Hazelwood Cemetery

Hazelwood Cemetery

Beverly Dist., Randolph Co. WV

BENNETT, Joseph, Feb 8, 1869-Oct 16, 1961
BENNETT, Ralph Booge, Sept 16, 1913 (or 1918?)-Nov 23, 1997, Father
BENNETT, Sophronia, July 2, 1873-Oct. 10, 1963
BOLTZ, Emanuel D., West Virginia, CPL MO CO 72 INFANTRY, World War I, April
18, 1896-August 24, 1950 (military marker)
BOLTZ, Ida F., Mar 15, 1864-Dec 29, 1950
CHILGREN, Carl M., 1883-1960, Father, (husband of Minnie Chilgren)
CHILGREN, Gene, July 13, 1912-Oct 10, 1952
CHILGREN, Minnie, 1879-1929, Mother, (wife of Carl M. Chilgren)
CHURCH, Enoch, 1878-1934, Father
CHURCH, Maude Adams, 1884-1940, Mother
COFFIELD, Geo. H. (or M?), Jan 23, 1868-Nov 14, 1923
COFFIELD, Massie E, Oct 2, 1868-Dec 14, 1957
HAMRICK, Coy I., 1898-1971 (husband of Verdie Hamrick)
HAMRICK, Gerald W., son of Mr. & Mrs. Coy Hamrick, Feb 18, 1927-Jan 28, 1928
HAMRICK, Verdie, 1903-1988 (wife of Coy Hamrick)
HART, A.W., Apr 10, 1850-June 8, 1917, (son of Ezra Pugh Hart & Jerusha
Kelley, husb of Mary E. Lytle)
HART, Berta J., 1893-1972, (wife of Clarence O. Hart)
HART, Calvin C., 1842-1924, Confederate Veteran, (Calvin Collett Hart son of
James M. Hart & Eleanor Chenoweth, husb of Julia Foggy)
HART, Clarence O., 1893-1965, (husb of Berta J. Hart)
HART, Delbert, 1903-1976, (husb of Ida M .Doerr)
HART, Draper, 1881-1959, (metal marker), (son of James F. Hart & Ida May
HART, Effie M., Sept 24, 1889-Sept 27, 1977, (wife of Hugh H. Hart, nee
HART, Elam Vance, 1877-1954, Father, (son of Calvin C. Hart & Julia Foggy,
husb of Mary Regina Stewart)
HART, Elmore C., born Jan 6, 1833, died July 21, 1861, (son of James M. Hart
& Eleanor Chenoweth)
HART, Hugh H., Jan 9, 1884-Nov 17, 1964, (son of Calvin C. Hart & Julia
HART, Ida M. Doerr, 1907-1955, (wife of Delbert Hart)
HART, Ida May, wife of James F. Hart, June 21, 1859-June 17, 1952, (dau of
George Weese & Clarinda Enoch)
HART, James F., born July 9, 1855, died Feb 17, 1907, (son of Ezra Pugh Hart
& Jerusha Kelley)
HART, James M., born Sep 3, 1791-Mar 7, 1874, (son of Daniel Hart & Margaret
Bunn, husb of Eleanor Chenoweth)
HART, Jerusha, June 30, 1819-July 18, 1910, (dau of Abel Kelley & Jemima
Kittle, wife of Rev. Ezra Pugh Hart)
HART, John C., Aug 20, 1818-Oct 19, 1919, (son of Ezra Pugh Hart & Jerusha
Kelley, husb of Margaret Caplinger)
HART, John H., May 6, 1948-(blank), (husband of Wilma Lee Hart)
HART, Julia, wife of C.C. Hart, born Mar 25, 1844, died June 6, 1911, (nee
HART, Mabel M., 1895-1970, (wife of Wade H. Hart, nee Isner, dau of Thomas
Isner & Alice Kelley)
HART, Margaret, May 28, 1849, John C. Hart & Margaret Caplinger were married
June 14, 1876 (dau of Solomon Caplinger & Nancy Chenoweth,  twin to Mary E.
Caplinger, Margaret died Apr 26, 1924)
HART, Marietta, 1872-1948, (wife of William Camden Hart, nee Logan)
HART, Marion L., Jan 2, 1909-Sept 29, 1976, (son of William Camden Hart &
Marietta Logan)
HART, Mary Regina, May 20, 1880-Jan 28, 1970, Mother, (wife of Elam Vance
Hart, nee Stewart)
HART, Nyal R., May 5, 1917-Jan 1, 1982, (son of Hugh H. Hart & Effie Mae
HART, Rev. Ezra P., Oct 23, 1820-June 28, 1903, Jerusha his wife, (son of
