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Greater Yellowstone Bibliography

Historic Highlights in Specific Park Areas

Historic Photographs of Yellowstone

History of Yellowstone and a Look at the Second Hundred Years

History of Yellowstone National Park

History of Yellowstone National Park: An Internet Treasure Hunt

Links to Yellowstone Maps

Magic of Yellowstone: Yellowstone History Guide

Map of Yellowstone, 1917

Moreover Yellowstone

Total Yellowstone

Yellowstone Association

Yellowstone Facts & Figure

Yellowstone History: 125 Years and More To Tell

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park: National Park Service Official Website

Yellowstone National Park History

Yellowstone Net Newspaper

Yellowstone Newspaper

Yellowstone Park Foundation


America's Volcanic Past: Yellowstone National Park

Geysers, Springs and Geothermal Features of Yellowstone National Park

Historical Origins of Waterways in Yellowstone

Historical Origins of Miscellaneous Features in Yellowstone

Historical Origins of Mountains in Yellowstone

Is Yellowstone National Park North America's Pompeii?

Landscape Dynamics of Yellowstone National Park: Role of Fire, 1690-1990

Life at High Temperatures

Nature of Spring in Yellowstone Country

Norris Geyser Basin

Preserving Yellowstone's Natural Conditions: Science and the Perception of Nature

Searching for Yellowstone: Ecology and Wonder in the Last Wilderness

Wildflowers of Yellowstone

Yellowstone Caldera

Yellowstone Earthquakes, 1973-Present

Yellowstone Fires and Their Legacy

Yellowstone Flora & Fauna

Yellowstone in the Afterglow

Yellowstone Nature Notes: A Neglected Documentary Resource

Yellowstone Petrified Forests: Evidence of Catastrophe

Yellowstone: Restless Volcanic Giant

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory

Yellowstone Waterfalls

Yellowstone's Geysers

Yellowstone's Northern Range: Complexity and Change in a Wildland Ecosystem


Bears of Yellowstone

Bison of Yellowstone National Park

Changing Face of the West: Alien Organisms in Greater Yellowstone

Commodification of Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

Elk of Grand Teton and Southern Yellowstone National Parks

Estimates of the Number of Bison & Elk in Yellowstone National Park, 1877-1918

History of Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Lake Fish Hatchery Historic District

Life in the Yellowstone's Waters

Of Ranching and Rangering: Early Wildlife Management in the Park

Piscivorous Birds of Yellowstone Lake: Their History, Ecology and Status

Preserving the Beasts of Waste and Desolation: Theodore Roosevelt and Predator Control in Yellowstone National Park

Presidential Preservation: Theodore Roosevelt and Yellowstone Wildlife

Wildlife Facts & Resources


Archaeology in Yellowstone

Blood Analysis of Ancient Stone Tools Reveal Clues to Prehistoric Subsistence Patterns in Yellowstone

Fossil Chronology

Home for More than 10,000 Years

Marshall-Firehole Hotel Underwater Archaeology Project

Native Americans, Prehistory & Yellowstone

Obsidian Cliff National Historic Landmark

Submerged Resources Survey

Yellowstone National Park Obsidian Project

Yellowstone Paleontological Survey


American Indians at Buffalo Run: Photos

Early History of Yellowstone National Park

Indians of the Yellowstone Plateau

Native Americans, The Earliest Interpreters: What Is Known About Their Legends and Stories of Yellowstone National Park and the Complexities of Interpreting Them

Native Americans, Prehistory & Yellowstone

Nez Perce Flight Through Yellowstone

Yellowstone's Creation Myth


Colter's Hell and Jackson Hole

Congressional Acts Pertaining to Yellowstone

Discovery of Yellowstone Park by Nathaniel Pitt Langford, 1905

Early Expeditions to Yellowstone

Enchanted Enclosure: The Army Engineers and Yellowstone National Park

Exploration of the Yellowstone River, 1859

Founding of Yellowstone: Into Law and Into Fact

Hayden Survey Pack Train, 1871: Photo

Joshua Crissman, Yellowstone's Forgotten Photographer

Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane's Report to the Secretary of War Concerning the Washburn Expedition of 1870

Painter of Yellowstone National Park: Thomas Moran

Proceedings in the Senate Concerning the Bill Creating Yellowstone National Park

Report of the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park to the Secretary of the Interior For the Year 1872

Thomas Moran: Yellowstone's First Artist

Walter Trumbull's Journal of the 1870 Washburn Expedition

Washburn & Hayden Expedition to Yellowstone

William Henry Jackson: Yellowstone's First Photographer

Yellowstone Is Established as First National Park

Yellowstone National Park: Its Exploration & Establishment


All Aboard: The Role of the Railroads in Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks

Automobile Comes to Yellowstone

Coaching in Yellowstone

Concession Development in Yellowstone National Park

Conservation of a Yellowstone Studebaker Wagon

Early Visitors to the Park

Fantastic Voyages: Yellowstone

Frank Haynes & the Haynes Photo Shops, 1884-1967

From Cody to Canyon, Yesterday and Today

George Whittaker & the Yellowstone Park Stores, 1913-1932

Geyserbob's Yellowstone Transportation History

Hamilton Stores, 1915-2002

Henderson Concessions, 1884-1913

Henry Klamer & the Old Faithful General Store, 1897-1915

Historic Railroads in the National Park System and Beyond

History of Concessions in Yellowstone

Interpretation: Linking People to the Park

Making Tracks Through the Yellowstone Country

Ole Anderson & the Specimen House, 1883-1908

Pryor & Trischman Stores, 1908-1953

Through the "Greatest Gateway to the Greatest Park:" Dudes on the Rails to Yellowstone

Tourism in Yellowstone

Trip Through Yellowstone National Park in 1896

Trip to Yellowstone, 1905  ALHN-WYO EXCLUSIVE

Trip to Yellowstone National Park, 1925

Union Pacific Railroad Dining Lodges and Cafeterias for the National Parks

Visitation to Yellowstone, 1872-1971

Wonderland: Touring Yellowstone Before the Automobile

Yellowstone's Historic Vehicle Collection

Yellowstone's Roads: Ribbons of Access to the Wilderness


Architecture in the Parks: Norris, Madison & Fishing Bridge Museums

Architecture in the Parks: Northeast Entrance Station

Architecture in the Parks: Old Faithful Inn

Architecture of Yellowstone: A Microcosm of American Design

Backcountry Cabins From the Army Era

Building for the Parks in the Rocky Mountain West, 1872-1966 (page 18)

Camps History in Yellowstone National Park: The Wylie Companies

Canyon Hotels & Lodges Pictorial History

Fountain, Norris & Marshall Hotels Pictorial History

Historical Origins of Man-Made Sites in Yellowstone

Hotel Development in Yellowstone: A Century of Change

Lake Hotel & Lodge Pictorial History

Mammoth Hotel & Lodge Pictorial History

Norris, Madison & Fishing Bridge Museums National Historic Landmarks

Old Faithful Inn History

Old Faithful Hotels & Lodge Pictorial History

Old Faithful Inn: Centennial of a Beloved Landmark

Old Faithful Inn National Historic Landmark

Overcoming Obscurity: The Yellowstone Architecture of Robert C Reamer

Parkitecture in Western National Parks: Early Twentieth Century Rustic Design & Naturalism

Roosevelt Arch

Roosevelt Arch: Yellowstone's Historic Gateway

Roosevelt's Lodge & Yancy Hotel Pictorial History

Sense of Place

Structures No Longer in Yellowstone

Trout Creek Lunch Station & Sylvan Pass Lodge Pictorial History

Yellowstone National Park National Register Sites


Archaeological Dig Uncovers Yellowstone's Military Past

Fort Yellowstone

Fort Yellowstone Army Cemetery

Fort Yellowstone, June 20, 1920

Fort Yellowstone National Historic Landmark

Fort Yellowstone-Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District

Fort Yellowstone Online Tour

Fourth of July at Fort Yellowstone

National Register of Historic Places Nomination

Park Headquarters: Fort Yellowstone

U S Cavalry Arrives in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Soldier Rangers


Albright Visitor Center & Museum

Canyon Interpretive Visitor Center

Fishing Bridge Museum

Grant Village Interpretive Visitor Center

Madison Visitor Center

Museum of the National Park Ranger

Norris Interpretive Center

Old Faithful Interpretive Visitor Center

Yellowstone Archives and Its Relation to NARA

Yellowstone National Park Museum & Archives

Yellowstone National Park Oral History Collection


Electric Peak Web Cam

Mammoth Hot Springs Web Cam

Mount Washburn Web Cam

Old Faithful Web Cam

Sepulcher Mountain Web Cam

Wildlife Web Cam

Yellowstone North Web Cams


Christmas in Yellowstone

Cooperative Geophysical Site: Assessment at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park

Geyserbob's Yellowstone Park Historical Service

Hidden Yellowstone

History of Catholicism in Yellowstone National Park

History of the National Park Ranger

History of Yellowstone as a Place Name

History of Yellowstone's Medical Services

Lacey's Legacy

Law & Justice Come to Yellowstone

Park Myths: Tales of Imagination

Origin of the Name "Yellowstone"

Postal Service in Yellowstone

Suicide at Yellowstone

Ultimate Yellowstone Trivia Test

Union Pacific Yellowstone Photo Gallery

War Years in Yellowstone

Winter in Yellowstone

Women of Yellowstone

Yellowstone Back Country

Yellowstone Honors Army For Saving Park

Yellowstone National Park and Park County, Wyoming Photographers

Yellowstone Park Company Records

Yellowstone Stereoviews

Yellowstone Treasures

Yellowstone's Bear-in-Circle Logo: A Century of Transitions

Yellowstone's Gateway Communities

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