1894 City Directory of Sheridan, Sheridan County Wyoming
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1894 City Directory of Sheridan, Wyoming

Notes: In the summer of 1998, a Xeroxed copy of an 1894 Sheridan City Directory was found at the State Archives in Cheyenne. No one knows where it came from, what happened to the original, how long it had been there or how it came to be there. The title page has a signature, W.G. Griffen, and that's the only clue.

Most of the pages are very legible, but a few letters are cut off the edge of a couple of pages. I have used question marks where letters were unreadable.

The names are in the original order, grouped by letter, but not alphabetical, and the original spelling has been used.


The Directory.

A Complete and Corrected List of the Names, Business and Residence of the Citizens
of Sheridan.

Between 1500 & 2000 Citizens

Following come the names of our citizens, what street they live upon and their business. It has been our aim to get the name of every man in the city, and if we have missed any it is not from lack of effort on the part of the publishers. One circumstance that made our work a little more arduous (and perhaps the results will be some few inaccuracies) is the fact of the houses not being numbered. But we have done our best in securing names, so we trust errors will be overlooked.

We find 426 heads of families. In many cities they multiply the total number of heads of families by four, to get the total population, but many leading citizens of Sheridan have advised us to multiply by three only, in order to show the bona fide citizenship, without the possibility of too large an estimate; we have done so, making the population 1278, so that, counting in the transients who come and stay a few months, Sheridan's citizenship will average 1500 to 2000. There are many who will make a larger estimate, but a smaller would certainly be false.

We have used a number of abbreviations, to which the following is the key.

C add--Coffeen's addition
F add--Farnham's addition
G add--Grinnell's addition
H add--Held's addition
KH--kitchen help
K add--Kendrick's addition
N heights--Neilson
R hill--residence
ry po clerk--railway postal clerk
SLC add--Sheridan Land Company addition
SP add--South Park
Sec--Section house, B & M

