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links Link to How to order Vital Records for Pocahontas County

Link to The Pocahontas Times, Index of Obituaries Posted Since June 1998 (available online)

Link to Pocahontas County Map, Pocahontas County Tourism Commission

Link to Map of WV with all Counties

About the 1930 Federal Population Census, National Archives and Records Administration

Link to RootsWeb Guide To Using Tax Records for your research

Links to neighboring counties: Bath Co VA Greenbrier CoHighland Co VA Pendleton Co Randolph CoTucker CoUpshur CoWebster Co

Link to The Pocahontas Times - Upcoming Reunions

Link to INGenWeb Noble Co, Indiana. Did you know that some early Pocahontas Co. pioneer families migrated there? You will find the surnames: Gay, Gibson, McClure, Rhea, Varner, and possibly more...

Link to USGenWeb Project - Help for Genealogy Researchers

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Records, Homepages, Search Engines, Research Links

Pocahontas Co. WVGenWeb Archive Records
The Archive contains Volunteer contributed data: Bio's, Bibles, Cemeteries, Census, History, Marriages, Newspapers/Articles, Taxes, Vitals, Wills, etc. The USGenWeb Archive is a separate GenWeb project that has a standard layout/design for displaying contributed data. This keeps contributed records organized and displayed basically the same across all the Archive project sites. Both of these projects work together to help you with your research.
Pocahontas Co. Researcher's Homepages, Contributed Family Tree's, & WDC GenWeb
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More Pocahontas County related Bio's, Research Links, Historical Background
• More Biographies and Family Sketches
• Historical Background
• Research Links
Go To Online Death Certificate Search• Online Vital Records: Death Certificates 1916-1954, Pocahontas County and other West Virginia counties.
The WV Division of Culture and History Vital Research Records Project. Searchable actual scanned images of the originals! Provides great research information. Watch for more Pocahontas County vital records to come — Marriage and Birth (other WV counties now available).

The following external links might help : Old Disease Names Frequently found on Death Certificates Archaic Medical Terms Old Disease Names & Their Modern DefinitionsDeciphering Old HandwritingOld Style Handwriting, Printer's Ligatures, etc.
African Americans and Pocahontas Co.
Timeline of County Formations

Research Links

• 1790 / 1800 County Tax Lists of Virginia - check the Augusta County free online images
• 1810 Augusta County Census - USGenWeb Archives
• 1830 Pocahontas Co. Federal Census INDEX - SK Publications
• 1840 Pocahontas Co. Federal Census - USGenWeb Census Project
• 1840 Pocahontas Co. Federal Census INDEX - SK Publications
• 1860 Webster County Census - has some Pocahontas Co. people
• Allegheny Regional Family History Society - Gedcom Files in HTML format surnames: Arbogast, Bradshaw, Buzzard, Friel, and many more...
• American Pioneers Held Captive or Killed By Indians (has John EWING of Pocahontas Co.) surnames: Clendenin, Davis, Sargent, Dougherty
• Arbovale Post Office, The History of - surnames: Arbogast, Burner, Hidy, Maverly, O'Brien, Mullenax, Williams, Hamed, Gum, Summins, Ervine, Judy, Sutton, Hannah, Woods, Lambert, Kerr, Wenger, Sheets, Taylor
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC Camps) - in West Virginia
• Dilley Family Project - Allegheny Regional History Society (includes Pocahontas Co.)
• Duffield, Robert Descendants Of - Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants
• Exploration & Early Settlements in West Virginia, Myers' History of West Virginia
• Family Bibles Website
• Hammons, Edden - Portrait of a West Virginia Fiddler
• Hevener, John W. Papers, Southern Appalachian Archives, Hutchins Library, Berea College
• Highland Co. Genealogies of Pioneer Families - Highland Co. VAGenWeb
• Highland Co. Soldiers in the Rev. War, Highland Co. VAGenWeb Archives - surnames: Briscoe, Curry, Gillespie, Gum, Gwin, McClintic, McGlaughlin, Sharp, Slaven, Hull, Arbogast, Simmons, Wamsley, and more...
• Hill Surname DNA Project - #5105: Richard David Hill surnames: McNeel, Davis
• Historical & Genealogy Societies - West Virginia
• History of Ritchie County - WVGenWeb surnames: Cooper, Wooddell, Kerr, Gillispie
• John Reed's Files, of Dodd and Reed Funeral Homes in Webster Springs, Webster Co. - burial records from 1937-1995. Has some Pocahontas Co. listings and familiar surnames.
• Jordan, John and Miriam McNeel of Pendleton Co. and Pocahontas Co.
• Jordan, John of Pocahontas Co. by Jeff Jordan
• Keyser Newspapers, WVGenWeb Mineral Co. Transcribed old newspapers that contain some Marlinton news. You can search from here using keyword Marlinton.
• Making of America Digital Library
• McCoy Meeting Place, from several U.S. States - 1700's to the present
• McNeill, Rev. Moore Bio, The History Of West Virginia, Old and New (McNeil, McNeel) surnames: Moore, Griffey, Adkisson, Cochran, and more...
• Morrison Genealogy, a book by Granville Price Morrison - surnames: Oldham, Kennison, Smith, Hoover, McKever, Moore, Rankin
• Moses Hayes of Augusta County - surname: Mealy, Mealey
• ObitCentral.com - search the Pocahontas Times obituary archives
• Obituary Index Pocahontas County
• Pendleton Times - Obituaries, WVGenWeb RootsWeb
• Pennsylvania's Online Digital Archives - Records currently online or in the process of being digitized are the Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File (Live), World War I Service Medal Application Cards (Live), Spanish American War Veterans' Card File of United States Volunteers (Live), Civil War Veterans' Card File (planned), the Mexican Border Campaign Veterans' Card File (planned).
• Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia
• Pocahontas County Court Records - WV State Archives County Court Records Microfilm Holdings
• Showalter Lineage from Switzerland in 1566 to Alsace, France, to Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany to Ohio, U.S.A.
• Tallman DNA Project
• Tallman Genealogy Research
• Tallman - Greater Tallman Family Newsletter
• Tallman Surname - Nauset, Wellfleet Massachusetts - Kew, Chase & Newby-Kew
• The Charleston Gazette Newspaper - Obituaries
• The Inter-Mountain (Elkins) Newspaper - Obituaries
• The Pocahontas Times Newspaper - 50 Years Ago. Fun reading - in addition to an invaluable research tool.
• The Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: 1745 to 1800 by Lyman Chalkley. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County. (Note: at one time the area of Pocahontas Co. was part of Augusta Co.)
• The Pocahontas Times - Local newspaper based in the county seat city of Marlinton. A new edition every Thursday. Published since 1883.
• Virginia Marriage Records 1740 to 1850, Tina's Family Genealogy Page

