic circles, having taken the degrees of the York Rite and of the Mystic Shrine. He is also connected with the Elks lodge at Rock Springs. His political endorsement is given to the republican party and he has served as county physician and surgeon of Sweetwater county, while in 1916 he was elected to the office of mayor of Rock Springs, in which connection his fellow townsmen speak of him in terms of admiration and high regard by reason of his faithful performance of the duties that devolve upon him. He is public-spirited and cooperates earnestly in all plans to advance the interests of the city, to extend its trade relations and to uphold and advance its civic standards. Guided in life by most creditable principles, he has made for himself an enviable name and place in both professional and business circles.

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