In May of 1997, this project was organized by Jeff Murphy, using the established KY 
Biographies Project as a model.   State coordinators were sought to set up their own 
state project.   They were offered the system design and tools created for the KY 
project, but were free to set up their project in any way they chose. 

I am Nyla CREED DePauk, and I am the coordinator for Raleigh County, West Virginia
Volunteers are needed to enter, edit, and archive the biographies for each project. 
If you have biographies you would like to donate for Raleigh County, please 
contact me .   If you would like to volunteer to coordinate a county, please contact the 
West Virginia State Coordinator Tina Hursh .



Index to All Raleigh County Biographies

   West Virginia Biographies

US Biographies


Families of Raleigh County  -  The Book


Some Obituaries


Some REDDEN Obituaries transcribed by Bonnie.


Hurt Family Cemetery at Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens

Located at Prosperity, Raleigh County, West Virginia

Pictures by James “Jim” Creed


                                             1880 Raleigh County Census Transcript

1890 Special Schedule - Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and 
Marines, and Widows, Etc.  -   Fayette County - Mountain Cove District

1890 Special Schedule - Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and 
Marines, and Widows, Etc.  - Raleigh County - All Districts



* * * Webb Families of the Virginias   NEW * * *

Ronald R. Turner discusses the early settlers of Virginia whose surname was Webb.  He has included information from land grants and information from the 1850 census about Virginia Webb families.  The 1880 Soundex for Webb families (born in Virginia) from 14 States and the District of Columbia is also included.  The genealogy of Giles Webb of Chuckatuck and the Henry Webb Family of Grayson County, Virginia, are included.    

* * * * * * *     Thank you, Ron.    * * * * * * *



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