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Where did the West Virginia stone that was used in the construction of the Washington Monument come from?

The stone is from the quarry of sandstone at New Richmond (Sandstone) that was located on the homestead of John A. Richmond. It was developed and used by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company for a number of years, for which they paid $50.00 per annum royalty to Mr. Richmond. The stone as secured from this quarry through Dr. Samuel Williams and W.K. Pendleton. On the stone is the following patriotic inscription: "Tuum nos sumus monumentum."

What was the cost of eggs in 1906?

15 cents a dozen.

Who invented the monkey-wrench?

William Hinton, Sr., of Summers County, born in 1834, invented the monkey-wrench. He was the son of David Hinton, of near Greenville, Monroe County - an old Rockingham County Virginia family. He was a scientific civil engineer, and has also patented the trigonometer, and a bottle stopper.

Where did Lick Creek get it's name?

There are two Lick Creeks in Summers County, one in the lower end of the county in Green Sulphur District, and the other in the extreme upper end of Pipestem District. They are named after the great buffalo licks, one at Green Sulphur and one at Salt Works, besides many early deer licks in the hollows and mountain sides. Boring for salt on each creek resulted in a find. One, the Green Sulphur Springs, and the other, salt water. As the buffaloes disappeared, like the Indians, with the advancement of civilization, the deer were plentiful, and men would watch the deer licks, hiding behind blinds and killing the deer.




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