Wirt County, WV Genealogy
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Wirt County, WV Genealogy
Mailing List

WVWIRT is a mailing list for anyone with a genealogical
interest in the Wirt County, West Virginia area.

To subscribe in mail mode (receive messages as they are submitted to the list), send an e-mail message to:

[email protected]

To subscribe in digest mode (several messages are accumulated and sent to you as a single large message), send an email message to:

[email protected]

In the body include only one word:   SUBSCRIBE
(Turn OFF your signature file when sending this command)

You will receive confirmation by email when you are subscribed.
This list is maintained by Glen Belcher

Access the WVWIRT mailing list archive at https://lists.rootsweb.com/hyperkitty/th/index?list=WVWIRT

Search the WVWIRT mailing list archive at https://lists.rootsweb.com/hyperkitty/cgi-bin/search?aop&path=WVWIRT