Black Sheep Project, part of Trails To The Past
Duncan Blackburn Duncan “Dunc” Blackburn
Wanted for Highway Robbery, Grand Larceny, Assault and Murder
Dan Bogan Dan Bogan
Alias Bill McCoy
Wanted for murder and jail breaking.
Albert John  bothwell Albert John Bothwell (1855-1928)
Wanted for kidnapping and murder in connection to the murder of Ellen Watson, aka. Cattle Kate.
Frank Canton Frank Canton (1849 - 1927)
Wanted for the murder of J. A. Tisdale.
Bill Carlisle Bill Carlisle (1890 - 1964)
Alias: White Masked Bandit
Wanted for train robbery and escaping from the penitentiary.
Richard Carr Richard Carr
Wanted for horse stealing, breaking jail, resisting arrest and assaulting a peace officer.
Will Carver William "News" Carver (September 12, 1868 April 2, 1901)
George Currie George Currie
Alias: Flat Nosed George
Wanted for train robbery and cattle rustling.
Harvey Gleason Harvey Gleason
Alias Teton Jackson
Wanted for murder, horse stealing and escape.
Tom Horn Tom Horn Alias The Exterminator
Wanted for murder and escape from lawful custody.
Harvey Logan Harvey Logan
Alias Kid Currie
Member of "The Wild Bunch".
Wanted for murder and train robbery.
Harry Longabaugh Harry Longabaugh
Alias The Sundance Kid
Member of "The Wild Bunch".
Wanted for bank robbery and train robbery.
Kinch McKinney Kinch McKinney
Wanted for cattle rustling and escape from Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary.
Bob Meldrum Bob Meldrum (1866 - unknown)
Alias: Hair Trigger Bob or Bad Bob
Wanted for Murder.
Robeert Leroy Parker Robert Leroy Parker (1866 - 1908/1936)
Member of "The Wild Bunch"
Alias: Butch Cassidy
Wanted for bank robbery and train robbery.
George Parrott George Parrott
Alias Big Nose George
Wanted for murder, train robbery and various other crimes.
Clark Pelton Clark Pelton
Alias: The Kid
Wanted for rustling, highway robbery and murder.
James Wall James Wall
Wanted for highway robbery, assault, attempted murder, grand larceny, horse stealing and obstructing the U.S. mail.
Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch