Certificate of Marriages, Territory of Wyoming, County of Albany, City of Laramie

Certificate of Marriages, Territory of Wyoming, County of Albany, City of Laramie

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Number Date Groom Bride Justice/Official
114Ju 1869Ben F. Griffin Ann Hodgkiss John Connell Priest
218Ju 1869Henery Moses Barbaulla Kindurfer John Connell Priest
327Ju 1869Martain Lariang Mary M. Duppan John Connell Priest
428Ju 1869Henery Morgan Lizzie Jones John Connell Priest
506Ju 1869Wm Batchelor Pelas Hubbart John Connell Priest
608Ju 1869August S. HessnerFrancis Ann Williams John Connell Priest
718Ju 1869Joseph Hines Barb Ann McKelsie John Connell Priest
810Au 1869Joseph Bauman Julia Botton John Connell Priest
918Se 1869Patrick Murray Mary McBreen John Connell Priest
1012Oc 1869McFay Smith Ellen Flynn CR Hilton
1124No 1869George Lancaster Jenny Albright L Hartman
1218De 1869George Cote Louise Wyhern CR Hilton
1325De 1869Edward W. BullockRebecca S. McCullogh John Connell Priest
1428De 1869Oscar Bloom Augusta S. Peterson
1501Ja 1870Wm M. Hood Harriett A. Mayfield C Chapman
1606Ja 1870Jamie Vine Lizzie Jones Wm Freeman
1714Ja 1870Levy M. Levy Lizzie H. Huffman L. Harbough
1809Fe 1870Alphonso Sponner Lizzie A. Healy L.A. Pease
1918Fe 1870James Walters Clara Gamble John Connell Priest
2008Ma 1870Henery Richards Harriett A. Rose Wm Freeman
2109Ap 1870Chas A Kustes Mary B. Gori John Connell Priest
2214Ma 1870Issac Mentee Isabel N Joice John Connell Priest
2302Ju 1870William J Hunter Marie A. Guman
2428Ju 1870E. Brum Matilda S. Eclund
2513Au 1870P.S. King Ella N. Beck
2606Se 1870Frank A. Libby Malissa Groves
2701Oc 1870Jack Combs M.A. Trout CR Hilton
2829Oc 1870James Carroll Anna Monohan CR Hilton
2919No 1870Thomas N. Dekay Mary M. Wagner CR Hilton
3024No 1870A. C. Worth Jane E Polland CR Hilton
3105De 1870Otto Gramm Catherine Lent CR Hilton
3211Ja 1871John Grunan Kate Kommry CR Hilton
3319Ja 1871John Sieret Phoebe Hodgkiss CR Hilton
3424Ja 1871Phillip Mande Jennie Alexander 30 CR Hilton
3527Ja 1871Joseph H. BradstrEmma Campbell CR Hilton
3601Fe 1871Nicholas F. SpienMary E. Wellington CR Hilton
3728Fe 1871Albert C. Cutter Isabella S. Ray CR Hilton
3809Ma 1871James B. Coleman Maggie Brurralt 22 CR Hilton
3905Ju 1871Thomas Dayton H.S. Kimbull CR Hilton
4003Au 1871Robert N Gridey Lettie Burke CR Hilton
4102Se 1871Francis S Murphy Mary Denny 32 CR Hilton
4204Se 1871Edwin Knight Ann Dixon CR Hilton
4305Se 1871John Kemp Augusta Olsen CR Hilton

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