Elias Mosher, dealer in men's clothing, furnishings, shoes and haberdashery at Rawlins, has a well equipped and well stocked establishment and enjoys a merited reputation for the integrity of his business methods and his fair dealings, his reputation in this direction being known from coast to coast. His high standards have made him popular wherever he is known and he has a circle of friends almost coextensive with the circle of his acquaintance. Mr. Mosher is of Russian birth, his natal day being December 20, 1869. His father, Meilach Mosher, remained a resident of Russia until 1902, when he crossed the Atlantic and settled in New York, where he engaged in the fur business to the time of his death, which occurred in 1916. His wife, Mrs. Slava Mosher, passed away the previous year.
    Elias Mosher is the eldest of their three children, all of whom survive. He acquired his early education in the schools of his native country and when twenty-one years of age came to the new world, settling first in Superior, Wisconsin, where he was employed by the Webster Manufacturing Company, a chair manufacturing concern. He worked in the factory and later became a traveling representative for the house, with which he continued for about five years. He was then transferred to Kansas City and traveled with that city as his headquarters, representing the Furniture Manufacturing Syndicate. He later removed to Gillett, Colorado, where he entered the men's furnishing goods business, conducting a store until 1901. He then sold his interests in that city and removed to Rawlins, where he established business in a small way. Today he has one of the finest stores in the state and enjoys an extensive trade, but more than that, he enjoys a well earned reputation for the thorough reliability of his methods. He has never been known to take advantage of the necessities of his fellowmen in any trade transaction and his reasonable prices and earnest desire to please his patrons have won for him a very gratifying patronage which is growing year by year. The increase in his trade has necessitated the enlargement of his quarters and he has now doubled the space of his original store, making it unquestionably the finest equipped store in the state in this line. He has installed showcases of the latest and most modern style of manufacture and attractive fixtures of all kinds, and the tasteful arrangement of his store is one of the elements in his growing success. As the years have passed and he has prospered in his undertakings he has invested in bank stocks and other projects in the county and state, which add materially to his income and place him as one of the foremost business men of Rawlins.
    Mr. Mosher has been married twice. He first wedded Miss Estelle Clendenney and they had a son, Albert, born August 23, 1901. at Gillett, Colorado, and now a student at Culver Military Academy. Mrs. Mosher died November 13, 1903, in Gillett. Colorado. For his second wife Mr. Mosher chose Miss Doris M. Larson. of Rawlins, by whom he has the following children: Helen E., born in February, 1907; Sarah D., born in January, 1912; and Frances F., born in September, 1914.
    Fraternally he is connected with the Masons and with the Elks and in the former organization he has attained thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite and has also become a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. In politics he votes with the republican party where national issues are involved but casts an independent local ballot. Starting out in life a poor boy, aiding in the support of his parents, Mr. Mosher has steadily worked his way upward and step by step has advanced to the goal of prosperity. As the architect of his fortunes he has builded wisely and well and the history of his life should serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to others, showing what may be accomplished through individual effort.

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