James M. Hart & Eleanor Chenoweth, husb of Jerusha Kelley)
HART, Shirley Dayton, March 3, 1904-April 7, 1973, (son of William Camden
Hart & Marietta Logan)
HART, Virginia, 1861-1940
HART, Wade H., 1878-1964, (son of John Chenoweth Hart & Margaret Caplinger,
husb of Mabel Melvina Isner)
HART, Willard Morris, Dec 7, 1919-July 31, 1929, (son of Humboldt Hart &
Maude Stella Isner)
HART, William Camden, 1868-1936, (son of Calvin C. Hart & Julia Foggy, husb.
of Marietta Logan)
HART, Wilma Lee, Feb 1, 1949-July 6, 1973?, (wife of John H. Hart)
HELMICK, Arthelia K., Dec 8, 1894-June 6, 1943, (wife of Morgan C. Helmick,
nee Kerns)
HELMICK, Louise, born July 1915, died Sept 1915, (dau of Morgan Helmick &
Arthelia Kerns)
HELMICK, Morgan C., Jan 30, 1881-July 28, 1973, (son of Adonijah Helmick &
Virginia Hart, husband of Arthelia K. Helmick)
HELMICK, Woodrow, July 12, 1917-Sept 27, 1922, (son of Morgan Helmick &
Arthelia Kerns)
IRVINE, C.E. "Pete", 1900-1975, (son of David Irvine & Lou Elea Hart)
IRVINE, Calvin Merrill, 1905-1969, (son of David Irvine & Lou Elea Hart)
IRVINE, Carman E., MUS 2 US Navy, World War I, Mar 2, 1900-Dec 10, 1975
(military marker)
IRVINE, David Grove, 1865-1950, (son of William Irvine & Emily Johnson,
husb. of Lou Elea Hart)
IRVINE, Emily JOHNSON, wife of William Irvine, 1843-1902, (dau of Elizabeth
IRVINE, Lou Elea HART, 1874-1960, (dau of Calvin C. Hart & Julia Foggy, wife
of David Irvine)
IRVINE, Norman M., MSGT US Air Force, World War II, May 1, 1916-Aug 2, 2001,
Musician (military marker)
IRVINE, Orris Keim, MUS CL1 US ARMY, April 18, 1937 (military marker)
IRVINE, Rose Ann, 1898-1961, (wife of Orris Keim Irvine, nee MAHONEY)
IRVINE, Ruby C., 1900-1987, (wife of Carman E. "Pete" Irvine, nee
IRVINE, Ruth TIBBS, 1909-1953, (wife of Calvin Merrill Irvine, nee Tibbs)
KERNS, Edward D., Aug 20, 1886-Feb 18, 1971, (husb of Leona E. Hart)
KERNS, Leona E. HART, Sept 14, 1879-Sept 16, 1958 (dau of James F. Hart &
Ida Weese, wife of Edward Kerns)
LAIRD, Captain William Aikin, 1888-1966, (husband of Catherine Candace
LAIRD, Catherine Candace IRVINE, 1903-1925, (dau of David Irvine & Lou Elea
Hart, wife of Captain William Aikin Laird)
LAIRD, William A., California, Captain 33 FLD ARTY, World War I, Oct 28,
1888-Nov 29, 1966 (military marker)
LEARY, Alice Ware, (metal marker, no dates)
LEARY, Archibald, (metal marker, no dates)
LEARY, Dold, 1873-1957, (son of James Leary)
LEARY, Emma, Dec 21, 1913-Oct 12, 1987, (mother of Thomas D. Leary)
LEARY, Ester, (metal marker, dates 1872-1958?)
LEARY, Henry Kirk?, (metal marker, dates 1918-1937?)
LEARY, Joshua C., 1868-1938, (husb of Nancy Leary)
LEARY, Lydia Ann Margaret Waters, (metal marker, no dates)
LEARY, Nancy J., 1884-1965, (wife of Joshua C. Leary)
LEARY, Pete, (metal marker, no dates)
LEARY, Silvia Virginia Propst, (metal marker, dates 1916-1937?)
LEARY, Thomas D., Oct 5, 1939-1981?, (son of Emma Leary)
LEWIS, Charles L., PVT W VA INF, SP AM WAR, July 8, 1870-June 12, 1939,
(military marker)
LEWIS-CAPLINGER, Mary E., born May 22, 1849, married S.D. Lewis Mar 21,
1868, died May 5, 1895 (dau of Solomon C. Caplinger & Nancy Chenoweth, twin
to Margaret Caplinger)
