Cyrus Beard
    Cyrus Beard, judge of the supreme court of Wyoming, who upon the bench has proved himself as the peer of the ablest representatives of the court of last resort during the history of the state, was born in Venango county, Pennsylvania, August 13, 1850, a son of Thomas and Mary (McKinley) Beard. The father was a farmer by occupation and removed with the family to Iowa in the spring of 1865, spending his remaining days in that state, where he passed away in the eighty-ninth year of his age. His wife is also deceased. In the family were four sons.
    Cyrus Beard, the third in order of birth, acquired his education in public and private schools and in the Iowa State University, from which he was graduated in 1874 on the completion of a law course. He first practiced in Washington, Iowa, where he remained until 1878, after which he went to Harlan, Iowa, where he continued until 1890. He then removed to Evanston, Wyoming, and entered into a partnership with former Senator C. D. Clark, and there he resided until 1897, after which he returned to Iowa and engaged in the practice of law in partnership with Governor L. M. Shaw as a member of the firm of Shaw, Kuehnle & Beard. That association was maintained until August, 1900, when Judge Beard took up his abode in Evanston, Wyoming. Locating there he continued in practice from 1900 until 1904. He was elected to the bench in the latter year and entered upon his duties as one of the supreme judges of the state. In 1912 he was reelected to the office, so that his incumbency will continue until January. 1921.
    His decisions indicate strong mentality, careful analysis, a thorough knowledge of the law and an unbiased judgment. The judge on the bench fails more frequently perhaps from a deficiency in that broad mindedness which not only comprehends the details of a situation quickly and that insures a complete self-control under even the most exasperating conditions, than from any other cause; and the judge who makes a success in the discharge of his multitudinous delicate duties is a man of well rounded character, finely balanced mind and of splendid intellectual attainments. That Judge Beard is regarded as such a jurist is a uniformly accepted fact, and he well merits the high honor which was conferred upon him by his elevation to the highest court of appeals.
     Judge Beard has been married twice. In 1875 he wedded Miss Nohra E. Willson. who died in 1893. Their children were: Mary, now the wife of W. W. Pefley: Clare E.. the wife of George W. Daiber; and Arthur A., lieutenant, Twenty-third Regiment, United States Engineers. In 1896 the Judge was again married, his second union being with Miss Frances B. Birkhead.
    Judge Beard is a Protestant in religious belief. In politics he is a republican and served as mayor of Evanston. Fraternally he is identified with the Masons and is a past grand commander of the Knights Templar of Wyoming. He has attained the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite and is regarded as a most valued and worthy exemplar of the craft.

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