1868 to 1899 Index of Obituaries, Albany County, Wyoming

1868 to 1899 Index of Obituaries, Albany County, Wyoming

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The following is an index of accounts of deaths compiled by Elnora L. Frye from notices in the Laramie newspapers for the years of 1868 to 1899. The accounts abstracted are those involving deaths occurring in Albany County, deaths of former residents of Albany County, or individuals who were buried in Albany County. Some of these were taken from Laramie Daily Sentinel newspaper accounts from the book of Ellen (Crago) Mueller - "Laramie, Wyoming Burials 1867-1882". The date (year-month-day) of the newspaper issue is given as reference. The accounts listed are from the Laramie Daily Sentinel (LDS), or Weekly edition (LSW), Laramie Daily Boomerang (LDB), and Laramie Semi-Weekly Boomerang (LSWB). These accounts were transcribed by Leroy R. Maki, April 1996.

Copies of this index may also be found at the Wyoming State Archives, UW Coe Library, Albany County Library, Laramie Plains Museum, LDS library in Salt Lake, and the local History Center.

Published by the Albany County Genealogical Society, August 1996 Copyright (c) 1996 by Leroy R. Maki

Name Paper Year/Mo/Day
GABRIELSON, infant daughter of Christ (twin) LDB 1891-08-11
GABRIELSON, infant son age 3 mo., of Christopher LDB 1893-08-23
GALE, Gertrude LSW 1880-02-28
GALE, J.B., at Anaconda, Montana LDB 1890-02-01
GALE, May M., daughter of J.B. of Galesburg, Wisconsin LDS 1878-08-01
GALLAGER, Richard LSW 1887-06-25
GALLAGHER, Bridget LDB 1890-01-28
GALLAGHER, Willie, at Davenport, Iowa LDB 1892-02-16
GANO, John F., at Dallas, Texas LDB 1891-11-02
GARDINER, Dora Lovett, 7 mo. daut. of Charles LSW 1888-08-04
GARDINIER, infant son of Dr. R.J. LSW 1887-10-15
GARDNER, Charles, at St. Joseph, Missouri LDB 1896-12-16
GARDNER, infant son of Charles, 2 weeks old LSW 1889-09-14
GARRETT, Bessie, age 5, daughter of George A., at San Diego, CA LDB 1890-04-02
GARRETT, George, in California LDB 1888-08-31
GASSMAN, James, at Plum Creek Station LDS 1878-03-04
GATES, Mrs. J.E. and newborn baby LSW 1882-04-29
GAY, Henry LDB 1894-10-13
GEORGE, child age 4, of Ludwig LDB 1893-12-23
GEORGE, Clara Adelia, age 26 months, daughter of William LDB 1891-06-15
GEORGE, Frank LSW 1887-12-24
GEORGE, John, at Boulder Ridge LDB 1890-10-31
GEORGE, Mrs. Joseph P., at Virginia Dale LDB 1893-04-01
GEORGE, son age 9 mo., of Charles LDB 1899-02-13
GERBER, Emanuel LSW 1882-03-04
GERHARD, infant son, 11 months, of Capt. Henry at Ft. Sanders LDS 1878-08-14
GIDLEY, Jack LSW 1879-08-30
GILDAY, John LDS 1876-10-03
GILKINSON, daughter age 2 mo., of Prof. W.F. LDB 1898-12-27
GILLETT, F.A., of St. Joeph, Mo. LDB 1899-10-28
GILMAN, Mr., killed by Indians at North Park LDS 1870-07-05
GILMORE, Henry H., at Pasadena, California LDB 1891-12-24
GILMORE, Mrs. J.M.and 2 wk old baby LDB 1891-07-03
GINRICH, J.F., at Denver LDB 1893-05-31
GLADDIS, James LDB 1895-01-03
GOBELMAN, Carl A., age 13 months, son of Henry LDB 1890-04-26
GOETZ, Henry, at Jacksonville Insane, Illinois LDB 1889-11-27
GOFF, Lillie, Mrs. LDB 1890-04-22
GORDON, George V.H. - of England LSW 1887-09-17
GORIE, 2 month old infant daughter of Theodore LSW 1889-11-16
GOULD, Ida, Miss LDB 1899-09-29
GRACIE, infant child of Robert LDB 1898-05-24
GRAMM, Margarette, 3 week old daughter of Otto LDS 1875-01-22
GRAVES, Charles H. LSW 1881-04-16
GRAVES, Shirley (Vine), daughter of L.G. LDB 1892-04-18
GRAY, F.W. LSW 1881-08-06
GREEN, Andrew, of Carbon, at Denver LSW 1886-07-27
GREEN, Thomas, at Pine Bluffs, Wyo. LDB 1889-12-13
GREEN, William B., at Badger LDB 1895-09-23
GREEN, William B., at Badger LDB 1895-09-25
GREGORY, infant child of Alex LDS 1875-03-20
GREGORY, Lew, at Virgil, Kansas LDB 1892-02-04
GRENIER, R., at Denver LDB 1895-08-19
GREY, George T., of North Park LDB 1898-02-28
GRICE, Theodore LSW 1881-04-26
GROESBECK, Peter W., at New York LDB 1893-08-07
GROVER, Christie, (Puss) alias Newport alias Bailey LSW 1882-02-25
GROVER, Mary, Mrs. LDB 1895-06-27
GROVER, Mary, Mrs. LDB 1895-10-12
GROW, Fred F., in Pennsylvania LSW 1888-06-23
GUENSTER, Ellen, Mrs. John LSW 1887-01-29
GUENSTER, P.T. LSW 1880-11-06
GUIDE, Elizabeth, Mrs. LDB 1890-04-04
GULDRUFF, George B., at Granite Cañon LSW 1887-09-10
GUMRY, Peter, at Denver LDB 1895-08-19
GUSTAFSON, John LDB 1895-08-24
GUTJAHR, infant, age 6 months, son of Jacob LSW 1880-03-27
GWYTHER, H.C. LSW 1880-12-11

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