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Beauchamp Cemetery

Location:Route 14 in Elizabeth
Date Read:
Submitter:Carole Menefee
Information gathered and compiled by members of Elizabeth Beauchamp Chapter Daughters of American Pioneers
Beauchamp Cemetery, the oldest landmark in Wirt County, is located on Route 14 on the north side of the Town of Elizabeth, WV. It was named for William Beauchamp, the first settler, in this area. William settled near the Little Kanawha River at Tucker's Riffle in 1796. He was a Methodist minister, farmer, and served as a sailor during the American Revolution. William died in 1808 and was buried in the family owned plot. He was married twice but neither of his wives is buried in Beauchamp Cemetery.

William Beauchamp's son, David, married Elizabeth Woodyard in 1806. David laid off the land at Beauchamp's Mill into lots and sold building sites. He named the settlement Elizabeth Town after his wife. David and his wife are buried in Beauchamp Cemetery along with many other early settlers from Elizabeth.

David's son, Alfred, married Elizabeth Henrietta Burns. Alfred built a two-story red brick house where the first county court was organized. The house is currently the Beauchamp-Newman Museum. Alfred's daughter, Mary Elizabeth, married Henry Newman.

The Beauchamp Cemetery continued to be conveyed to the Beauchamp heirs until inherited by Robert B. Newman, son of Mary Elizabeth and Henry Newman. His generosity has provided for the preservation of both the Beauchamp-Newman Museum and the Beauchamp Cemetery under the supervision of the Elizabeth Beauchamp Chapter Daughters of American Pioneers.

Name Born Died Age
Bartlett, Elizabeth 5/9/1834 5/28/1890  
Beard, Infant, s/o William & Effie Wells Beard 3/2/1889 3/15/1889  
Beauchamp, William (b. Kent Co., Delaware) (Carpenter's mate in Navy, Revolutionary War- Md Archives, V. 18 p. 606) - (1st w., Elizabeth Manlove 2nd w., Martha Cowan) (1st settler Wirt Co, WV at Tucker's Riffle on 1400 acres in 1796) (father of David William Beauchamp I below) (Revolutionary War) 7/31/1743 10/11/1808 62y
Beauchamp, Elizabeth (Woodyard), w/o David William Beauchamp I (he built Beauchamp's Mill in 1803) (in 1815 he surveyed and sold lots in Elizabeth Town named to honor his wife) (in 1822 Elizabeth was incorporated) (David died in OH)   10/4/1838 52y 6m 12d
Beauchamp II, David William, s/o David & Elizabeth Woodyard Beauchamp   11/16/1837 23y 3m 23d
Beauchamp, Alfred, s/o David & Elizabeth Woodyard Beauchamp (built the red brick house in Elizabeth, WV in 1830's 1840's, now the Beauchamp-Newman Museum)   3/29/1870 62y 10m 5d
Beauchamp, Elizabeth Henrietta (Burns), w/o Alfred Beauchamp   9/22/1868 57y 6m 4d
Beauchamp, Alfred, s/o Alfred & E. H. (Burns) Beauchamp   10/30/1854 1y 2m 4d
Beauchamp, David P., s/o Alfred & E. H.(Burns) Beauchamp   1/11/1835 2m
Beauchamp, Thomas Tavenner, s/o Alfred & E. H.(Burns) Beauchamp   9/17/1836 5m
Beaumont, George, E., s/o W. L. & M. Beaumont   2/1/1866 4m 14d
Bee, Josiah H., s/o Ephriam & Catherine Davis Bee (b. Harrison Co., WV) - (h/o Mary J. Jarvis f/o Dora B. Woodyard for whom the Library was named and Grfather of Ronald B. Woodyard) - (Civil War Captian, Co C 6th W.Va. Inf CSA) 4/7/ 1824 5/17/1876  
Bell, J. M., ( Civil War Co. H 11th W.Va. Inf.)      
