Bonner Johnson Cemetery, Dry Fork, WV

Bonner Mountain Cemetery (AKA) Bonner Johnson Cemetery

Dry Fork, WV

Some cemetery readings from the Bonner Johnson Cemetery:

Reed, Della Marie, Aug. 6, 1932-Dec. 22, 1932
Helmick, Albert Kenneth, Mar. 3, 1871-Mar. 24, 1944
Bonner, Sully G., 1881-1909
White, Coy, Aug. 3, 1885-Oct. 11, 1918
     Beloved husband of Osie White
Boner (unreadable by this writer)
Bubar (unreadable by this writer)
Balley, Dorothy Helen, Feb. 1, 1879-June 22, 1898
     Dau of S. & C.C. Balley
Wilfong, Rebecca Lena, 1880-1954
Carr, Harper D., Oct. 16, 1924?-Oct. 31, 1926
Carr, Enos, 1825-1901
White, Felix, Apr. 22, 1853-July 11, 1907
(Surname?), Gertrude M., 1899-1906?
White,  (unreadable by this writer)
Smith, Daisy A., Mar. 17, 1884-Sept. 3, 1901, Wife of I.N. Smith
Johnson, Rev. Russell S., Oct. 4, 1898-Aug. 4, 1972
Johnson, Cenna J., July 6, 1898-April 4, 1982, His Wife

Directions: The Bonner Mountain Cemetery (per Chapman's Randolph County Cemetery book) is on Rt. 32 to intersection of 32/2 then east on private road.  3.1 miles to the top of Bonner Mountain.  This cemetery is probably in Randolph County.  

Cemetery  transcribed on July 25, 2003 by Cathy Thompson
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