1868 to 1899 Index of Obituaries, Albany County, Wyoming

1868 to 1899 Index of Obituaries, Albany County, Wyoming

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The following is an index of accounts of deaths compiled by Elnora L. Frye from notices in the Laramie newspapers for the years of 1868 to 1899. The accounts abstracted are those involving deaths occurring in Albany County, deaths of former residents of Albany County, or individuals who were buried in Albany County. Some of these were taken from Laramie Daily Sentinel newspaper accounts from the book of Ellen (Crago) Mueller - "Laramie, Wyoming Burials 1867-1882". The date (year-month-day) of the newspaper issue is given as reference. The accounts listed are from the Laramie Daily Sentinel (LDS), or Weekly edition (LSW), Laramie Daily Boomerang (LDB), and Laramie Semi-Weekly Boomerang (LSWB). These accounts were transcribed by Leroy R. Maki, April 1996.

Copies of this index may also be found at the Wyoming State Archives, UW Coe Library, Albany County Library, Laramie Plains Museum, LDS library in Salt Lake, and the local History Center.

Published by the Albany County Genealogical Society, August 1996 Copyright (c) 1996 by Leroy R. Maki

Name Paper Year/Mo/Day
BABCOCK, George LDS 1876-08-30
BACHMAN, William LSW 1887-10-01
BACON, infant, age 10 weeks, child of C.D. LDB 1892-09-26
BACON, Mary - nee Pullman, Mrs. C.D. LDB 1892-09-12
BAILEY, Agnes - m. R.J. Farrell (child died) LDB 1899-09-16
BAILEY, George LSW 1883-07-21
BAILEY, Jason, of Centennial LDB 1894-01-19
BAILEY, Mrs. William LSW 1888-01-14
BAILLIS, Richard LDS 1879-11-29
BAIRD, John LDB 1890-05-24
BAIRD, Mrs. Mary M. LDB 1894-08-02
BAKER, G.W., of Elyria, Ohio LDB 1895-09-14
BAKER, Henry, of Denver, at Red Buttes LSWB 1897-09-21
BAKER, Jane A. LDS 1870-11-22
BAKER, Jim, age 90, at Snake River LDB 1898-05-19
BAKER, Robert LDB 1894-03-21
BAKER, Robert LDB 1894-03-22
BALDWIN, E.D., at North Park LDB 1894-02-09
BALDWIN, Mrs. E.D., of North Park LDB 1893-09-01
BALES, Frank, at Ogden LDB 1890-10-22
BALES, Mattie, Mrs. S.N., at Ogden, Utah LDB 1890-04-16
BALES, Simon N., at Salt Lake LDB 1894-04-30
BALL, Bartlett, infant child of Orville LDS 1874-04-11
BALLANGER, Edward, at Carbon LDB 1890-12-22
BANGS, Ada, age 4, daughter of Hance LDB 1890-10-25
BANGS, Mrs. Hans LDB 1894-08-04
BANNON, James, at Jacksonville Insane, Illinois LSW 1888-11-10
BANTLE, John LDS 1877-06-27
BARBER, Norman, at North Park LDB 1898-03-07
BARIANA, George B., at Denver LDB 1899-05-17
BARNARD, Edward LDS 1868-10-18
BARRON, Mrs. Samuel LDB 1893-03-29
BARROWS, infant, 3 week old daughter of M.C. LDS 1878-12-30
BARTLETT, A.L., at Greeley LDS 1879-11-21
BARTLETT, Mary, Mrs. L.S. LDB 1896-05-25
BARTON, Charles LDS 1868-10-18
BARTON, Edward, son of H.G. at Tie Siding, age 23 LDB 1897-01-05
BASHOAR, Joseph, on Overland wagon train LDS 1873-08-12
BASSETT, Lillie, infant daughter of C.W. LSW 1882-03-25
BATES, Joseph LSW 1887-01-15
BATH, Catherine, Mrs. Henry LDB 1897-01-18
BATH, Frankie, age 10, son of William LSW 1887-04-16
BATH, Fred LSW 1881-10-29
BATH, Herman, at Fort Collins LDB 1896-07-24
BATH, Josie, Miss, age 17, daughter of Mrs. Fred, at Ogden LDB 1894-04-19
BATH, Mrs. Thomas LDB 1892-03-03
BATH, Mrs. Theodore LDB 1892-03-08
BATH, William, son of Henry LDB 1893-08-03
BATTERSHALL, Clyde A., age 18 LDB 1891-08-14
BATTERSHAW, Guy, age 9, son of Mrs. Maggie LDS 1879-09-18
BAUENZAHN, Lynn, of Kansas City, Kansas LDB 1890-01-21
