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Active Coal Mines in 1898

Black Diamonds of Sheridan Index ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Black Thunder Coal Mine

Cambria and the Cambria Fuel Company

Cambria Was a Company Town

Casualties of the Mine Explosion at Hanna, 1903

Coal Fields in Wyoming

Coal Mine Camps of Sheridan County

Coal Mining Accidents in Wyoming, 1898

Forgotten Frontier: A History of Wyoming Coal Mining

From Hills to Hearths: Family Operated Wagon Coal Mines in the Upper Green River Valley

Historic Photos of Wyoming Coal Camps

History of Wyoming Coal Production and Coal Revenues

Kemmerer Coal Company

Mining Then and Now

Progress in the Wyoming Mines, 1907

Public Education Benefits of an Archaeological Mitigation Project at Powder River Coal Company's North Antelope Mine

Reliance Tipple

Southern Wyoming Mines

So You Want to Mine Coal

U P Coal Mine, 1890

Wyoming Coal


Autumn Gold in the Sweetwater Mining District

Carissa Gold Mine Evaluation

Centennial Ridge Gold-Platinum District

Gold in Wyoming

Gold Placer Potential of the South Pass Greenstone Belt

Gold Rush of South Pass City, Wyoming

Of Lewiston, Gillespie Place and Stone Circles

Prospectors and Miners of Jackson Hole

South Pass 1868: James Chisholm's Journal of the Wyoming Gold Rush

South Pass City State Historic Site

Wyoming Gold Locations

Wyoming Gold Rush


Bankrupt Companies Saved by Sinclair's Management During Depression Years

Bowels to Bounty

Cyrus Iba

Naval Petroleum Reserve #3

Oil and Gas: Wyoming's Black Gold

Historic Photos of Wyoming Oil Camps

Petroleum Association of Wyoming

Salt Creek Oilfield

Salt Creek Oil Museum

Weather Racks Tiny Refinery


American Presidency: Teapot Dome

Forgotten Bagman of Teapot Dome: Edward "Ned" Laurence Doheny, Jr.

One Lesson From History: Appointment of Special Counsel and the Investigation of the Teapot Dome Scandal

Teapot Dome Scandal

Teapot Dome Scandal

Teapot Dome Scandal

Teapot Dome Scandal

What Was Teapot Dome?


Getting the Cake in the Can: Short U S Uranium History from the Rocky Mountain Scout Viewpoint

History of Wyoming Uranium

Sleeping With the Nuclear Genie: Health Officials Comment on Wyoming-Made Uranium Bags and Pillows, 1955

Smith Ranch Uranium Project



Copper Mountain Pegmatite District, Fremont County

Diamond Exploration in Wyoming

Diamonds in the Rough: The Great Hoax in Wyoming Territory

Grand Encampment Mining District

Mineral Industry of Wyoming

Mining and Minerals

Mining in Hot Springs County

Mining in Wyoming

Reclamation Success: Sunrise Mining District

Trona Industry in Sweetwater County

Trona Mining & Historic Museum

Wyoming Mining Association

Wyoming Mining Industry: An In-Depth Analysis

Wyoming Mining Photo Gallery


Christmas Celebrations in Pioneer Wyoming

Deciphering Old Handwriting

Haunted Places in Wyoming

How to Speak Nineteenth Century

List of Occupations

Ship of Death, Platte River, Wyoming

What Is the Bucking Bronco State & Horse Name?



Crazy Horse

Red Cloud

Red Cloud: Makhpiya-Luta



Arapaho and Shoshone of Wind River

Arapaho Flag

Arapaho Literature

Cheyenne - Arapaho Indian Genealogy

Important Dates and Events in Northern Arapaho History

Native Languages of the Americas: Arapaho

Northern Arapaho Culture

Northern Arapaho Tribe

Northern Arapaho Tribe

Story of the Origin of the Arapaho People

Wyoming Arapaho Land Grants


Arapaho and Shoshone of Wind River

Brigham Young-Chief Washakie Indian Farm Negotiations, 1854-1857

Chief Washakie Plunge Hot Springs

Crowheart Butte Battle of 1866

Eastern Shoshone Business Council

Eastern Shoshone Tribal Culture

Eastern Shoshone Tribal History

Chief Washakie

Chief Washakie

History of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe

Old Block House

Sacagawea: Captive, Interpreter, Great American Legend


Shoshone Indians of Uinta County

Shoshone Tribal Cultural Center


Shoshoni and the Seeds of Change, 1803-1868


Washakie Archives


Profile of the Wind River Indian Reservation

Same Decision, Different Results: Indian Water Rights and the Wind River Case

Welcome to the Wind River Indian Reservation

Wind River Indian Reservation

Wind River Indian Reservation Map

Wind River Project


Bates Battle

Big Horn Medicine Wheel

Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum

Devils Tower: First Stories

Devils Tower: Sacred Place

Facilities and Hunter-Gatherer Long-Term Land Use Patterns: An Example from Southwest Wyoming

Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851

Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868

Indian Land Cessions Map, Bureau of Ethnology, 1899

Indians in Sweetwater County

Indians of Western Wyoming

Indians of the Yellowstone Plateau

Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark

Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council

Native American Pow-Wows

Native Americans and Cultural Resource Management: The View From Wyoming (page 20)

