School Report (1914)

THE WEBSTER ECHO - Friday, February 27, 1914

The following is the report of the Back Fork School for the fifth month  ending February 20th, 1914.  Number of pupils enrolled this month, boys, 11;  girls, 12.  Average daily attendance; boys, 9, girls, ll. Percent of daily
attendance, boys, 97, girls, 100. Names of pupils present every day of this month:  Mary Skidmore, Eva Baughman, Lula Bullion, Lina Carpenter, Abbie Skidmore, Rosa Bullion, Nettie Baughman,  Myrtle Gregory, Myrtle Baughman,Eliza Skidmore, Lillie Skidmore, Hinkle  Baughman, Gordon Carpenter, Robert Bullion, Duffy Skidmore, James Bullion, Jessie Bullion. Parents and Pupils are much interested in education which is due to the success of a school.

Mamie Hamrick, Teacher

Eliza Hammons and Sol Starcher are here for a few days. (single comment below)

Hope this group can claim each one of these precious little pioneers.  Mamie's already spoken for. Wonder if this clipping is in her book?  She went to school with my Great Aunt Emma Jones who started teaching in 1911 in Webster County.

Submitted by: Lenore Radcliffe Yeager