BAUMBACH, Mrs. H.H. LDB 1899-06-29
BAUMBACH, Othelia, age 6, daughter of H.H. LDB 1898-07-25
BAXTER, Alonzo Robert, age 14 mo. son of Robert W. LDB 1888-05-03
BAXTER, infant child of Mr., of Rawlins LDS 1873-01-01
BAXTER, Laura - nee Dunn, Mrs. Robert W. LSW 1887-02-26
BAXTER, William F. LDB 1888-06-28
BAY, Mrs. J.P., at Cheyenne LDB 1898-10-24
BEAL, Noal, at Iron Mountain LSW 1886-07-31
BEARDSWORTH, Thomas W., age 10 months, son of James LDS 1879-11-22
BEAUDOIN, Clara Maude, age 10, drowned LDB 1892-06-27
BEAUDOIN, daughter of William LDB 1894-01-06
BEDFORD, C., of Ogden, at Sherman on train LDB 1898-01-11
BEECHAM, William, at Aspen, Colorado LDB 1892-05-27
BEGGS, Harry, wife and infant child drowned at Thermopolis LDB 1898-06-29
BEGGS, Mrs. J.L. LSW 1889-01-26
BEGGS, Mrs. J.L., at Denver LDB 1898-08-15
BEITRICH, Katie, age 23, Mrs. James LDS 1878-09-27
BELGERIA, Diego, at Miser Station by train LDB 1895-01-02
BELL, Alfred, at Carbon LSW 1886-10-23
BELL, Marvin George, age 8 months, son of E.J. LDB 1894-10-22
BELLAMY, infant son of Charles,6 mo. old twin, at Cheyenne LDB 1896-07-16
BENNETT, Minnie, Mrs., of Saratoga LDB 1894-12-01
BENTON, child, age 13, son of William M., at Lincoln, Nebraska LSW 1888-09-22
BERKLY, Daniel O. LSW 1888-04-21
BERNER, Annie, age 6, daughter of George LDB 1890-10-15
BERNER, Conrad LDB 1891-11-23
BERNER, Florence, age 4, daughter of Jacob LDB 1899-04-24
BERNER, infant child of Jacob LDB 1896-12-29
BERNER, Mary Lizzie, Mrs. Harry LDB 1897-03-20
BERNER, Mrs. Conrad LDB 1891-02-12
BICKFORD, Addie, age 28 LDB 1891-05-25
BICKFORD, infant daughter, age 5 weeks, of Perry LDS 1879-09-23
BICKFORD, Mary, Mrs. Perry LSW 1879-09-03
BIDDICK, child LDB 1895-07-18
BILDERBACK, Charles, at Buffalo LSW 1888-12-01
BIRD, George R. LSW 1887-11-19
BIRD, Isaac N. LSW 1884-05-24
BIRNIE, infant child of William LDB 1891-12-05
BIVINS, William A., age 18, of Gatesville, Texas, at North Park LDB 1895-09-10
BLACK, George A., hanged LDB 1890-02-26
BLACK, Mrs. George LDB 1890-03-08
BLACKBURN, R., at Evanston Insane LSWB 1897-07-27
BLAIR, Charles, of California, on train LDB 1896-06-22
BLAIR, Emory C., at Bates Hole LDB 1888-04-12
BLAIR, Mrs. D.M., of Tie Siding, at Wilmington, Ohio LDB 1893-06-14
BLAKE, J.W., Judge LDB 1895-02-25
BLAKELEY, Jesse, on train enroute to Omaha LDB 1891-08-08
BLANCHARD, O.K., of Texas LDS 1879-11-01
BLODGETT, D.M. LDS 1873-09-15
BLOUNT, James LSW 1883-12-01
BOCK, T.F. LSW 1887-11-19
BODLEY, William LSW 1887-12-31
BOLES, W.G., of Medicine Bow, at Denver LDB 1896-08-17
BONTECOU, P.D., At Medicine Bow LDB 1890-02-17
BOOTH, Harvey, at Evanston LDB 1895-01-28
BORNEMAN, Alfred LSW 1887-12-17
BOSLER, Frank LSW 1885-04-03
BOSTAD, Arthur, age 2 mo. son of Rev. O. LDB 1888-05-10
BOSWELL, Hattie, 4 year old daughter of George, at Sherman LDS 1872-11-12
BOSWELL, Martha, Mrs. N.K. LDB 1893-05-01
BOWMAN, infant child of F.G., 6 weeks old LDB 1891-09-22
BOWMAN, Mr. LDS 1872-02-29
BOYD, James LDB 1891-08-03
BOYD, Kate Waverly, age 14, daughter of Andrew of Virginia Dale LSWB 1897-06-18
BOYD, Mrs. E.J., at Santa Rosa LDB 1894-09-17
BOYD, W.H., Sr. LDB 1893-10-16
BOYLE, John, Sr., at Sherman LDB 1896-03-24
BOYSEN, Charles, age 12, of Carbon, at Rawlins LDB 1892-11-29
BRADLEY, Dorothy E., daughter of D.C. LDB 1899-01-23
BRADLEY, infant age 3 mo., of Charles LDB 1899-08-30
BRADLEY, Mrs. G.S. LDS 1879-06-21
BRAMEL, Bellah D. LDS 1874-04-09
BRAMEL, C.W., Jr. LDB 1895-07-30
