Myers Cemetery

Myers Cemetery

(Inv. 06/11/01)

Phillips, Carl M. s/o C.W. & A.E. Phillips b. 03/12/1903 d. 01/29/1906

Phillips, Ann Etta w/o C.W. Phillips b. 08/10/1876 d. 03/15/1908

Phillips, Shirley W. s/o C.W. & A.E. Phillips b.01/29/1899 d. 05/16/1899

Zirkle, Susanna E. b. 12/05/1833 d. 03/20/1919

Myers, Elizabeth w/o Isiah Myers died 09/02/1855 aged 32y-02m-28d

Myers, Justina inf. d/o M. & A.M. Myers died 06/09/1879

Myers, Daisy C. d/o Jacob & Anna Myers b. 01/12/1883 d. 01/20/1883

Shaw, John L. died 01/07/1887 aged 20y-01m.-23d There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Hebrews 4:9

Myers, Amelia b. 05/17/1846 d. 02/04/1933 Practice of midwifery for 20 years.

Myers, Michael b. 11/28/1838 d. 10/15/1918

There appears to be some unmarked & some creek rock marked graves. Very difficult to distinguish due to cemetery being unkept and overgrown with ferns and other undergrowth.

Myers Cemetery: inv. 06/11/01 by J. & J. Haller

Directions: Rt. 38 about 3 miles west of the intersection of Rts. 38 &72, the cemetery is on the south side of the road, cross the Right Fork Creek (there is a trail/farm road crossing). The cemetery is just about 50 yards up the hill on a flat.

Cemetery transcribed by Jen Haller: [email protected]



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