Shallow and Deep Well Jet Pump Troubleshooting

Shallow and Deep Well Jet Pump Troubleshooting

Please note that this guide is general in nature and you should refer to your owner's manual for specifics regarding your product.


Possible Causes

Corrective Action

Motor will not run

Motor is wired incorrectly

Refer to instructions on wiring.


Fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.

Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker


Starting switch is defective.

DISCONNECT POWER; replace starting switch.


Wires at motor are loose,disconnect, or wired incorrectly

Refer to instructions on wiring (pump manual) DISCONNECT POWER; check and tighten all wiring. WARNING Capacitor voltage may be hazardous. To discharge capacitor , hold insulated screwdriver BY THE HANDLE and short capacitor terminals together. Do not touch metal screwdriver blade or terminals. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.


Pressure switch contacts are dirty.

DISCONNECT POWER and clean contacts with dollar bill


Motor runs hot and overloads kicks off

Fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped.

Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker


Pump cycles too frequently.

See section below on too frequent cycling.


Motor runs but no water is delivered* *(Note : Stop pump; then check prime before looking for other causes. Unscrew priming plug and see if water is in priming hole

Pump in new installation did not pick up prime through: 1. Improper Priming 2. Air leaks 3. Leaking foot valve or check valve.

In new installation: 1. Re-prime according to instructions. 2. Check all connections on suction line, AVC, and check ejector with soapy water or shaving cream. 3. Replace foot valve or check valve.


Pump has lost prime through: 1.Air leaks 2.Water level below suction pipe inlet

In installation already in use: 1. Check all connection on suction line and shaft seal. 2. Lower suction line into water and re-prime. If receding water level in well exceeds 25 ft. (7.6M), a deep well pump is needed.


Foot valve or strainer plugged.

Clean foot valve or strainer.


Ejector or impeller is plugged.

Clean ejector or impeller.


Check valve or foot valve is stuck shut.

Replace check valve or foot valve.


Pipes are frozen.

Thaw pipes. Bury pipes below frost line.


Foot valve and/or strainer are buried in sand or mud.

Heat pit or pump house.


Water level is too low for shallow well setup to deliver water.

A deep well jet package may be needed (over 25 ft. to water) to deliver water.


Pump does not deliver water to full performance

Water level in well is lower than estimated.

A deep well jet will be needed if your well is more that 25 ft. (7.6M) in depth to water (from surface of well).


Steel piping (if used) is corroded or limed, causing excess friction.

Replace with plastic pipe where possible, otherwise with new steel pipe.


Piping is too small in size.

Use larger piping.


Packed well point.

Back flush well point or sink new point.


Pump delivers water but does not shut off or pump cycles too frequently.

Pressure switch is out of adjustment or contacts welded together.

DISCONNECT POWER; adjust or replace pressure switch


Faucets have been left open.

Close faucets.


Venturi, nozzle or impeller is clogged.

Clean venturi, nozzle or impeller.


Standard pressure tank is waterlogged and has no air cushion.

Drain tank-to-air volume control port. Check AVC for defects. Check all connections for air leaks.


Pipe leaks.

Check connection.


Foot valves leak.

Replace foot valve.


Air charge too low in pre-charged tank

DISCONNECT POWER and open faucets until all pressure is relieved. Using tire gauge, check air pressure in tank (a valve stem located on the tank). If less than pressure switch cut-in setting (30-50 PSI), pump air into tank from outside source until air pressure is 2 PSI less than cut-in setting of switch. Check air valve for leaks (use soapy solution) and replace core if necessary.


Air spurts from faucets.

Pump is picking up prime.

When Pump has picked up prime, it should pump solid water with no air.


Leak in suction side of pump.

Suction pipe is sucking air. Check joints with soapy water.


Well is gaseous. Intermittent over-pumping of well.

Consult factory about installing a sleeve in the well.


Water drawn down below foot valve.

Lower foot valve if possible, otherwise restrict pump discharge