Boram, Isaac, s/o J. B. & M. Boram (Civil War) 1840 8/22/1863 23y 4m 18d
Brown, Margaret I., d/o Robert S. Ann (Wells) Brown   8/31/1854 3y 5m 5d
Bushong, Caroline Matilda, w/o Jospeh S. Bushong, d/o Benjamin H. & Nancy (Callison) Hall (no marker) 5/23/1849 9/12/1895  
Bushong, Chester Arthur, s/o Joseph S. & Caroline Matilda (Hall) Bushong (no marker)   10/5/1890 10y
Bushong, Stella, d/o Jospeh S. & Caroline M. (Hall) Bushong (no marker)   1890 6y
Cain, Edward (Co. G 1st W.Va. Calvary) (no dates)    
Cook, Catherine, w/o John Cook, and d/o Alfred & E. H. (Burns) Beauchamp Infant on same stone (d. 5/19/1849, 1 da.) 4/5/1830 5/22/1849  
Courtney, Frankie C., s/o G. J. & M. S. Courtney   8/22/1869 22d
Downs, John, h/o Penelope (Civil War Veteran) 5/22/1808 8/19/1887  
Dye, Amos, s/o Henry & Sarah (Levenworth) Dye (last person buried in cemetery) (Reverend) 1868 1947 79y
Dye, Cordelia, d/o Henry & Sarah Dye 1873 1932  
Dye, Gilmore H., s/o Amos & Margaret (Heaton)      
Dye 5/17/1829 5/15/1889  
Dye, Leonidas J., s/o G. H. and S. J. Dye 1860 10/10/1886  
Dye, Margaret R., w/o G. W. Dye & d/o Benjamin & Nancy (Callison) Hall 1/10/1846 3/17/1887 41y
Dye, Mary J., d/o G. H. & S. J. Dye   3/14/1871 4y 3m 29d
Dye, Reuben, s/o Vincent & Sarah (Artepe) Dye (b. Prince William Co., VA) (War 1812) 1768 5/5/1828 60y
Dye, Royel, s/o G. W. & M. R. Dye   6/17/1878 4m 12d
Dye, Susan J., w/o G. H. Dye & d/o Andrew & Margaret (Ott) Board 2/10/1832 4/24/1914  
Dye, Theodosia, d/o G. W. & M. R. Dye 12/23/1873 7/16/1887  
Easterday, John H. (Civil War Veteran) 10/17/1846 3/24/1885  
Edmondson, Elizabeth J., w/o M. B. Edmondson & d/o William and Sarah (Delong) Woodyard   4/15/1871 36y 3m 5d
Edmondson, Fannie Wirt, d/o M. B. & E. J. Edmondson   10/26/1865 3y 4m 8d
Fisher, Charles, s/o J. & E. Fisher   11/20/1852 22y 1m 20d
Fisher, Elizabeth (Conner), w/o James Fisher   10/5/1862 63y 5m 23d
Fisher, Henry Heir, s/o J. & V. (Lloyd) Fisher 12/1/1880 7/10/1881  
Fisher, James, h/o Elizabeth (Conner)   5/16/1870 72y 2m 5d
Foster, William K., s/o John & Louisa A. (Pickering) Foster   11/5/1877 3y 5m 21d
Greathouse, Ophelia (Stanley), w/o John Greathouse 12/18/1865 6/8/1879  
Hall, Aelena J., d/o B. H. & Nancy Hall   1/14/1881 24y 5m 18d
Hall, Benjamin H., s/o Philip & Barbara (Hoover) Hall & h/o Nancy (Callison) Hall (b. Greenbrier Co., WV) - (Civil War, Co. B 11th W.Va. Inf.) - 19 battles 6/1/1814    
Hall, Franklin Greenville, s/o J. L. & L. E. Hall 3/2/1863 9/27/1884 21y
Hall, Mary M., d/o B. H. & Nancy Hall   5/22/1877 29y 3m 27d
Hall, Nancy R. (Callison), w/o B. H. Hall   8/24/1875 55y 1m 13d
Hall, Salina A., d/o Rev. Jesse L. & Lucinda (Dulin) Hall (no marker) 3/20/1866 8/28/1876  
Hall, Thomas O., s/o Rev. Jesse L. & Lucinda Hall (no marker) 6/26/1868 9/9/1876  
Hall,William E., s/o Rev. Jesse L. & Catherine A. Hall & h/o Lucy Manning (Lowther) Hall 11/19/1845 12/16/1887  
Harris, Ethel Pool, d/o D. M. & May (Rockhold) Harris 11/6/1888 12/22/1890  
Hassler, Nellie Gertrude, d/o F. W. B. & H. A. (Hopkins) Hassler   6/9/1877 1y 5m 18d
Haverty, Willie S., s/o Rev. W. P. & G. Haverty 2/23/1863 3/25/1884  