Name Business Residence
Abraham, Mrs. J.F. KH Inn
Alexander, A.C. Tailor Held's Add
Adams, J.D. Mch't Country
Austin, J.W. Carpenter Coffeen Add
Appleget, A.M. Attorney Country
Alger, H.C. Banker Inn
Arnott, J.P. Lawyer E. Works
Amsden, Mrs. M.H.   W. Works
Akin, E.S. Transferman G. Add
Austin, Mrs. Anna A.   C. Add
Adams, J.M Carpenter N. Heights
Alexander, Mrs. A.C.   H. Add
Atchinson, Mrs. L.T.    
Atchinson, Ancil Woodworker F. Add
Alsworth, Miss Lizzie HK N. Heights
Boodle, F Drayman Main and Works
Bush, J.D. Brewer Farnham Add
Buckley, J.H. Carpenter E. Brundage
Boal, H.S. Hotel man Inn
Braid, L.L. Bartender Inn
Blake, F. Waiter Inn
Bray, T. Liveryman Inn
Burrows, A.S. Bank cashier N. Heights
Bentley, J.J. Bank teller C Ave
Bard, C. Restauranteur S. Main
Burnett, W.C. Saloonist Res. hill
Blake, M.L. City Attorney C. Add
Bardwell, J.B. Carpenter Transit
Blair, F.B. Lawyer Inn
Becker, C.C. Secretary N. Main
Becker, J.A. Furniture man H. Add
Briggs, C. Printer Central
Bishop, J.C. Theatrical Ag't. Windsor
Brittain, Mrs. W. Saleslady Work and Gould
Brittain, W.F. Salesman Work and Gould
Barber, E.A. Blacksmith Brundage
Beach, C.A. Ry po Clerk C. Add
Byrnes, M.J. Printer S. Brooks
Burns, J. Ranchman R. Hill
Brooks, L.H. Merchant K. Add
Blom, Sol Merchant N.Main
Buckles, T.E. Carpenter T. Add
Buckles, Miss May Waitress Transit
Burnett, Mrs Elsie   Res. Hill
Burns, Mrs. Norah   Res. Hill
Bain, J. Freighter F. Add
Brady, W.R. Blacksmith S. Main
Becker, John Carpenter S.P. Add
Brown, R. Broker N. Main
Bacon, C. Laborer T. Add
Carpenter, C.E. Clerk W. Works
Calloway, J.W. Teamster H. Add
Cooley, F.W. Printer S. Gould
Culbertson, Miss Anna H.M. C. Add
Chassell, Mrs. L.V. Bookkeeper Louck and Gould
Cameron, E.D. Liveryman C. Add
Cooney, T. Laborer N. Gould
Coffeen, Herbert A. Dry Goods C. Add
Clark, Mrs. Martha   C. Add
Cosslet, A.T. SDB&P Co N. Main
Cooper, J. E. Livery help S. Gould
Cole, T.S. Saloonist N. Main
Crandall, J.C. Printer Gould and Scott
Compton, W.S. Carpenter H. Add
Chabo, C. Railroader Sec
Cosslet, S.E. Liveryman N. Main
Coates, C.L. Engineer S. Scott
Cranston, J.L. Cook S. Main
Canfield, S.D. Hotelman Inn
Canfield, Geo. Hotelman Inn
Chassell, N.W. Clerk Inn
Chadwick, W. Bartender Inn
Camp, J. Porter Inn
Church, A.E. Grocer S. Scott
Church, S.L. Grocer S. Scott
Cook, Miss Amy Laundress Windsor
Cooper, J.B. Laborer N.Scott
Collier, O.R. Jeweler E. Works
Collier, Mrs. M.J. Nurse E. Works
Crandall, Mrs. Corn   Works and Scott
Crumay, J. Laborer R. Hill
Coffeen, Henry A. Congressman S.P. Add
Cooper, Mrs. S.B.   N. Scott
Cotton, Mrs. Ella   S. Brooks
Colburn, Wm. Bartender S. Main
Coffeen, Mrs. Jennie M.   S.P. Add
Coffeen, Mrs. Hattie M.   S.P. Add
Draper, F Drayman S. Main
Duff, S. Liveryhelp Inn
Demple, P. Butcher F. Add.
Deckek, C.L. Dist. Clerk Windsor
Dorrington, G.E. Liveryman N. Main
DeBarthe, Joe Atty N. Heights
Donnell, E.R. Laborer S. Scott
Dillon, A.B. Liveryman Alger Add.
Diefenderfer, Alf Hardware H. Add
Daniels, F.W. Notary Public H. Add
DeClark, F.A. Jeweler N. Main
Dill, S.N. Blacksmith N. Brooks
Delaney, H. Laborer T. Add
DeBarthe, Mrs. J.   N. Heights
Demple, Mrs. Mina   F. Add
Dillon, Mrs. Marion   Alger Add
Downer, Geo. Butcher N. Main
Diefenderfer, Mrs. Abbie   H. Add
Dewey, Mrs. L.B.   S. Scott
Dewey, Mrs. P.P.   W. Loucks
DeLoaney, Mrs. Mary Waitres Transit
DeWiese, J.C. Foreman B&M Transit
Enochs, W.H. Bartender N. Main
