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2000 Sweetwater County Census Facts

1920 Sweetwater County Index, A-K

1920 Sweetwater County Index, L-Z

1920 Burntfork & Washam

1920 Current Creek Precinct, Rock Springs City, Maxan Precinct

1920 Granger Town, Green River Valley, Harris Fork, Aszuia Station, Marston Station, Bryan Station, Granger

1920 Green River Town, part 1 of 7

1920 Green River Town, part 2 of 7

1920 Green River Town, part 3 of 7

1920 Green River Town, part 4 of 7

1920 Green River Town, part 5 of 7

1920 Green River Town, part 6 of 7

1920 Green River Town, part 7 of 7  

1920 Gunn Quealy Coal Mine Camp

1920 Rock Springs City, part 1 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 2 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 3 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 4 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 5 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 6 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 7 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 8 of 9

1920 Rock Springs City, part 9 of 9

1870 Anthony's Saw Mill

1870 Atlantic City

1870 Big Sandy Crossing

1870 Bitter Creek

1870 Black Buttes

1870 Bryan

1870 Creston

1870 Green River City

1870 Green River Crossing

1870 Hallesville

1870 Hamilton City

1870 Hermit Gulch

1870 Point of Rocks

1870 Red Desert

1870 Rock Creek Gulch

1870 Rock Springs

1870 Rock Springs Coal Company

1870 Salt Wells

1870 Smith's Gulch

1870 South Pass City, part 1 of 2

1870 South Pass City, part 2 of 2

1870 Table Rock

1870 Union Pacific Railroad

1870 Washakie

1870 Willow Creek Gulch

1870 Sweetwater County Index, A- K

1870 Sweetwater County Index, L- Z

1870 Sweetwater County Index, A-FRA

1870 Sweetwater County Index, FRAN-MOR

1870 Sweetwater County Index, MORG-WIL

1870 Sweetwater County Index, WINC-ZIM


Basic Seismological Characterization for Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Big Sandy Dam

Eden Dam

Eden Reclamation Project

Eden Valley Petrified Wood

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Green River: Great Fishing and History to Boot

Killpecker Sand Dunes Open Play Area

Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge: A Historical Perspective

Three Patches Recreation Area


49ers on the Green River

Big Pond Swing Station

Carter County Records Archive

History of Public Education in Daggett County, Utah, and Adjacent Areas

Important Things of Life: Women, Work and Family In Sweetwater County, Wyoming, 1880-1929

Indians in Sweetwater County

Siebken, Sylvia: I Was a Tomboy, That's What I Was

Silver Creek Sheep Raid ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Sweetwater County Area History

Trona Industry in Sweetwater County



Bairoil Branch Library


Carmichael's Camp: Photo


Black Buttes Camp: Photo

Black Buttes Railroad Camp: Photo

Black Buttes Station

Black Buttes Station: Photo


Burntfork Cemetery

Letters of a Woman Homesteader, 1914


Bryan, Wyoming

Bryan, Wyoming: One-Time Terminal of the U P Railroad ALHN-WYO FEATURE


Camp Pilot Butte

Medical Records of the Post at Camp Pilot Butte, 1885-1894


Dines, Wyoming


Dunn, Wyoming


Farson Branch Library


Fort LaClede

Fort LaClede


Granger Branch Library

Granger Depot: Photo

Granger DOT Web Cam

Granger Railroad Station: Photo

Granger Stage Station ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Granger Stage Station

GREEN RIVER (County Seat)

Citadel Rock: Photo

Curt Gowdy

Expedition Island National Historic Landmark

Green River Chamber of Commerce

Green River City: Photo

Green River Tunnel Eastbound DOT Web Cam

Green River Tunnel Westbound DOT Web Cam

Historic Photographs of Green River

Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Conception Church, 1868-1980

In the Green River City with the Powell Expedition

George M Stephens

Green River Star

Sweetwater County Historical Museum

Sweetwater County Library System

Union Pacific Bridge Construction: Photo

Union Pacific Railroad Yards: Photo

Union Pacific Temporary Bridge at Green River: Photo


Hudson, Wyoming


Lone Tree Cemetery


Aborigines of McKinnon, Wyoming

Links to the Past

McGinnis/Bullock Cemetery

McKinnon Cemetery

McKinnon East Cemetery

Unknown Cemetery

Widdop/Stewart Cemetery


Point of Rocks Stage Station

Point of Rocks, Wyoming

Union Pacific Depot


Union Pacific Depot


Reliance Branch Library

Reliance Tipple


Chinese Accounts of the Killings at Rock Springs

Chinese Riot and Massacre of September 1885 ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Community Fine Arts Center

Daily Rocket-Miner

Historic Photographs of Rock Springs

Massacre of the Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyoming

Our Lady of Sorrows Church, 1887-2001

Our Lady of Sorrows Church Centennial, 1887-1987

Our Lady of Sorrows Church Chronology, 1887-1987

Our Lady of Sorrows Parish

Our Lady of Sorrows Parish and Missions: A Brief History

Rock Springs Cemetery Index, A- L

Rock Springs Cemetery Index, M- Z

Rock Springs Cemetery Records

Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce

Rock Springs City Hall ALHN-WYO FEATURE

Rock Springs DOT Web Cam

Rock Springs Historical Museum

Rock Springs Is Killed: White Reaction to the Rock Springs Riot

Rock Springs Library

Rock Springs Massacre: Labor Relations and Racism in 19th Century Wyoming

Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Sts Cyril & Methodius

Sts Cyril & Methodius Parish, 1910-1939

Sweetwater Times

To This We Dissented: The Rock Springs Riot

Union Pacific Depot: Photo

Western Wyoming College

Western Wyoming Community College Hay Library

Western Wyoming Community College Natural History Museum

White Mountain Library

Wyo Radio


Floriano and the Cloziani, Superior Wyoming, 1922

Historic Photographs of Superior

Superior Branch Library

Superior, Wyoming

Superior, Wyoming Cemetery Records, 1900- 1923

Superior, Wyoming Centennial


Union Pacific Train Robbery, Sheriff's Posse: Photo

Union Pacific Train Robbery: Express Car: Photo

Union Pacific Train Robbery: Express Car Interior: Photo


Wamsutter Branch Library


Floriano Frank Franch: Cloz Italy to Rock Springs, Wyoming

Winton, Wyoming

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