Lockbridge, WV - Post Office

Lockbridge, WV - Post Office

Summers County, WV


Before Lockbridge had a post office it was called "Little Meadows".

Ed Gwinn was the first postmaster around 1907.

The town of Lockbridge was named after his father, Lockridge GWINN. The Post Office Department spelled the name wrong and added a "B" making it Lockbridge.

Before Lockbridge had a Post Office, the residents there had to receive their mail at Meadow Creek, WV.

The first piece of registered mail at Lockbridge was addressed to Mrs. Rosa Holsted, received on 16 DEC 1907 and delivered on 17 DEC 1907.


Ed GWINN 1907 - 1919

C.B. GWINN 17 SEP 1919 - 26 SEP 1947

Glayda HICKS 26 SEP 1947 - 2 NOV 1961

Mary E. (ST. CLAIR) GUNTER 2 NOV 1961 - 1 SEP 1991 (when the P.O. was closed)

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