Early, J.C. Contractor C. Add
Easton, Miss Hortense M. Stenographer C. Add
Early, Mrs. M.E.   C. Add
Early, L. Retired C. Add
Essex, M.L. Barber N. Main
Essex, G.S. Barber N. Main
Enochs, J.M. Stockman N. Gould
Eisentrager, H. Brewer F. Add
Edelman, W.H. Druggist N. Main
Eads, A. Saddler N. Brooks
Enochs, Mrs. Louisa   N. Gould
Fish, E.L. Drug Clerk Inn
Farrell, Miss Phoebe   S.L.C. Add
Fitzpatrick, D. Engineer S.L.C. Add
Frackelton, Wm. Dentist Inn
Ferguson, A.A. Bookkeeper F. Add
Farnham, J.E. Miller F. Add
Farley, J. Farmer H. Add
Farley, John Teamster H. Add
Frazer, J.E. Stonemason C. Add
Fud, D. Drayman W. Works
Foy, J. Fireman E. Loucks
Farley, Pete Teamster H. Add
Farley, W. Teamster H. Add
Farley, May   H. Add
Felker, O. Saloonist N. Main
Friebel, F. Barber H. Add
French, A. Contractor H. Add
French, Mrs. Barbara   H. Add
Forrest, W.F. Saloonist T. Add
Forrest, Mrs. Clara   T. Add
Fryberger, H.E. Clerk S. Main
Ferguson, Mrs. J.M.   F. Add
Fuer, C. Painter Alger Ave
Friebel, Mrs. Alma   H. Add
Frazier, Mrs. M.   C. Add
Frieberg, F. Carpenter R. Hill
Foy, Mrs. J.   E. Loucks
Farnham, Mrs. I.E.   F. Add
Griffen, W.G. County Treasurer H. Add
Griggs, Miss Mollie Stenographer H. Add
Gibbons, Miss Nellie Laundry S. Gould
Graybill, J. Tailor E. Brundage
Griffith, Mrs. Elizabeth H.K. S.P. Add
Garbutt, C.W. Miller N. Brooks
Goodnight, J.M. Carpenter N. Scott
Gettinger, Miss Lo?? Waitress Inn
Gettinger, Miss Selma Waitress Inn
Grimm, Miss Lola K.H. Inn
Grimm, Miss Eva Laundress Inn
Gillette, C.A. Lawyer Inn
Graham, J.B. Engineer S.L.C. Add
Gratton, C.W. Laborer N. Main
Griffith, Miss Mand. Hm Sec
Gillespie, J.H. Clergyman, M.E. W. Works
Gillespie, J.D. Dep co clerk W. Works
Garrett, J. Fireman Sec
Gillstrone, B. Car repairer Sec
Grinnell, C.H. Solicitor Inn
Goldsby, Mrs. M.E. H.K. Scott & Loucks
Griffen, Mrs. Lula   H. Add
Gillette, E. Civil engineer S.P. Add
Gillette, Mrs. Hallie O.   S.P. Add
Goodnight, Mrs. Belle   N. Sc?
Garbutt, Mrs. C.W.   E. Bro?
Gillespie, Ms. J.H.   W. Works
Harper, J. Co commissioner Big H?
Hanna, O.P. Postmaster, grocer C?
Hiatt, Mrs. Mary   W. W?
Holmes, C.B. Merchant W.W?
Herron, M. Retired C?
Herron, Maynard Exp messenger C?
Holbert, C.B. Dry goods ?
Holbert, AM Dry goods N. heights
Hester, T. Fireman S.L.C. add
Halley, T.F. Transferman Works & Gould
Hine, C.W. Merchant Buffalo
Hitt, A.C. Contractor E. Loucks
Harrison, Mrs. Ada Laundress N. Main
Henry, M. Stockraiser N. Gould
Henry, J. Stockraiser N. Gould
Henry, E. Stockraiser N. Gould
Henry, Miss Grace   N. Gould
Hammon, F. Barber E. Brundage
Hinzman, E. Laborer K. add
Hoop, J.F. Lawyer H. add
Hawkins, L.D. Stonemason E. Par?
Henn,N. Clerk N. Main
Halbert, Miss Millie   R. hill
Henschke, H. Confectioner N. Main
Hunt, F.D. Blacksmith N. Main
Hunt, F.A. Blacksmith N. Main
Horney, C.B. Carpenter S. Main
Howe, H.P. Carpenter S. Scott
Halloway, S.B. Carpenter H. add
Halloway, Mrs. H.   H. add
Halbert, Mrs. Laura F.   N. Heights
Halbert, Mrs. Ida B.   Res hill
Helly, Mrs. T.A.   Works & Gould
Helvey, J.D. Real estate T. add
Helvey, B. Retired T. Add
Hunter, J.G. Lawyer N. Main
Holmes, Mrs. Lillie   W. Works
Hoop, Mrs. Jennie   H. Add
Holstein, B. Capitalist N. Brooks
Hinman, H.T. Carpenter S.P. add
Hanna, Mrs. Dora M.   C. add
Holgate, H. Butcher Brooks
Holliday, F. Cook H. add
Holliday, Mrs. Nellie   H. add
Heald, J.F. Jeweler S. Main
