Lockbridge, WV - Methodist Church

Lockbridge, WV - Methodist Church

Summers County, WV


The Lockbridge Church was built in 1911. The following is the record of the building procedure as was told by the builder of the church,, the late Ed GWINN to Mrs. Ella WELCH (and given to me by my aunt in 1978).

{The church was organized prior to 1895 and services were held in the Gwinn School House or the Lockbridge School House, as I remember it. The school still stands today, but is a residence and business, Lockbridge Pottery.}>

The Rev. GRIMES was the pastor at the time the church building was constructed. The preacher was known in those days as the circuit rider, because his parish consisted of a large area. Mr. Dave GWINN suggested to the pastor that a church building should be constructed and pledged $25.00 toward the building program. This contribution initiated the building project, he being the first man to suggest the immediate construction of the church building.

Mr. Dave GWINN and the Rev. GRIMES contacted Mr. Ed GWINN, and the three mutually agreed to begin the drive to raise money to building the church. Mr. Ed GWINN was selected by the other tow parties to solicit money by negotiable note so pledges could be collected. Pledges were made by the following persons: Cabot GWINN, Augustus "Gus" GWINN, Charlie BRIGGS, Snowden GWINN, and James M. GWINN and also sills and lumber for the foundation. The church building was constructed on the land donated by James M. GWINN, the site of the parsonage built three years previous.

There was some disagreement among the members at the very beginning but Ed GWINN gave $25.00 and hired Henry PHILLIPS to lay the foundation for the church which cost $25.15. The work on the project did not proceed any farther and a second meeting was called to decide on a definite procedure to follow. Mr. C.B. GWINN donated $40.00, Ed GWINN subscribed an additional amount to raise his pledge to $40.00. Cabot GWINN and James M. GWINN paid their subscription of $40.00 each. With this money Ed GWINN was selected to proceed with the construction of the building.

Mr. Ed GWINN tried to hire Mr. George RICHMOND to do the carpentry work on the building but Mr. RICHMOND was not available so Ed GWINN secured the help of John FLANAGAN and finished the building. The Rev. HICKMAN delivered the dedication sermon. An offering was taken following the sermon and only $40.00 was obtained from a very large crowd. Mr. Sebastian GWINN donated $100.00 and his wife donated $10.00 toward the building fund.

The first trustees were: Ed GWINN, James M. GWINN and C.B. GWINN.

Lockbridge Methodist Church Preachers

J.W. King 1907
W.H. Grimes 1909
J.S. Mayward 1911
? Combs 1912
M.H. Romsy 1913
Lloyd Fast 1914
N.S. Scott 1915
L.G. Roberson 1916
D.L. Smith 1917
L.F. Cottrell 1919
C.S. Holly 1921
J.L. Kessler 1922
B.F. Hill 1923
Hunt Parker 1924
Eugene Diel 1925
Ira Mintz 1927
O.F. Surface 1930
F.L. Soper 1934
H.D. Marteny 1935
G.M. Crite 1938
Lreshen Legg 1940
J.I. Guager 1941
H.L. Shiley 1943
Fred Smith 1944
David Richmond 1945
Robert Henson 1946
A.W. Grosscup 1949
Homer Elkins 1952
? Appointed 1957
Ralph Malcolm 1958
Victor Tenny 1959
Edward Perine 1964
H.C. Price 1966
H.W. Drake 1971
James Yates 1973
Homer Elkins

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