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The Pocahontas Times, November 3, 2005. Fifty Years Ago, November 3, 1955.

"From the desk of Calvin W. Price, Editor...


L. A. Remage, of Droop Mountain, recently found a bomb shell at his home near the Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park. He was having a drainage ditch dug, and the "dud" shell was found.

It had been fired in the battle of 92 years ago. In size it is three inches in diameter, and the weight is a few ounces over nine pounds.

Put it down as a missile from the Union side. The Federal artillery was on "Yankee Flats" about half way down the mountain, to the east of Route 219. This shell grounded at the brow of the mountain. It is said many of the shells from the Union batteries went high over the battlefield.

"Dud" shells were to be picked up in numbers years ago. The dangerous things were sometimes exploded in burning log heaps.

The last time such a foolish chance was taken, a big fragment of a shell flew a mile or two and struck a farm house above the front door. "

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Pocahontas Co. Military and Defense (and related information)

• 1st West Virginia Infantry
5th West Virginia Cavalry, Formerly the 2nd West Virginia Infantry, And of Battery G, 1st West Virginia Light Artillery by Frank S. Reader, Author of the Life of Moody and Sankey. Copyright 1890, by Frank S. Reader, New Brighton, PA.: Daily News, Frank S. Reader, Editor and Prop'r.
• 14th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company F (mentions Marlin's Bottom now Marlinton, Elk Mountain, Big Springs, Huntersville)
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• Behind the Stonewall - 360° Panoramic Images From Civil War Battlefields (none in Pocahontas County)
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• Forts of West Virginia, Myers' History of West Virginia
• French Harding Memoirs: Civil War in West Virginia, Company F of the 31st Virginia Infantry in the Spring of 1862. Company F was composed mainly of men from Randolph County, Virginia (now West Virginia).
• GORP Civil War Auto Tour - West Virginia Scenic Byway
• Hardesty's Biographical Atlas 1882 Volume 3 (extract from): Pocahontas County In The Civil War
• Heritage Preservation Services - Civil War Battle Summaries by State
• Highland soldiers in the Revolutionary War, Highland Co. VAgenWeb - surnames: Curry, Gillespie, Hull, Arbogast, Duffield, and more
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• Vietnam Found Dog Tags. This site has been created for the purpose of returning dog tags found from Vietnam to their respective families.
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• West Virginia Reinactors Association - Civil War reinacting in WV
• World War I - Trenches on the Web
• WV In The Civil War, Huntersville - was target for winter raid by Federals
• WWII National Memorial

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