Hicks, W.C. "Broker" S. Main
Hall, G.W. Clerk Res. hill
Hulse, C.W. Laborer S. Main
Hamma, P. Contractor S. Main
Huese, H.B. Brakeman Transit
Held, H. Retired H. add
Inglefield, S.J. Carpenter S.P. add
Ingelfield,Miss Lillian   S.P. add
Ivey, J.H. Merchant N. Main
Ivey, Miss Edith Dressmaking N. Main
Ivey, Miss Ida Dressmaking N. Main
Innes, A.B. Laborer S. Main
Jeffries, M.J. Cook Inn
Johnson, A. Fireman Inn
Jacob, E. Butcher Windsor
Janney, J. Blacksmith Burkitt
Jones, P.H. Speculator S. Gould
June, C.P. Hardware H. add
Johnson, W.H. Carpenter S. Scott
Johnson, E. Stonemason S. Scott
Jones, Mrs. Ella   S. Gould
June, Mrs. Albina   H. add
Jordan, Henry Miller F. Add
Jones, J. Laborer H. add
Kahn, D. Mgr Bloom's N. Main
Kennedy, D. Blacksmith N. Main
Kueny, F.A. Prop. Windsor Main and Works
Kutcher, T. Bookkeeper C. add
Kutcher, Miss Genevieve   C. add
Kutcher, Miss Bertha   C. add
Kaunn, V. Teamster S. Scott
Kelley, V.B. Physician N. Main
Kyle, Miss Bernicia Co. School Supt. W. Loucks
Ketelsen, O. Hardware N. Main
Knecht, H.S. Merchant W. Brundage
Kamer, J. Barber N. Main
Lewis, R.M. Carpenter H. add
Lord, G. Saloonist H. add
Lonabaugh, E.E. Atty W. Loucks
Lang, Sam. Cook N. Main
Lord, W.A. Cook Inn
Loud, Mrs. Louisa M. Bdghouse E. Brundage
Loud, W. Bdghouse E. Brundage
Ladd, A.H. Operator Inn
Lobban, J.M. Merchant S. Brooks
Lindley, A.W. Civil engineer S. Scott
Leaverton, S.A. Retired H. add
Leroy, B.C. Laborer E. Park
Limes, J.L. Clergyman, Bap. E. Burkitt
Leaverton, J.P. Saloonist S. Scott
LaRhett, W. Laborer S. Main
Latham, I.P. Cowman Res. hill
Liles, Mrs. M.A. Millner S. Main
Lenwood, C. Lawyer N. Main
Latham, Mrs. Abbie   Res. hill
Lee, D.W. Horseman Fair grounds
Moore, J.B. Liveryman S. Main
Morgareidge, C.W. Merchant Res. hill
Mitchell, Mrs. H.I.   S. Scott
Murphy, C. Broker" S. Gould
Menardi, J.B. Real estate C. add
Mullins, R.M. Contractor E. Lock
Mullins, W. Carpenter E. Lock
Morgareidge, J. Clerk N. Main
Mills, E.L. Druggist E. Brundage
Moore, F.M. Ry po Clerk E. Brundage
Morgan, W.C. Clerk Inn
Mengel, W.R. Porter Inn
McClinton, W.J. Barber H. add
Milholin, J. Yardmaster Sec
Mensen, J. Cook N. Main
Metz, W.S. Dist. Judge Scott & Burkitt
Morrow, F. Dep Sheriff Inn
Murray, F. Saloonist N. Main
Marley, J. Bartender N. Main
Miller, M.E. Drug Clerk N. Main
Meyers, F. Butcher F. Add
Mc Grath, R. County clerk W. Lock
Moore, C.W. Merchant Brooks & Brundge
Morris, M.G. Taxidermist N. Main
McDonough, Fred Laborer F. Add
McLaughlin, & F. Hackman N. heights
McCoy, Mrs. Bertha   F. Add
McGivern, J. Painter S. Brooks
Minars, H. Laborer S. Brooks
Mills, R. Laborer S. Brooks
McPhillamey, R. Contractor S. P. add
Newell, M.A. Physician N. Main
Norton, H.H. Helper Sec
Neal, F. Waiter N. Main
Nix, T. Cook N. Main
Nix, K. Saloonist S. Scott
Newell, J.W. Editor Post H. add
Newman, J. Bartender S. Eain
Newton, G.D. Plasterer C. add
Nelson, J.N. Saloonist Res. hill
Neilson, Mrs. Annie Chambermaid Inn
Norris, A. Laborer S. P. add
Nelson, O. Saloonist S. Main
Nielsen, A.J. Real estate E. Main
Olson, P. Blacksmith N. Main
Ogden, B.F. Principal pub school H. add
Ormsby, H.L. Agt B & M Union depot
O'Keefe, Ira Laborer N. Gould
Parker, J.G. Cowman E. Brundage
Purmort, G.H. D.B. & P. W. Brooks
Poll, F. Tanner N. Main
Phillips, A. Barber S. Main
Powers, J.B. Blacksmith Burkett
Powers, E.D. Blacksmith Burkett
Peck, Mes. Belle   S. P. add
Payne, Miss Pinkie   E. Works
