Danel R. Ganiard is a representative business man who has readily utilized the opportunities that have come to him and by reason of his indefatigable industry and ready adaptability has steadily worked his way upward. He is now manager for the Western Auto Transit Company at Rock Springs and although he has made his home in that city for only six years he is recognized as one of its wide-awake and progressive business men. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, April 29, 1885, and is the eldest in a family of three children whose parents were Myron A. and Emily (Ross) Ganiard, both of whom were natives of the Empire state, the father having been born in Rochester, while the mother was a native of Brooklyn. The father engaged in business along mechanical lines in the east and afterward removed to East Moline, Illinois, where he still resides.
    Danel R. Ganiard pursued his education in the public schools of the state of New York and mastered the branches taught in the high school at Poughkeepsie, New York. He started out to provide for his own support when a youth of nineteen years, entering upon an apprenticeship to learn the machinist's trade. He completed his full term of indenture and gained a comprehensive and accurate knowledge of the business, which he followed as a journeyman for five years. He was afterward associated with his father in systematizing the business of the Iowa Dairy Cream Separator Company at Waterloo, Iowa, where he remained for two years. He was also employed to systematize the interests of the Lisle Manufacturing Company at Clarinda, Iowa, and subsequently he removed to Topeka, Kansas, where he was connected with the Smith Automobile Company as general foreman of the machine shop and engine assembly. He continued in the latter place for two years and on the expiration of that period removed to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where he arrived in the fall of 1911. He then became connected with the company which he now represents, being manager for the Western Auto Transit Company. After four months with the company he was advanced to his present position and he is also one of the stockholders of the business, which was established and incorporated in 1910 with J. W. Hay as president, J. H. Anderson, vice president, T. S. Taliaferro as secretary and treasurer, and D. R. Ganiard as manager. Mr. Ganiard's thorough training along mechanical lines and his later experience in salesmanship have well qualified him for the onerous duties which devolve upon him in connection with the development and upbuilding of the business which he is now actively controlling and which is meeting with a substantial measure of success.
    In 1906, in Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Ganiard was married to Miss Grace Beal, a native of Fort Dodge, Iowa, and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Beal, representatives of one of the old families of that state. Mr. and Mrs. Ganiard became the parents of four children, one of whom has passed away, Marjorie, who died in Rock Springs and who was the third in order of birth. The others are: Emily G., who was born in Waterloo, Iowa ; Robert, born in Topeka, Kansas; and Lois, born in Rock Springs.
    The religious faith of the parents is that of the Episcopal church, of which they are loyal adherents. Mr. Ganiard gives his political endorsement to the republican party and while not an office seeker he keeps well informed concerning the vital questions and political problems of the day and does all in his power to insure party success. His attention, however, is mainly concentrated upon his business interests, and his progress and prosperity are the direct result of his close application and indefatigable effort, intelligently directed.

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