• Virginia Military Institute Archives, Online Rosters Database - surnames: Gatewood (Andrew Cameron Lewis), Lightner (John Moore Lightner)
Also see the following link for A Cadet Life & Civil War Collection from the VMI Archives, letters written by Andrew Cameron Lewis

• Wauchope / Walkup, The Surname and Family of; Including the Possible Branches of Bauchope, Warcop, and Waugh
• WebRoots.org Genealogy Foundation - History of Knapp's Creek Community
• West Virginia State Archives and History - History 0f Minnehaha Springs Community (consisting of Douthard's Creek, Cochran's Creek, and about five miles of the Knapp's Creek Valley in Pocahontas County) by Mrs. Sidney Wilson Assisted by J. C. Harper, II. Lee White, Mrs. Maggie E. Lockridge, Mrs. Elmer Moore, and Miss Mamie White
• West Virginia State Archives and History - History Of Knapp's Creek Community (consisting of "The Hills", Frost, Knapp's Creek, and Minnehaha neighborhoods) Written by Enid Harper in 1924. Surnames: Gibson, Moore, Dever, Ruckman, Cleek, Daugherty, Grimes, Sharp, Herold, Harper, Dilley, Lockridge, Evick, Herold, Shinaberry, Buzzard, Hannah, Wade, Driscol, McElwee, Kernel, Price, Pritchard, Gum, Gingar, Beverage, Barnett, Newman
• Wilson, Francis Papers in Steen Library, Stephen F. Austin State University - surnames: Wanless, Moore
• World Decendant Charts GenWeb - has donated Pocahontas County Gedcom records
• Ziegenfus, Hans Jacob Descendants of (1691- ? ) - surnames: Zickafoose, Zickefoose Sigenfoos

Historical Background Research

• A West Virginia Chronology a listing of events in WV history
• American Migration Patterns and Migration Routes, Roads, & Trails
• Early American Roads and Trails - with descriptions of 18 of the major early roads. Also, Paths, Trails, and Post Roads
• Early Virginia Religious Petitions, American Memory- Library of Congress
• History of Spruce, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park - surnames: Shaffer, English, Ervin, Shoemaker, Lyons, Newcomer, Watson, smith, Sprague, Taber, Hannah, Neal
• News from Old Virginia - The Olden Times Genealogy and History
• WebRoots.org Genealogy Foundation - History of The Middle New River Settlements - Chapters I-III
• West Virginia State Archives and History - Newspaper Clippings Database (microfilm holdings). Lots of Pocahontas Co hits here; however, you can view only a brief description of the article online.
• What was the Exchange Rate Then? - Find the exchange rate between the the United States dollar and the British pound, for any year between 1791 and 1999

