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Perrin Cemetery

Location:This cemetery is located on a bend in the Hughes River off rte 47, east of Freeport. This cemetery is located on a bend in the Hughes River off rte 47, east of Freeport. Located on property owned by Charles Yeager of Parkersburg, Wood County, WV
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Submitter:Merry Anne Pierson

This cemetery is located on a bend in the Hughes River off rte 47, east of Freeport. A road numbered 47/5 Wirt County 
leads down to the river.  The actual cemetery is on private land owned by the above stated man. The cemetery is on the 
south side of the Hughes River and is accessible by boat or in dry seasons by four-wheel drive. The Hughes River 
Wildlife Management Area borders it on the south and east. There is land access from somewhere through the Wildlife 
area because Mr. Yeager stated that someone keeps the cemetery property mowed and it isn't always done by him. He 
doesn't know who does it but they don't get a gate key from him so they have to be accessing it from the wildlife area 
side of the river.

See scanned map for better description.

I've included a picture that shows the cemetery from a wider angle. It appears to me that there are many smaller stones 
or pieces of stones and that there are more graves than markers. I have not been able to personally go to this cemetery 
but keep trying. These pictures were taken in November of 2001.

Here is the Perrin genealogy as I've traced it.

1 Amos Perrin

M704 roll 445 p. 300 line 8 1840 Southampton Bedford PA

Spouse:	Elizabeth
Birth:	ca 1792, PA
Death:	aft 1860, Wirt county, WV

Children:	Robert B. (1817->1880)
	Joshua (ca1835-)

1.1 Robert B. Perrin
Birth:	30 Apr 1817, Bedford Co, PA
Death:	aft 1880, Wirt County, WV

Dora Nancy Perrin Lee in THEY CAME HERE by LC Metz, 1984 stated that her great grandparents Robert and Judah 
came from Bedford Co, PA in the 1840's to what was Wood County and first lived near the Hughes River. In 1856 
they purchased 250 acres from Adam Deem and built a double log house.  Robert B. Perrin is buried in the same 
cemetery as my Pierson ancestors on land owned now by Charles Yeager.
1850 Wirt County, District 70, M432, roll 981, p. 82, # 382-381860 M 653 roll 1384 p. 257 # 600-600
1870 Wirt, Clay M 593, roll 1701 p. 263 #94-99.
1880 Clay, Wirt WV T9-1415, ED 154 p. 155c

Spouse:	Judah Belle Schneider
Birth:	ca 1819, Bedford Co, PA
Death:	aft 1880, Wirt Co, WV

Children:	Amos (ca1841-)
	Barbary (ca1843-)
	Oliver (ca1845-)
	Samuel (ca1847-)
	John (ca1850-)
	Mary (ca1852-)
	George P. (1855-1890)
	David (ca1859-)

1.1.1 Amos Perrin
Birth:	ca 1841, PA

1.1.2 Barbary Perrin
Birth:	ca 1843

1.1.3 Oliver Perrin
Birth:	ca 1845

1.1.4 Samuel Perrin
Birth:	ca 1847

1.1.5 John Perrin
Birth:	ca 1850

1.1.6 Mary Perrin
Birth:	ca 1852

1.1.7 George P. Perrin
Birth:	20 Sep 1855
Death:	25 May 1890, Ritchie Co, WV

Cabinet Maker. Buried in the Perrin cemetery where my Pierson ancestors are.

Spouse:	Dora Wiblin

Children:	Will (1879-1956)
	George E (1885-1910) Will Perrin
Birth:	1879
Death:	1956

Spouse:	Alice Roberts
Birth:	1884
Death:	1950

Children:	Dora Nancy (1911-)
	Mary Alice (1913-)
	Nelly (1917-)
	Willa Lee (1921-)
	Patricia Anne (1928-) Dora Nancy Perrin
Birth:	1911 Mary Alice Perrin
Birth:	1913 Nelly Perrin
Birth:	1917 Willa Lee Perrin
Birth:	1921 Patricia Anne Perrin
Birth:	1928 George E Perrin
Birth:	19 Dec 1885
Death:	5 Jun 1910

Perrin Cemetery where my Piersons are. Wirt county, WV

1.1.8 David Perrin
Birth:	ca 1859

1.2 Joshua Perrin
Birth:	ca 1835

M 653 R 1384 p. 257 Wirt Co WV # 599-599 next door to Robert

Spouse:	Lucinda
Birth:	ca 1841, VA

Children:	Clarisy (ca1858-)
	Clarinda (1859-)

1.2.1 Clarisy Perrin
Birth:	ca 1858

1.2.2 Clarinda Perrin
Birth:	Oct 1859

James Morgan Pierson family: two generations.
1 James Morgan Pierson
Birth:	Jul 1841, Jackson County, Virginia
Death:	22 Nov 1907, Island Run, Wirt, WV
Father:	Samuel Pierson (1821-1888)
Mother:	Sarah A. White (1822-1897)

Spouse:	Mary Luanza Biram
Birth:	8 Apr 1856, Meigs, Ohio
Death:	29 Sep 1896, Little Island Run, Clay District, Wirt County, West Virginia
Father:	Andrew Jackson Biram (1832-1873)
Mother:	Charlotte Swan (1834-1900)
Marr:	28 Sep 1871, Meigs, Ohio

