Roy Cemetery, Dry Fork, WV

Roy Cemetery

Dry Fork, WV

Some readings from the Roy Cemetery at Dry Fork:

Roy, (many markers of square stone marked with only the initial "R" for Roy)
Varner, James, 1868-1943
Varner, Floda A., 1878-1956
White, Wilbert, Sept. 2, 1895-Feb. 25, 1960 (also has a metal marker)
White, Pearlie, Aug. 16, 1900-Jan. 18, 1999
Ketterman, Daniel L., May 22, 1917-Apr. 20, 1986
     Married Sept. 18, 1936
Ketterman, (blank)
White, Mary K., 1899-1932, Mother
White, Walter J., 1889-1935, Father
Varner, Madison, 1869-1928
Varner, Laura S., 1878-1973
Varner, Amanda J., 1865-1949
Varner, Harrison H., 1864-1927
Varner, Mary, Sep 29, 1844-Jan 14, 1922,
     Wife of Jonathan Varner, 77 yrs 4 mos 15 dys
Roy, Robert Carl, 1883-1940 (also has a metal marker)
Roy, Laura Kerns, 1890-1921 (also has a metal marker)
Roy, Janetta Bonner, 1887-1908 (also has a metal marker Nettie Roy)
Roy, Ramith B., 1905-1907 (metal marker)
Roy, Elva, 1907-1909 (metal marker)
Roy, Gertrude E., Daughter of M.L. & E. Roy,
     (dates unreadable, Mar 2, 1898?-Jun 2, 1899?)
Roy, Elsie C., Sep 21, 1897-May 13, 1898,
     Daughter of M.L. & E. Roy
White, Willie W?, (unreadable by this writer)
Roy, Raymond, 1915-1915, (metal marker)
Varner, Lorenza D. (no dates)
Varner, Johnie (no dates)
Varner, David, 1873-1923?
Varner, Barthel V., Aug. 23, 1918-Apr. 2, 1987, Brother
Varner, Ida B., Oct. 15, 1913-Dec. 31, 1996, Sister

Directions: East of Dry Fork Post Office, near intersection 32 & 32/3.  Opposite the Assembly of God Church.

Cemetery  transcribed on July 27, 2003 by Cathy Thompson
Headstone photos are available upon request by email from Cathy Thompson.
Please notify me or Cathy Thompson, if you find any errors, thanks.

Photos thanks to Cathy Thompson.



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