Native Americans, The Earliest Interpreters: What Is Known About Their Legends and Stories of Yellowstone National Park and the Complexities of Interpreting Them

Native Languages of the Americas: Cheyenne

Nez Perce Flight Through Yellowstone

Plains Indian Museum

Sheep Eater Indians

Timeline of Indian History on the Frontier

Vore Buffalo Jump

Wyoming Tribes


Albany County Earthquakes: The Rest of the Story

Blizzard of 1949: NOAA Data

Disaster Center Wyoming

Earthquake History of Wyoming

Earthquakes in Wyoming

Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Kelly Flood

Satellite Observations of Forest Fires

Seismic Hazard Map of Wyoming

Seismicity of Wyoming, 1990-2001

Trader Seth Ward's Blizzard of a Lifetime

Wyoming Tornado History

Wyoming Tornadoes

Yellowstone Earthquakes, 1973-Present

Yellowstone Fires and Their Legacy



Absaroka Range

Bear Lodge Mountains

Beartooth Mountains

Big Horn Mountains

Black Hills

Bridger Mountains

Caribou Range

Central Park Range

Central Uinta Range

Eastern Uinta Range

Elkhead Mountains

Gallatin Range

Gros Ventres Range

Hoback Range

Hyalite Peaks

Inter-Platte High Plains

Laramie Mountains

Medicine Bow Mountains

Missouri Buttes

Northern Wasatch Range

Owl Creek Mountains

Peale Mountains

Pryor Mountains

Rosebud Mountains

Salt River Range

Sierra Madre

Snake River Range

Snowy Range

Sublette Range

Teton Range

Tunb Range

Washakie Range

Western Uinta Range

Wind River Range

Wyoming High Plains

Wyoming Range

Yellowstone Plateau


Bighorn National Forest

Black Hills National Forest

Bridger-Teton National Forest

Bridger National Forest History

Bureau of Land Management - Wyoming

Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests

Shoshone National Forest

Thunder Basin National Grasslands


Bear River State Park

Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area

Boulder Lake Recreation Area

Boysen State Park

Buffalo Bill State Park

Curt Gowdy State Park

Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Fontenelle Creek Recreation Area

Fremont Canyon Recreation Area

Glendo State Park

Hawk Springs Recreation Area

Hot Springs State Park

Keyhole State Park

Lake Cameahwait

Major Recreation Areas in Wyoming

Mosier Gulch Recreation Area

Muddy Mountain Environmental Education Area

Sinks Canyon State Park

Three Patches Recreation Area

Upper Green River Recreation Area

Weston Hills Recreation Area

Wyoming State Parks & Historic Sites

Wyoming's Encampment River Trail


America's Volcanic Past: Wyoming

America's Volcanic Past: Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming Geothermal Resources

Wyoming Volcanoes and Volcanics

Yellowstone: Restless Volcanic Giant

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory


Black Footed Ferret

Butterflies of Hot Springs County

Butterflies of Wyoming

Canada Goose

The Effects of Shelterwood Logging on Bird Community Composition in the Black Hills, Wyoming

Elk of Grand Teton and Southern Yellowstone National Parks

Endangered Species in Wyoming

Grasshoppers of Wyoming and the West

Green River: Great Fishing and History to Boot


Jackalope Fans Take Note: Your Mythical Beast Really Does Exist

Official State List of Birds

Official State List of the Common and Scientific Names of the Birds, Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles in Wyoming

Piscivorous Birds of Yellowstone Lake: Their History, Ecology and Status

Prairie Dogs

Preserving the Beasts of Waste and Desolation: Theodore Roosevelt and Predator Control in Yellowstone National Park

Sage Grouse

Wyoming Fish Records

Wyoming Partners in Flight: Wyoming Bird Conservation Plan

Wyoming Wildlife Federation


Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge

Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Ed O Taylor Wildlife Management Area

Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Jackson National Fish Hatchery

Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge

National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center

National Elk Refuge Highlights & History

National Museum of Wildlife Art

Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge

Saratoga National Fish Hatchery

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge: A Historical Perspective

Story Fish Hatchery Visitor Center

Werner Wildlife Museum

Wyoming Game & Fish Hatcheries & Rearing Stations

Wyoming Game & Fish Wildlife Habitat Management Areas

Wyoming Game & Fish Department


Atlas of the Vascular Plants of Wyoming

Castle Gardens Scenic Area

Draper Museum of Natural History

For the Love of Wyoming: Resources and the Land, Part One

Hell's Half Acre History

Hostile Beauty

Killpecker Sand Dunes Open Play Area

Love Affair With Wyoming: Land and Resources

Natural Life: The Muries' Conservation Legacy

Natural Resources Conservation Service - Wyoming

Origin of a Park-Forest Vegetation Mosaic in the Wind River Range, Wyoming

Red Desert History and Chronology

Red Desert: Wyoming's Endangered Country

Seven Thousand Years in Southwestern Wyoming

Treasure Hunting in Wyoming

Wyoming Natural Diversity Database

Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation

Wyoming Natural Resources Data Clearinghouse

Wyoming Rare Plant Field Guide

Wyoming Waterfalls

Wyoming's Garden of Eden

Wyoming's Islands

Wyoming's Red Desert

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