Pike, E. Carpenter H. add
Perkins, B.F. Cashier Bank N. Main
Patrickson, C. Saddler N. Main
Plumber, G. Dishwasher S. Main
Peak, W. Liveryman S. Main
Partridge, R. Teamster S. Main
Parmenter, G. Saddler N. Main
Parks, R.A. Prop Transit N. Main
Potts, W.J. Brakeman B & M Transit
Philow, Mrs. Widow N. Brooks
Paul, T. Saloon keeper F street
Quick, O.N. Windsor Hotel M & Works
Russell, L. Conductor E. Locke
Ridgeway, W. Clerk N. Main
Rohleder, G. Laborer N. Main
Reece, V. Hotelman M & Works
Reuck, A.J. Merchant W. Warks
Rhodes, R. Driver Inn
Robinson, J.P. Commissioner W. Lock
Robbins, E.W. Merchant Inn
Reynolds, J. Barber Inn
Roensch, Mrs. P.   F. Add
Rogers, Mrs. Hanna   S.L.C. add
Rowland, E. Cook Transit
Reese, A. Laborer S. Main
Shane, W. Cook Inn
Stewart, D. Contractor S. Burkett
Seabury, G.T. V.S. Res. hill
Schuler, H. Teamster T. Add
Smith, H. Retired Scott
Sommers, F.V. Printer N. Main
Smith, J.B. Plasterer S. Main
Scott, W.E. Teamster S. Brooks
Swan, W.A. Civil engineer S. Main
Swan, M.G. Civil engineer S. Main
Scott, W. Brakeman Transit
Snyder, C. Car repairer Transit
Symonton, J. Miller In country
Sullivan, D.F. Railroadman Sec
Salisbury, S. Dentist Inn
Stolden, F. Butcher F. Add
Spear, W. Commissioner Big Horn
Storey, C. Assessor Banner
Simpson, G.B. Doctor N. Main
Scott, E.W. Asst pm C. add
Smith, G.L. Druggist Works & Burkett
Sisco, Miss Julia Waitress E. Brundage
Schare, U. Laborer F. Add
Sonners, C. Miller W. Works
Skelley, Miss Ida   E. Brundage
Smallburger, P. Fireman S.L.C. add
Sonners, O. Laborer Transit
Stevenson, J.R. Carpenter S. Scott
Smyth, O.J. Marshal City jail
Smith, S.H. Saloonist S. Brooks
Sisco, Miss Hattie Hm C. add
Skinner, S.S. ?eeman Inn
Small, B.F. Retired H. add
Stover, W.J. Lawyer H. add
Stover, Miss Minnie Dressmaker H. add
Stover, Miss Lena Teacher H. add
Stevenson, Z.R. Carpenter S. Scott
Stone, R.W. Cashier N. Main
Thurman, J.W. Carpenter E. Burkett
Tyler, F. Merchant Inn
Trone, A.F. Photographer S.P. add
Taylor, J.S. Editor, Enterprise F. Add
Tschirgi, G. Brewer F. Add
Tschirgi, A. Brewer F. Add
Taffener, C.H. Grocer H. add
Tott, L. Cook N. Main
Tyler, H.W. Abstractor N. Heights
Thurman, C.H. Carpenter N. Heights
Thurman, J.D. Retired T. Add
Tynan, T.T. Clerk W. add
Thurmond, J.D. Farmer N. Brooks
Terrell, F.P. Contractor C. add
Terrell, Mrs. E.P.   C. add
Upton, M.A. Insurance N. Brooks
Utterback, W.H. Carpenter H. add
Vetter, A.W. Brakeman Transit
Woolsey, Mrs. Emma Hk Inn
West, H. Liveryhelp Inn
West, Mrs. Harry Kh Inn
Wicklain, S. Waiter Inn
Williams, B. Steward Inn
Wiest, L.D. "Broker" W. Works
Wrghiter, D.C. Printer Works & Tschirgi
Wrighter, W.D. Cont. oil Co. Wks & Tschirgi
Wood, D.J. Butcher N. Main
Williams, T. Engineer S. L. C. add
Wood, R.R. Manager S. L. C. add
Willet, C.H. Saloonist Res. hill
Wilson, R.W. Salesman N. Main
Williams, T.C. Janitor S. Scott
Williams, C. Clerk S. Main
Weeks, D.P. Civil engineer C. add
Worthington, C.E. Civil engineer C. add
Wood, W.H. Real estate Windsor
Wells, C. Freighter H. add
Whitney, E.A. Banker Main & Lock
Wood, J. Plasterer E. Lock
Wunderlich, Mrs. Ed Milliner S. Main
Willey, D.H. Sheriff Res. hill
Widmer, A. Baker N. Main
Woodward, G. Lumberman N. Main
Wilkinson, C.R. Lawyer F. Add
Wilkinson, D. Retired F. Add
Wunderlich, F.E. Planing mill S. Main
Williams, A.K. Dairyman W. add
Yake, H. Laborer Transit
Yonkers, Miss Mamie Dressmaker E. Brundage