Albert P. Heitz
    The history of Albert P. Heitz is that of a remarkably successful business man, who within a comparatively few years has made for himself a most enviable and creditable position in the commercial circles of Kemmerer, being president of the Kemmerer Hardware & Furniture Company, his associates, like himself, being young men, who. however, are the possessors of broad experience and of much determination and energy. Accordingly a business of large proportions has been built up.
    Mr. Heitz was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming, August 22, 1885, a son of W. G. and Serene ( Wallace) Heitz, both of whom were natives of Iowa. Removing from Washington, Iowa, they came to Wyoming at an early period in the development of the state. The father later engaged in the meat business for the Frontier Supply Company at Frontier for seventeen years. During the time that he had charge of the meat department he made it a profitable enterprise, bringing to the company a large surplus every year. He resigned this position in order to engage in business with his son at Big-Piney. He still makes his home in Wyoming, residing at Big-Piney at the age of sixty-six years, but his wife passed away in 1899, when forty-six years of age. In their family were six children, one of whom has passed away. The others are: George, living at Superior, Wyoming; Stella, the wife of Dr. Robert Hocker, of Kemmerer; Mrs. Charles Beach, living at Frontier, Wyoming; and Howard, who is a business man of Big-Piney.
    The other member of the family is Albert P. Heitz, who was the fifth in order of birth. In his boyhood days he attended the schools of Rock Springs and of Ogden, Utah, and after his school-days were over went to Frontier, Wyoming. He resumed his studies in the high school of Burlington, Iowa, while subsequently he spent two years as a student in the academic department of the University of Wyoming. He then came to Kemmerer and secured a position in the Hoskins mercantile house, with which he remained for three years, and for a year he was connected with the drug store of J. B. Roberts. Later he accepted a position with the Mountain Trading Company of Diamondville, Wyoming, under the management of Mr. Dickey and there remained for three years, after which he returned to Kemmerer and organized the Kemmerer Hardware & Furniture Company. The business started in February, 1910, under partnership relations. Mr. Heitz being associated in the venture with J. W. Neil under the firm style of Neil & Heitz. At first they had only a stock of hardware, but later Mr. Heitz purchased a five thousand dollar stock of furniture and incorporated the business under the present style of the Kemmerer Hardware & Furniture Company, of which he became the president, with R. H. Embree as vice president and W. J. Witherspoon as secretary. These officers retain their positions and they have developed one of the largest and most representative business enterprises of their section of the state. They further extended the scope of their activities in 1917 by organizing the Up-To-Date Auto Company, the management of which is in the hands of W. J. Witherspoon, secretary and treasurer of the company. They handle the Overland and Ford cars and in two months they sold thirty-five Overlands. They also maintain a Ford garage and their business has reached very gratifying and substantial proportions. Mr. Heitz is vice president of the Up-To-Date Auto Company, with Mr. Embree as the president and Mr. Witherspoon as the secretary.
    On the 7th of June, 1910, Mr. Heitz was united in marriage to Miss Dora Sneddon, of Diamondville, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Sneddon, of Diamondville, Wyoming. Mr. and Mrs. Heitz now have two children: William, born October 31, 1912; and Albert, born June i, 1915.
    In his fraternal relations Mr. Heitz is a Mason and he is identified as well with the Chamber of Commerce, being heartily in sympathy with all of its carefully organized plans for the upbuilding of the city, the extension of its trade relations and the maintenance of all those interests which constitute forces in municipal development and progress. He and his wife are very prominent in the social circles of Kemmerer and he has recently erected a most attractive home, which, outside of the lot on which it stands and the furnishings, has cost five thousand dollars. One of its chief features is its warm-hearted hospitality, which is always extended to their many friends. Mr. Heitz well deserves mention in this volume, not only because he is contributing to the commercial development of the state, but also because his record should serve as an inspiration to young men, showing what may be accomplished when determination and ambition point out the way. He has worked upward entirely without assistance from others, and laudable ambition and energy have been the salient points in his successful career.

residence of Albert P. Heitz

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