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Pocahontas County WV Look-up Volunteers

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  jigsawA Look-up Request is a list of resources owned/accessed by individuals who are willing to look-up genealogical information and e-mail or snail mail it to others who request it. This is a free Volunteer service, unless expenses such as postage and copier fees are required. Resource owners are Volunteers with a limited amount of time and resources to spend looking up information.

How Do I Request a Look-up?

How Do I Request a Look-up?

Send an email message to the Look-up Volunteer

Include at least the word LOOKUP in the subject line of the email

In the email, include the Title of the resource. Please do not expect the Volunteer to look in every resource they own with one request - most people just don't have that much free time. The "Resources" (books, census, publications, photo's, etc.) can be found below.

Be sure to include as much information as you can about the ancestor for whom you are requesting the lookup (full names, maiden names, parents, dates, etc.). Please, no requests for "All of the Smith's...".

Limit to one request per person per week

Researchers should not ask, nor may lookup volunteers offer, to violate copyright laws when responding to requests for lookups in any copyrighted material. See copyright laws.

~ Return the favor by Volunteering to do Look-up's from your reference material ~

— Please remember that these generous Volunteers are giving up their own personal time to help you. They are not paid in any way. —

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Look-up Volunteers and Resources

Title of Resource


14th Virginia Cavalry, by Robert Driver

Vanessa Dumrauf

1830 Pocahontas County Census

Cara Miller

1850 Pocahontas County Census, by Wes Cochran

Vanessa DumraufBarbara GrampPauline LoBianco

1860 Pocahontas County Census, by Wes Cochran

Vanessa Dumrauf Barbara GrampPauline LoBiancoLinda

1870 Pocahontas County Census, by Wes Cochran

Vanessa DumraufBarbara GrampPauline LoBiancoLinda (Woolard) Vandevender

1880 Pocahontas County Census

Note: The 1880 Census is now available for free and fully searchable by county from the Church of Latter-Day Saints website at www.familysearch.org

Doug JacksonMelissa Barker

1880 Census of West Virginia by William Marsh

Larry Metz

1880 U.S. Census, by the LDS Church. Please provide at least a State name and preferably a County name.

Larry Heffner

Bath County Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns 1791-1853 by the Bath Co. Historical Society

Doug Jackson
Bicentennial History of Bath County VA 1991 by the Bath Co. Historical Society  

Black Residents Of Greenbrier, Monroe, Pocahontas, and Summers Counties. Compiled by Carol L. Haynes

Carol L. Haynes

Historical Sketches of Pocahontas County West Virginia, by William T. Price, Price Brothers Publishers, 1901

Barbara GrampDoug Jackson

History of Pocahontas County WV 1981, by the Pocahontas Co. Historical Society, Inc., Taylor Publishing Co. Third Printing September 1997

Barbara Gramp

Pocahontas County Cemetery Headstone Listings, Volume One by Allegheny Regional Family History Society

Vanessa DumraufBarbara GrampLana Luike

Pocahontas County Hunter's Cookbook, published by West Virginia Mountain Radio, second printing - September, 1989

Barbara Gramp

Pocahontas County, Virginia (Now West Virginia) Marriage Bonds 1822 - 1852 and Minister's Returns 1822 - 1871, by James E. Wooddell and Rita H. Wooddell, 1988

Barbara GrampLinda (Woolard) Vandevender

The Galford Ancestry by Lloyd Pritt Galford. Gateway Press, Inc., 1981.

Barbara Gramp

The Pocahontas Times, Marlinton, Pocahontas County, West Virginia (published weekly).

  • 1972 --> Jan/20, May/11-18-25, June/1-8-15-22-29, Jul/6-13-20-27, Aug/10-17-24-31, Sept/7-14-21-28, Oct/5-12-19-26, Nov/2-9-16-30, Dec/7-14-21
  • 1973 --> Jan/4-11-18, Feb/1-8-15-22, Mar/1-8-15-22-29, Apr/5-12-19-26, May/3-10-17-24-31, June/7-14-21-28, July/12
  • 1974 --> Jan/3-10-17-24-31, Feb/7-14-21-28, Mar/7-14-21-28, Apr/4-18-25, May/2-9-16-23-30, June/6-13-27, July/4-11-18-25, Aug/1-8-15-22-29, Sep/5-12-19-26, Oct/3-10-17-24-31, Nov/7-14-21-28, Dec/5-12-19
  • 1975 --> Jan/2-9-16-23-30, Feb/6-13-20-27, Mar/6-13-20-27, Apr/3--10-17-24, May/1-8-15-22-29, June/5-12-19-26, July/3-10-17-24, Aug/7-14-21-28, Sep/4-11-18, Aug/7-14-21-28, Sep/4-11-25, Oct/2-9-16-23-30, Nov/6-13-20-27, Dec/4-11-18
  • 1976 --> Jan1-8-15-22-29, Feb/5-12-19-26, Mar/4-11-18-25, Apr/1-8-15-22-29, May/5-13-20-27, Jun/17-24, July/1-8-15-22-29, Aug/5-19-26, Sep/2-9-16-23-30, Oct/7-14-21-28, Nov/4-25, Dec/2-9-23
  • 1977 --> Jan/6-13-20-27, Feb/2-17-24, Mar/3-10-17-24-31, Apr/7-14
Barbara Gramp
Virginia Civil War Infantry Book, the 31st, the 58th, and the 62nd (a number of Pocahontas Co, men fought on the Confederate side)  

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Look-up Volunteer Guidelines

Look-up Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteers are required to read the USGenWeb Project Info for Volunteers - Copyright Information and the WVGenWeb Rules for Lookups

It would be appropriate to follow-up on all requests. If you will not be able to perform the Look-up within a reasonable period of time, let the requestor know a timeframe when they can expect the information. Perhaps they can request it from another Volunteer, if necessary.

Any reference material can be used: books, newspapers, magazines, articles, CD's, etc.

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Copyright Information

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How You Can Volunteer

How You Can Volunteer To Perform Look-ups

Send an email to the Coordinator

Provide the following information for the resource that you want to share:

1. Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date
2. Your Name as you want it to appear on this page
3. Your email address. If it is not included, the return address will be used.

Read the section on this page "Look-up Volunteer Guidelines"

November 2001

— In Memory Of

Gladys Wanless

Pocahontas County WVGenWeb Volunteer

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