Hickman, Chesie, d/o Abraham & Phoebe (Wright) Hickman (same stone with John below) 8/27/1885 4/27/1888  
Hickman, John, s/o Abraham & P. Hickman 9/5/1876 7/13/1887  
Hoffman, Mary, w/o of Isaac Hoffman   12/17/1874 80y 9m 12d
Hopkins, Anna E. (Showalter), d/o H. H. Hopkins   5/3/1883 24y 2m 24 d
Howard, B. V., s/o William & Ella Howard 1/31/1867 3/11/1887  
Howard, Morris G., s/o William & Ella Howard 11/20/1872 1/9/1887  
Hughes, Samie, s/o E. & A. C. Hughes   3/12/1880 7 d
Hughes, Mary E., d/o E. & A. C. Hughes 7/31/1881 7/31/1881  
King, Ralph A., s/o S. M. & P. H. (Dye) King   11/13/1882 1m 15d
Kreps, Verena, d/o Abraham & Phoebe Hickman (same stone with Chesie & John above) & w/o Dominick Augustus Kreps 5/27/1866 11/13/1890  
Lockhart, Emma F., d/o M. L. & E. Lockhart   8/8/1866 4m
Lockhart, Emma, w/o M. L. Lockhart & d/o Alfred & E. H. (Burns) Beauchamp - (1st m. John Foster)   4/21/1866 24y 1m 14d
Lockhart, Francis E., d/o of Wm. E. & Louisa (Rockenbaugh) Lockhart   2/19/1861 20y 8m 24d
Lockhart, Heman L., s/o M. L. & S. L. (Wells) Lockhart   8/2/1873 1y 1m 5d
Lockhart, Infant d/o Wm. E. and Louisa Lockhart   1841 or 1846  
Lockhart, M. L. (Civil War Veteran) 1835 6/5/1877 41y 10m 1d
Lockhart, Mollie A., w/o Franklin T. Lockhart & d/o O. L. & Susan (Fisher) Williams 3/28/1850 11/28/1890  
Lockhart, Otho Guy, s/o F. T. & M. A.(Williams) Lockhart   4/12/1873 3y 8 m
Lockhart, Roy Lewis, s/o F. T. & M. A. Lockhart   9/20/1878 3y 8m
Lockhart, William E., h/o Louisa Rockenbaugh & s/o of John & Christeny Lockhart 3/19/1810 6/18/1854  
Logan, John S., s/o M. F. & F. A. Logan 7/3/1849 9/18/1849  
Lowther, J. W., (Civil War Co. H 6th W.Va. Inf.) 1846 1/16/1890 44y
Lyons, Sherdon, s/o J. W. Lyons 4/12/1889 3/29/1890  
Martin, Belle J. (Payne), w/o W. J. Martin   6/3/1892 44y 7m 18 d
Martin, Margaret, w/o W. J. Martin   9/6/1882 42y 1m 17d
Martin, Mary L., w/o W. J. Martin   2/6/1876 28y 5m 13d
McIntire, Barbara Ann, w/o R. J. McIntire and d/o B. H. & N. Hall   5/8/1877 33y 2m 6d
Morris, Mary D., w/o O. C. Morris & d/o Hiatt W. & Evaline (Coe) Rockhold 1843 or 1848 1/2/1911  
Morris, Lizzie, w/o of O. C. Morris & d/o J. & H. McDonald   10/30/1879 33y 6d
Morris, Oliver C., s/o O. C. & M. D. (Rockhold) Morris 6/20/1887 4/30/1888  
Morris, Robert S., s/o O. C. & M. D. Morris 1/8/1885 10/5/1886  
Morris, Rolla L., s/o O. C. & M. D. Morris 6/20/1887 10/9/1887  
Newman, Henry, h/o Mary Elizabeth Beauchamp Newman & s/o Greenville & Sarah (Hazlett) Newman - Monument inscribed government." 1824 1912  
Newman, Mary Elizabeth, w/o Captain Henry Newman and d/o Alfred and E. H. (Burns) Beauchamp 1832 1869  
Park, Infant child of H. A. & H. E. (Fought) Park   9/19/1884 1d
Petty, Obediah W., a Mason 1826 10/24/1872 46y 8m 29d
Petty, Ophelia J., w/o Mart Petty   8/24/1883 28y
Powers, E. Marvin, s/o Rev. E. R. & A. A. Powers 4/29/1882 1/13/1884  
Pribble, Abraham B., s/o Hiram & Deborah (Butcher) Pribble   6/24/1832 22m 2d
Rockenbaugh, Hannah (Lockhart)   12/3/1883 80
Rockhold, Charles B. Jr., s/o Charles B. and Laura Rockhold 1852 1890  
Rockhold, G. W.,(Civil War Co. C 1st. W.Va. Inf.)      