Children:	Andrew Jackson (1873-1895)
	William Henry (1875-1877)
	Lewis Edmond (1877-1895)
	Sumaria Ellen (1880-1893)
	Isabell Naomi "Belle" (1882-1952)
	Clinton Jesse (1885-1957)
	Arthur James (1887-1924)
	UNNAMED (1889-1889)
	Ruth Hannah (1890-1958)
	Charles Morgan (1893-1970)

Other spouses:	Elizabeth Mary Birch, Mary Moorehead

1.1 Andrew Jackson Pierson
Birth:	24 Jan 1873, Lebanon Township, Meigs county, Ohio
Death:	19 Feb 1895, Little Island Run, Wirt County, West Virginia

1.2 William Henry Pierson
Birth:	15 May 1875, Lebanon Township, Meigs county, Ohio
Death:	24 Jun 1877, Lebanon Township, Meigs county, Ohio

1.3 Lewis Edmond Pierson
Birth:	23 Sep 1877, Lebanon Township, Meigs county, Ohio
Death:	12 Mar 1895, LittleIslandRun, Wirt County, West Virginia

1.4 Sumaria Ellen Pierson
Birth:	28 Jul 1880, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	6 Feb 1893, LittleIslandRun, Wirt County, West Virginia

1.5 Isabell Naomi "Belle" Pierson
Birth:	21 Sep 1882, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	30 May 1952, East Liverpool, City Hospital, East Liverpool, Ohio

Spouse:	Charles V. Buchanan
Birth:	1874-1879, Richmond, Virginia
Death:	22 Sep 1929, East Liverpool, Columbiana, OH
Marr:	5 Jul 1901, Elizabeth, West Virginia

Children:	Elsie V. (1900-)
	Ellis Roy Robert (1902-1945)
	Charles L. (1905-)
	James Troy (1907-1993)
	Clyde (1909-1910)
	Chester (1910-)
	George (1911-)
	Cecil (1913-1914)
	Pauline (~1917-)
	Ruth (~1919-)
	Clifford (>1920-)
	Ralph (>1920-)
	Robert (>1920-)

1.6 Clinton Jesse Pierson
Birth:	15 Feb 1885, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	18 Jul 1957, Emma's rest Home, East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio

Spouse:	Nora Lee Hall
Birth:	16 Apr 1879, Graysville, Monroe County, Ohio
Death:	28 Nov 1924, East Liverpool, Ohio
Father:	Phillip Hall (1846-)
Mother:	Rebecca Ann Gayton\Gatten (1855-)
Marr:	abt 1910

Children:	Eliza Ruth (1911-2003)

1.7 Arthur James Pierson
Birth:	5 Jun 1887, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	1924, Col. County, Ohio

Spouse:	Frances I. Madison
Birth:	12 Jan 1885, Salienville, Columbiana Co., Ohio
Death:	24 Feb 1947, Salienville, Col. County, Ohio
Father:	John Madison
Mother:	Hannah Crumley
Marr:	26 May 1913, East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio

Children:	infant (1914-1914)
	Carl (1915-)
	Earl Vincent (1915-1950)
	Paul E. (1916-)
	infant (1916-1916)
	Genna M (1918-)
	John Clifford (1921-1978)
	infant twin (1923-1923)

1.8 Pierson
Birth:	21 Jun 1889, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	21 Jun 1889, Little Island Run, Wirt County, WV

1.9 Ruth Hannah Pierson
Birth:	15 Jan 1890, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	4 Jul 1958, East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio

Spouse:	Albert William Moore
Birth:	30 Sep 1886, Freeport, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	14 Jun 1944, East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio
Father:	Robert Cummings Moore (1846-1927)
Mother:	Margaret C. Murray (1846-)
Marr:	16 Jun 1908, St. Clair Twnshp, East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio

Children:	Priscilla Mae (1911-)

1.10a Charles Morgan Pierson*
Birth:	11 Apr 1893, Wirt County, West Virginia
Death:	31 Jul 1970, East Liverpool, Columbiana, OH

Spouse:	Pauline M Rambo
Birth:	30 Mar 1895, Fairfield, Ohio
Father:	George B.E. Rambo (1865-)
Mother:	Evelyn Mayes (1875-)
Marr:	10 Feb 1914, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio

Children:	Dorman E (1912-)
	Evelyn Ruth (1915-1916)

Other spouses:	Louise Louie Hinks

1.10b Charles Morgan Pierson* (See above)

Spouse:	Louise Louie Hinks
Birth:	11 Dec 1907, Farnsworth, Bolton, Little Alton, England
Death:	6 Aug 1982, Avondale Street, East Liverpool, Col. County, Ohio
Father:	Alfred Hinks (1884-1939)
Mother:	Annie Lightbown (1888-1982)
Marr:	22 Mar 1926, New Cumberland, Hancock County, West Virginia

Children:	Charles Morgan junior (1927-)
	Alfred James (1928-)
	George Herman (1932-)

Other spouses:	Pauline M Rambo

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