LOUK, Claude, Confederate, (metal marker, no dates)
LOUK, Sarah Leary, (metal marker, no dates)
LOUK, Vincent, (metal marker, no dates)
LYTLE, Mary, wife of G.C. Lytle, born Feb 9, 1835, died June 10, 1911, (dau
of James M. Hart & Eleanor Chenoweth, wife of George Caplinger Lytle)
MAHONEY, Cornelius C.,  1839-1933, (husband of Kathryn Ann McGurk)
MAHONEY, Kathryn Ann, 1859-1932, (wife of Cornelius C. Mahoney, nee McGurk)
MARSTILLER, Charles Talbott, 1886-1959
MARSTILLER, Margaret Daft, 1885-1973
REAMS, Betty Jayne, 1923-1982, (wife of John E. Reams)
REAMS, John E., 1919-1998, (husband of Betty Jayne Reams)
REAMS, John E., T SGT US Army, World War II, Dec 8, 1919-Mar 16, 1998,
(military marker)
REAMS, Luther, 1908-1960, (metal marker)
REAMS, Mabel May, 1901-1906, (metal marker)
REAMS, Mr. William, 1832-1936, (metal marker)
REAMS, Mrs. Callie I., 1872-1942, (metal marker)
SCHOONOVER, John H., 1817-1936 (?)
SCHOONOVER, Sidney, 1810-1920 (?)
SNELSON, Minerva W., 1848-1943, (wife of Thomas P. Snelson)
SNELSON, Thomas P., 1849-1904, (husband of Minerva W. Snelson)
STALNAKER, Theodore French, 1915-1939, (son of Joseph French Stalnaker &
Ethel Gibson)
VARNER, Dan, Mar 31, 1921-Aug 26, 1938, Brothers (brother of David T.
VARNER, David T., Feb 8, 1929-Apr 15, 1995, Brothers (brother of Dan Varner)
VARNER, Dow, 1880-1950, (husband of Elva Varner)
VARNER, Elva, 1891-1977, (wife of Dow Varner)
VARNER, Florence, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Dow Varner, 1923-1933
WEES, Amy J., died in her 65 yr., (note 1823-1888, dau of James M. Hart &
Eleanor Chenoweth, wife of Andrew C. Weese)
WEES, Andrew C., died in his 72 yr, (son of Jacob Wees & Judith Crouch, husb
of Amy J. Hart)
WEES, Jefferson, son of A.C. & A.J. Wees, died in his 26 yr, (note
WEESE, ARLEY H., Sept 20, 1889-May 19, 1978, (husband of Emma Lillie Weese)
WEESE, Bertha L., 1879-1960
WEESE, Emma Lillie, 1891-1937, (wife of Arley H. Weese)
WEESE, Isaac Glenn, Feb 16, 1907-Apr 14, 1989, sons of S.M. & V.J. Weese
WEESE, Lester Bryne, Apr 26, 1896-Sept 13, 1969, (son of Squire Martena
Weese & Viola Helmick)
WEESE, Martin Steward, June 29, 1901-July 25, 1922, (son of Squire Martena
Weese & Viola J. Helmick)
WEESE, Mrs. Violet Reams, 1904-1989?, (metal marker)
WEESE, Percy G., CPL US Army, Sep 20, 1892-July 2, 1974, (military marker,
son of James Weese & Lydia Schoonover)
WEESE, Squire Martena, Aug 22, 1861-Mar 14, 1926, (son of Leonard Weese &
Nellie Louk, husband of Viola J. Helmick)
WEESE, Thomas J., 1885-1968
WEESE, Viola J., Feb 9, 1875-Mar 9, 1950, (dau of Adonijah Helmick &
Virginia Hart, wife of Squire Martena Weese)
WEESE, Wade Hart, Nov 21, 1897-June 26, 1973, sons of S.M. & V.J. Weese

Directions: One mile north of Beverly on US Rt. 219/250.  Established in 1840.  180 marked, 38 or more unmarked.  

Hazelwood cemetery visited on July 24, 2003 by Cathy Thompson. 
The above is an alphabetical listing of the graves, but not ALL graves
are included.  (Cathy's notes are in parentheses).  Please email Cathy or myself with any corrections.
  Photo thanks to Cathy Thompson.



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