Rockhold, Laura A., w/o Charles B. Rockhold, Jr. & d/o Charles P. & Mary (Forbes) Creel 1857 1901  
Rockhold, Pearl, d/o M. M.& M. C. (Talkington) Rockhold   1/13/1876 20d
Smith, Hope G., d/o K. & E. Smith 11/9/1882 6/11/1884  
Sprouse, Gentry 8/22/1872 5/30/1887?  
Stevens, Henry B., h/o Susan Foster & s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth (Brown) Stevens   12/16/1846 35y 1m 6d
Stevens, Susan, w/o Henry B. Stevens & d/o John & Mary (Weltner) Foster (b. Monongalia Co., VA d. Owensboro, KY)   3/1/1872 55y 5m 13 d
Stevens, William H., s/o Henry & Susan Stevens   4/30/1865 19y 6m 14d
Tavenner, Ellen, d/o Isacc & P.H.(Warth)Tavenner      
Gr Granddau. of William Beauchamp 6/8/1843 12/28/1843  
Townsend, Infant d/o Commodore P. & Rebecca A. (Williams) Townsend   1/4/1865  
Weaver, Arthur L., s/o J. W. & A. M.(Park)Weaver   1867  
Weaver, Clarence B., s/o J. W. & A. M. (Park) Weaver   3/24/1877 4m
Weaver, James W., h/o Annie M. Park   3/24/1877 23y 2m 20d
Weaver, Mary E., w/o Jonathan W. Weaver & d/o Henry & Susan (Foster) Stevens   6/8/1876 36y 1m 19d
Weaver, Nella, dau. of J. W. & M. Weaver   9/17/1863 8m 17d
Wells, David H. 1834 1900  
Wells, Eddie, s/o I. & M. E. Wells   10/2/1867 2m 17d
Wells, Elizabeth 1869 1878  
Wells, Georgia, d/o D. H. & R. M. Wells   8/20/1864 1y 14d
Wells, Infant d/o Frank and Julia Wells      
Wells, Isaiah, h/o Maria Elizabeth (Stevens) Wells & s/o Levi & Martha Wells   1/28/1869 37y 6m 15d
Wells, Kenner, s/o I. & M. E. Wells   11/2/1862 3m
Wells, Levi, h/o Martha   8/29/1858 56y 7m 9s
Wells, Martha, w/o Levi Wells   3/12/1861 58y 4m
Wells, Robert A., s/o D. H. & R. M. Wells   9/20/1862 5m 3d
Wells, Samuel   1869 87y
Wells, Sarah E., d/o L. & M. Wells   4/10/1853 18y 7m 25d
Werninger, Jessie Francis, d/o C. F. & L. P. (Wilson) Werninger 8/11/1888 9/22/1888  
Williams, Martiel L., h/o Patience Ocheltree   1/29/1872 45y
Williams, Mary L. (Lohr), w/o O. L. Williams, Sr.      
Born in Shepherdstown, WV, died Wirt Co., VA 3/14/1784 4/18/1855 71
Williams, Rev. Hazel S. (W.Va. Conf. of M. E. Church South)   1/10/1884 63y 10m
Williams, Otho Lewis, s/o Otho & Mary (Lohr) Williams & h/o Susan B. Fisher 1816 1890  
Williams, Susan A., d/o J. E. & Ruth A. Williams   5/6/1858 3y 3m 1d
Williams, Susan B., w/o Otho Williams & d/o George & Mary A. (Harness) Fisher (b. Hardy Co.) 1825 1854  
Wilson, Annie M., w/o L. A. Wilson & d/o George & Mary A. (Harness) Fisher widow of James W. Weaver   11/10/1887 28y 11m 15d
Wiseman, Kenner, son of E. R. and F. B. (Beauchamp) Wiseman 11/13/1867 9/19/1868  
Woodyard, Mary, w/o Alfred Woodyard & d/o J. & E. Fisher   2/7/1849 25y 5m 26d
Woodyard, Sarah,(Delong) w/o William Woodyard   8/3/1858 54y
Wolverton, Charles, s/o Joel & Susan Wolverton   12/29/1843 14m 4d

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