Pennington Memorial Cemetery, Blackman Flats

Pennington Memorial Cemetery, Blackman Flats

Complete list of burials at the Pennington Memorial Cemetery in Blackman Flats, outside of Parsons, West Virginia. Pennington Memorial Cemetery is a small family cemetery located on private property belonging to the Pennington family. As of July 4, 2002 there were only 6 occupied graves and one headstone marking a future grave site. The following is a complete list:

Name: Channell, Fannie Mae
Birth: Jan. 7, 1918
Death: Oct. 3, 2000

Notes: Wife of Richard Leo Channell; Maiden name Beckwith

Name: Channell, Richard Leo
Birth: Nov. 23, 1917
Death: Dec. 4, 1996

Notes: Husband of Fannie Mae (Beckwith) Channell

Name: Lower, Mary M.
Birth: Dec. 9, 1929
Death: Jan. 31, 1990


Name: Pennington, Harry B. "Greasy"
Birth: June 11, 1914
Death: April 8, 1994

Name: Pennington, Alma E.
Birth: Oct. 3, 1914
Death: Nov. 1, 1994

Married: May 7, 1934

Notes: Alma Pennington's maiden name is Kelley; Reverse of the stone lists their children's
names as: Emma, Baby Girl, Delbert, Sut, Sharon, Mickey, Poug, Dian, Doug, Bobbie, and Pat.


Name: Pennington, Larry E. "Poug"
Birth: Oct. 24, 1945
Death: Oct. 23, 1990

Name: Pennington, Gloria F. "Cookie"
Birth: Mar. 8, 1948

Married: Oct. 30, 1964

Notes: Gloria Pennington's maiden name is Knotts. Her grave is unoccupied.

Submitted by: Glenn Channell