Edgar R. Rouse, filling the position of clerk of the district court at Douglas, was born in Jefferson, Wisconsin, on the 3d of February, 1882, and was the only child of Willard H. and Ledia B. (Rouse) Rouse, who although of the same name were not related. It was in the year 1886 that the father brought his family to Wyoming and established his home in Douglas, where he conducted business as a contractor, engaging actively in that line until his death, which occurred in 1905. He is still survived by his widow, who makes her home in Douglas.
    Edgar R. Rouse was only four years of age when brought by his parents to Wyoming, so that practically his entire life has been passed in this state. He acquired his education in the schools of Douglas, passing through consecutive grades to the high school, from which in due course of time he was graduated. He was afterward employed in a clerical capacity in stores of Douglas for a number of years, but in 1898 he put aside all business and personal consideration to espouse the cause of his country, which was calling for military aid in the struggle with Spain. He joined the volunteer forces and spent eighteen months in active service in the Philippines as a member of Company K of the First Wyoming Infantry. He did active duty in the Orient and then when the country no longer needed his aid returned to Wyoming. Reentering the store, he was thus connected with commercial pursuits until the 1st of November, 1916, when he was elected to his present position as clerk of the district court. He entered upon the duties of the office on the 1st of January, 1917, and in the year which has since intervened has made an excellent record by the prompt and faithful manner in which he has discharged his duties. He is thoroughly systematic and his work has received high endorsement from members of the court.
    On the 12th of February, 1907, Mr. Rouse was united in marriage to Miss Edith Goddard and to them have been born three daughters, Dorothy, Marjorie and Isabelle. Mr. Rouse is a member of the Masonic lodge of Douglas and is also identified with the Commercial Club, being deeply interested in all of its well defined plans and purposes for the upbuilding of the city. He votes with the republican party, which has received his allegiance since he reached adult age. His fellow townsmen, appreciative of his worth, have several times called him to public office and he has served as city treasurer, while at the present time he is filling the position of city clerk as well as that of clerk of the district court. He is a public-spirited man who throughout his entire life has ever recognized the obligations as well as the privileges of citizenship.

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