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Wyoming, A Guide to Its History, Highways, and People

This index is from Wyoming, A Guide to Its History, Highways, and People, American Guide Series, Compiled by workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Wyoming, Sponsored by Dr. Lester C. Hunt, Secretary of State, Oxford University Press, New York, 1941.

I've listed only names here. I'll do lookups if you're a direct descendant. Also, there are early place names, ranches, etc., not included in this online index. Please be specific what/who you need. Suzanne Leonard

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John R. Allen Henry Gannett Bishop O'Connor
Ross Allen Jim Gatchell Ted Olson
Oakes and Oliver Ames Baptiste Gervais George Osmond
C.F. Andrews E.W. Gollings William O. Owen
Annenberg Estate George Gore  
Manuel Armenta General Grant


Olga Moore Arnold Great Arrow Alfred Packet
James Ashley Horace Greeley Captain H.E. Painter
John Jacob Astor Frank Grouard George Le Roy Parker
Jim Averill C.A. Guernsey Reverend Samuel Parker
  Louis Guinard Big Nose George Parrot


  G. Edward Pendray
Maggie and George Baggs


Captain J.C. Pershing
W.F. Bailey Ed Haggarty William Peterson
Jim Baker Mary Bridger Hahn John (Portugee) Phillips
Dr. A. W. Barber Robert Hall George W. Pike
Merris Clark Barlow Major General H.W. Halleck Frederick H. Porter
Captain Alfred Bates Robert R. Hamilton Tom Price
J.H. Beadle O.P. Hanna Paul Prince
George Beck General William S. Harney  
Jim Beckworth Frank Harrington


Charles J. Belden Moses Harris P.J. Quealy
Daniel Black Dr. F.V. Hayden  
Duncan Blackburn J.H. Hayford


Hall Blackburn Dr. Grace Raymond Hebard Dr. E.B. Renaud
Chief Black Kettle Andrew Henry Jules Reni
Archive and Duncan Blair F.G.S. Hesse Major General Jess L. Reno
Captain B.L.E. Bonneville Wilbur Hitchcock John Reshaw
Daniel Boone John Hoback Charlie Reynolds
Harvey Booth John M. Hockaday General Joseph T. Reynolds
J.M. Bozeman Ben Holladay De Forest Richards
Jim Bridger Happy Jack Hollingsworth John Richeau
William H. Bright Mary Homsley Anne Richey
John Brokenhorn H.M. Hook H.R. Riggs
Alonzo F. Brown Tom Horn Reverend John Roberts
Captain F.H. Brown Frank L. Houx John Robertson
Charles P. Budd Governor John W. Hoyt Lewis Robinson
D.B. Budd J.H. Hugus Edward Rose
William Buerrier William Price Hunt Horatio Ross
Buffalo Bill John Hunton Nellie Taylor Ross
General John Buford Sam W. Hyatt General David A. Russell
W.G. Bullock Harry P. Hynds William H. Russell
Dutch Charlie Burris    




Washington Irving Brigadier William P. Sanders
Calamity Jane   John B. Sarpy
John A. Campbell


Byron Sessions
Malcolm Campbell David E. Jackson General W.T. Sherman
Robert Campbell W.H. Jackson William L. Simpson
Martha Canary Perry W. Jenkins Sitting Bull
Joseph M. Carey Walter P. Jenney Jack Slade
Robert D. Carey Colonel Albert Sidney Johnson Senator Reed Smoot
Bill Carlisle Grant Jones Jedediah S. Smith
Frances C. Carrington William A. Jones Captain Lot Smith
Colonel H.B. Carrington Father John Jutz "Soapy" Smith
Kit Carson   Earl Mark Spade
Charles Carter


Reverend H.H. Spalding
Judge William A. Carter Stephen W. Kearny Spotted Tail
General J.S. Casement Mahlon S. Kemmerer Lieutenant George B. Stambaugh
Butch Cassidy John B. Kendrick Captain Howard Stansbury
Cattle Kate Watson Clarence King Joseph Stimson
William F. Chambers Hans Kleiber Robert Stuart
Nate Champion Dr. S.H. Knight Emil Stump
Harrison Church Tilford Kutz John Sublette
William F. Cody Judge Kuykendall Colonel E.V. Sumner
Jules E. Coffey   Tom Sun
Lieutenant Caspar Collins


Alexander H. Swan
Colonel W.O. Collins Joseph La Barge  
W.S. Collins Colonel W.F. Lander


John Colter Jack Langrishe Captain Ten Eyck
General P.E. Connor Jacques La Ramiee Apostle Moses Thatcher
C.W. Cook George Lathrop Major Thomas F. Thornburg
Edward Creighton Beaver Dick Leigh Frank Towle
General Crook William Liggett John K. Townsend
John Cummins Robert Lindneus Major Thomas Twiss
F.R. Curran Manuel Lisa  
Flat Nose George Currie Ernest A. Logan


General George A. Custer J.D. Loucks A.H. Grave Unthank


T.P. Daniel General Ronald Mackenzie Colonel J.J. Van Horn
John Day Hugh Mackinnon R.S. Van Tassell
Father Jean Pierre De Smet Joe Magill Reverend Richard Vaux
Millica Dillon Alexander Majors  
General Grenville M. Dodge Sheriff Campbell Malcolm


Stephen A. Douglas Harry Mandel Oliver Wallop
June Etta Downey William Marquardt Seth Ward
Sheridan Downey Captain Howard Margin Matt Warner
Colonel Stephen W. Downey Jim Mason Senator Frances E. Warren
Peter J. Downs Antonio Mateo Charles Washakie
Billy Doyle Boone May Chief Washakie
William A. Dubois Lieutenant H.E. Maynadier Dick Washakie
Dull Knife Jack McCall Ella Watson
Mrs. Thomas Durbin Tim McCoy Lieutenant Colonel H.H. Wessels
  Major William E. Mc Dye Elijah White


Joseph L. Meek Dr. Marcus Whitman
Alden Eaton Ezra Meeker Narcissa Prentiss Whitman
Howard Eaton Frank Menea Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney
Thomas A. Edison Metz Family Ezekiel Williams
Willis George Emerson Sheriff Billy Miller J.R. Wilson
Boney Ernest Tom Molesworth "Uncle Nick" Wilson
  Frank W. Mondell Charles E. Winter


Governor George Moonlight Owen Wister
Deputy Louie Falkenburg Thomas Moran Thomas McKinley Wood
Lieutenant Colonel W.J. Fetterman Father Moriarty Abraham O. Woodruff
Thomas (Brokenhand) Fitzpatrick Esther Hobart Morris J.D. Woodruff
Chris Fletcher John Murphy Wilford Woodruff
David E. Folsom   Judge Samuel H. Woodson
Henry Fraeb


Otto Franc Willie Nickel


Henry (Fraeb) Frapp Edgar Wilson Nye Yellow Hand
Lieutenant John C. Fremont   Brigham Young
Moreton Frewen    


    John Zimmerman




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