BRAMEL, Grandma (America), at Berkley, California LDB 1895-12-26
BRAMEL, Thomas J., of Astoria, Oregon LSW 1886-05-06
BRAMEL, Walter S. "Buck", at Albuquerque, New Mexico LDB 1890-05-15
BRANDES, infant, age 6 weeks of F.W. LDB 1894-06-27
BRANDOW, Jay, at Fillmore Station LSW 1882-01-28
BRASER, infant child of M. LDB 1890-09-15
BRASSFIELD, Harry LDB 1892-08-13
BRAUTIGAN, Ellery, age 10, son of E.A. LDB 1899-11-08
BRAUTIGAN, infant child of E.A. LSW 1889-03-16
BREBNER, Mrs. John LSW 1888-12-22
BREWSTER, G.H., at North Park LDB 1895-09-27
BRIDGER, Albert, at Sybille LDB 1898-01-05
BRINGOLF, Jacob, at Des Moines, Iowa LDB 1888-06-14
BRISCOE, Mrs. James, at Longmont, Colorado LSWB 1897-12-28
BROADHURST, infant daughter of William, 7 mo., at Tie Siding LDB 1893-02-14
BROCKWAY, John G. LDB 1897-01-08
BROOKS, C.E., at Denver LSW 1888-06-09
BROOKS, Emma Frary, Mrs., at Waterloo, Iowa LDB 1895-12-21
BROOKS, Lem, 13 months son of A.C., at Woods' Landing LDB 1892-09-28
BROOMS, Ettie, age 16, at Saratoga LDB 1894-01-24
BROPHY, Harry, age 2 months, son of J.R. LDS 1874-08-12
BROPHY, John R., at Cheyenne LDB 1895-11-08
BROPHY, John R., at Cheyenne LDB 1895-11-09
BROPHY, Mary Ann, age 7mo. daut. of J.R. LSW 1878-03-25
BROWER, Henry, age 24, of Sherman, son of Mrs. Latta LDB 1897-02-24
BROWN, Albert E., railroad man frozen at Cooper Lake LDS 1878-03-13
BROWN, daughter age 7, of Charles LDB 1895-06-15
BROWN, Edgar A., at Silver City, Idaho LDS 1879-06-14
BROWN, Frank, at North Park LSW 1886-09-11
BROWN, infant child of M.C. LDS 1873-02-12
BROWN, Jackson K. LSW 1878-09-30
BROWN, Marie, Miss, daughter of Mrs. Miller, at Keystone LDB 1892-03-21
BROWN, Mrs. John LSWB 1897-11-16
BROWN, Mrs. William, at Rawlins LDB 1899-12-26
BROWN, Peter LSWB 1897-10-22
BROWNING, Mrs. R.W., of Buford LSW 1888-03-17
BROWNLEE, infant child of S.S. LDB 1894-10-31
BRUCKNER, child, age 2, son of Ferd. LDB 1898-04-22
BRUNDAGE, Benjamin LDS 1871-04-21
BRYAN, Bertie, son of W.C. LSW 1887-07-16
BRYNE, Mrs. LSW 1880-03-17
BUCHANAN, Zack, drowned at Benton City LDS 1868-07-21
BUCK, Chris - snowslide LSW 1886-02-06
BUCKLEY, Mike, killed in Rolling Mill explosion LSD 1876-03-24
BUFFUM, Cecil, age 3, son of Prof. B.C. LSWB 1897-11-19
BUFFUM, infant son of Professor B.C., 1 month old LDB 1891-08-05
BULL, F.H., of Medicine Bow - at Chicago LDB 1892-01-19
BULLOCK, E.C., Lieutanant, at San Bernardine, Mexico LDB 1896-12-16
BUNTING, John H. LSW 1885-07-18
BURGH, Charles, frozen LSW 1886-11-20
BURKE, Alice A., Mrs. W.K. LSW 1888-02-04
BURKE, infant child of W.L., 3 months old LDB 1896-01-14
BURKE, James LSW 1888-09-15
BURMAN, John, at Anaconda, Colorado LDB 1896-03-29
BURNETT, Harris, at Hanna LDB 1899-01-16
BURNETT, James LDB 1889-01-04
BURNETT, Robert LSW 1889-08-10
BURNHAM, Harry, at Douglas LDB 1891-01-14
BURNS, Mr., at Sherman LDS 1872-06-10
BUSSARD, Charles H., at Phoenix, Arizona LDB 1890-02-22
BUSSARD, infant, age 3 mo., of Charles LDB 1893-04-27
BUSSARD, Mrs. C.H. LSW 1885-10-03
BUSSARD, Mrs. E.J., - nee Collins, at Gillett, Colorado LDB 1896-05-11
BUTLER, Dorothy, infant child of Russell LDB 1894-12-29
BUTLER, Ella, Mrs., at Denver LSW 1888-10-27
BUTLER, John M., at New York LDB 1895-09-17
BUTLER, Sarah Annette, Mrs. Richard LSW 1887-01-15
BUTLER, W.W. LSW 1884-01-05
BUTTS, Mary Estelle, 2 yrs, daughter of R.G. LSW 1888-10-20
BYERS, William LDS 1877-09-28
BYERS, William LDS 1879-11-22
BYRNE, Grandma, mother of G.J. LSW 1888-03-17

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