More Biographies and Family Sketches

• American Pioneers Held Captive or Killed By Indians (has John EWING of Pocahontas Co) surnames: Clendenin, Davis, Sargent, Dougherty
• Arbogast, Adam VA Militia - Webster Co WVGenWeb
• Clark, George Lynn Bio of - WVGenWeb surnames: Dysard, Beard, Dressler
• Dilley Project - Allegheny Regional Family History Society
• Ewing, John Various Accounts of the Capture of, submitted by Mary Hill. Has excerpt from "Historical Sketches Of Pocahontas County", WV by Wm. T. Price , pub. 1901. Surnames: Sargent, Clendennin, Moore, Dougherty
• Fleshman, Benjamin Franklin Bio of - WVGenWeb surnames: Sydenstricker, Hull, Cleek, Lightner
• Gatewood, Andrew Cameron Lewis, Virginia Military Institute Archives, Online Rosters Database (Note: also see his childhood friend James
Also see the following link for A Cadet Life & Civil War Collection from the VMI Archives, letters written by Andrew Cameron Lewis
• Gibbs, James Edward Allen bio of - VAWebGen, inventor of Willcox & Gibbs treadle sewing machine surnames: Poague, Given, Gibson, Wilcox
• Gillilan, Richard Hill Bio of - WVGenWeb surnames: Cruikshanks, Hill, Handley, Beard
• Graham Family History Part 1, Summers Co - WVGenWeb surnames: Dunlap, Lockridge, Dysard
• History of WV Old and New: Will L. Wooddell Bio - WVGenWeb surnames: Gum, Dyer, Sheets, Miller, and more...
• Hull, Jessie Bio of - WVGenWeb surnames: Cleek, Crawford
• Kincaid, Willis Will of - VAGenWeb surnames: Gwin, Dill, Cleek
• Knight Jr, Alexander of Greenbrier Co - WVGenWeb surnames: McMillion, Whiting, Lancaster
• Lightner, John Moore, Virginia Military Institute Archives, Online Rosters Database
• Lincoln Family Lineage-Descendants of Robert Lincoln
• Livesay, John of Greenbrier Co - WVGenWeb surnames: Switzer, Bright, Sydenstricker, Wallace, Haptonstall
• Morrison Genealogy, a book by Granville Price Morrison - surnames: Oldham, Kennison, Smith, Hoover, McKever, Moore, Rankin
• Poague Bio's, Henry Co, MO MOGenWeb surnames: Davis, Hopkins, Woods (has ref to Pocahontas Co Poague's)
• Pocahontas County WV Bios surnames: McNeil, Yeager
• Price, Cal and The Pocahontas Times
• Tallman Genealogical Record by Virgil Burdette Tallman surnames: Crawford, Warwick, Bradshaw, Hull, Slaven, Poage, Gillespie, Arbogast, Boone and more. Note: Reference James Tallman for specific Pocahontas Co. connection. Reference Benjamin Tallman & Dinah Boone for Daniel Boone - Tallman connection. This is a large Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.
• Tallman Family History, Allen Donald Tallman - Brigham Young University
• Tallman History
• Tallman, Descendants of Michiel Taleman
• Tallman, Peter - Ancestors of Clinton Barnes
• Tallman, Peter - Steele Family History
• Waddell, John Bio of - WIGenWeb Richland Co. He was born in Pocahontas County. Search the site for additional Waddell references. (just discovered)
• Walker, Mary & John Burnside Pocahontas Co. Descendants - African Ancestored Genealogy site posting mentions a slave named Lucy.
• Waugh, H Roy bio of - WVGenWeb surnames: Morrison, McGuire, Brown
• Wilson, Francis Papers (1790-1867), circuit-riding Methodist minister. References Wanless & Moore in inventory.

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African Americans and Pocahontas County

• African Americans in West Virginia, West Virginia Archives and History
• African-American Population of Present-day West Virginia Counties in 1860 - WV Division Of Culture And History
• BLACK RESIDENTS OF GREENBRIER, MONROE, POCAHONTAS, and SUMMERS COUNTIES - Compiled by Carol L. Haynes. Contact Carol via email at chaynes704@aol.com for a "Lookup Request".
• History Of The American Negro, West Virginia Edition - WV Division Of Culture And History
• Slave Births for Pocahontas County 1854-1860 - WVGenWeb Pocahontas Co. Archives
• Walker, Mary & John Burnside Pocahontas Co. Descendants - African Ancestored Genealogy site posting mentions a slave named Lucy.
• WebRoots.org Genealogy Foundation - Black America

Timeline of County Formations

Also see West Virginia Division Of Culture And History - County Info

Pocahontas County was created by an act of the Virginia General Assembly on December 21, 1821 from parts of Bath, Pendleton, and Randolph counties.

• 1738 - Augusta County, Virginia formed from Orange County

• 1769 - Botetourt County, Virginia formed from Augusta and Rockbridge counties. Rockbridge County gave only small portions at later dates (1821-1888)

• 1778 - Greenbrier County, West Virginia formed from Botetourt, Montgomery, Monroe, and Fayette counties

• 1778 - Rockbridge County, Virginia formed from Augusta and Botetourt counties

• 1786 - Randolph County, West Virginia formed from Harrison County, Virginia

• 1787 - Pendleton County, West Virginia formed from Augusta, Hardy, Rockingham, and Bath counties

• 1790 - Bath County, Virginia formed from Augusta, Botetourt, and Greenbrier counties

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