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The Pocahontas Times

Index of Obituaries Posted (online)

Since June 1998

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Government and Municipal Addresses and Info

Funeral Homes
Marlinton Police Department
Pocahontas County Government Offices and Local Business Directory
Pocahontas County Historical Society
Pocahontas County Tourism Commission
State of West Virginia
West Virginia Vital Records. How to order them.
(birth certificates, death, marriage, divorce, deeds, etc.)

West Virginia Vital Records

How to order birth, death, marriage, deed records and more...

Pocahontas County Courthouse
900C Tenth Avenue
Marlinton, WV 24954-1333
Phone: (304) 799-4549

Order records prior to 1917 from the Courhouse. You can phone -or- write them and they will bill you later (by enclosing a statement with your documents). They are usually very courteous and prompt. Note: For vital information from 1917 to current, order from WV Health Statistics Center (see next "More" below).

Birth Certificates
$6 each
back to 1853
Death Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Deeds of Trust / Land Deeds
$1.50 for 1st 2 pages, $1.00 each add'l page
back to 1822

Note: These prices were in effect when last checked on August 27, 2001 - contact the Courthouse for current pricing/questions.

TIP:I had a good experience with County Courhouse and it was worth the small fee. I mailed a request, asking for any available records about my g-great-grandparents. I gave them their fullnames and what info I had on them (birth/death dates and locations). I received very helpful photo copies and certificates -- including a Certificate of Death, Cert of Marriage, photocopies of a land deed, and two estate assessments. ~Barbara

TIP: One of our volunteers suggested that when requesting marriage info, you should request the marriage application instead of the license as it gives personal information. <<Thanks for your help Marilyn>>


Other vital records can be ordered from the WV Health Statistics Center in Charleston...

West Virginia Health Statistics Center
(see their webpage for costing and details)
Vital Registration
Room 165
350 Capital
Charleston, West Virginia 25301-3701
Phone: (304) 558-2931

Genealogy - Health Statistics Center
Publications - Health Statistics Center
•Also contains a link to Vital Records Information and specifically Pocahontas Co.

Pocahontas County Free Libraries can help...and maybe your own local library...

Pocahontas County Free Libraries

The McClintic Library in Marlinton has a Genealogy Room and plans are underway to add similar resources to other library locations.

Microfilm holdings known to date (may not be entirely accurate):

• Rolls 1-23: Births, deaths, Index to marriages, marriages, wills, index to estates and estate settlements

  • Births 1853-1969, Vols. 1-4
  • Deaths 1853-1969, Vols. 1853 1969
  • Marriages 1822-1969, Vols. 1-5
  • 1930 Census of Pocahontas County
  • Wills, 1822-1968, Vols. 1-19
  • Pocahontas Times 1885-1977

Check your own local Public Library system. Many of them provide internet access from your home computer to FREE Federal Census Records and much more. All you need is a Library card (and an ID/Password they will give you)!

The HeritageQuest Online is designed specifically for patrons in public libraries. Check with your local Public Library system to see if/how you can access this valuable FREE Genealogy research tool.

TIP: I just recently started using HeritageQuest via my local Cleveland Public Library system. Previously, I subscribed to Ancestry.com and paid for Federal Census records and other data. I really like HeritageQuest. I access it from my home computer (slow dial-up connection) and it loads the actual Census records fairly quickly. The system is uncomplicated and very easy to use. Play around with the Search options; sometimes you don't have to be really specific which allows for just "fishing" for new info. <<Barbara Gramp, March 2005>>

Another good resource is the WV State Archives in Charleston...

West Virginia State Archives

Library Services and Fee Guidelines
• Microfilm Holdings for Pocahontas Co. (Court Records: births, deaths, marriages, deeds, court dockets)
• Newspaper Clippings Database Lots of Pocahontas Co. hits here; however, you can view only a brief description of the article online.
• Manuscript Collections
• Naturalization Records (has Pocahontas Co.)
• State Government Records

TIP: I had a very good experience with the State Archives Library Services and it was well worth the small fee. I mailed a request, asking for any records about my g-great-grandparents. I gave their full names and what info I had on them (birth/death dates and locations). I also specifially asked them to check for any Pocahontas Times info on them. I received very helpful photo copies from several sources -- including a Death Registry that contained the names of their parents. They also told me that they do not have copies of The Pocahontas Times for the years of 1902-1905. They were also kind enough to check the Randolph County newspaper info, but it too was missing some key editions. ~ Barbara.

TIP: One of our volunteers suggested that when requesting marriage info, you should request the marriage application instead of the license as it gives personal information. <<Thanks for your help Marilyn>>

TIP: One of our volunteers noted that with Library Services, you can order copies of Obituaries that were printed in past editions of The Pocahontas Times (the local newspaper). Include full name and approximate date of death. Please note that some issues are not available. <<Thanks for your help again Marilyn>>

If you have one near you, another great resource is the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and their Family History Centers...

Family History Centers - Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints

• See if there is one near you
Frequently Asked Questions
Topics available from the Family History Library Catalog for Pocahontas County (microfilm)
Search the Family History Library Catalog
• Here is an online Research Assistant
• Pictures of a typical library

TIP: I am lucky enough to have a Family History Center in my neighborhood of Ohio. In addition to lots of other data, they have a lot of the records from the Pocahontas County Courthouse. This is where a lot of our Volunteers got the information they have transcribed and contributed. The information is stored on microfilm. When you place your order at your local History Center, it is shipped there for your use at a very small fee. They have everything you need to view microfilm (viewing is free). They will also print parts of the microfilm for you at a nominal fee per page. Copy machines are also available. The volunteer support staff is very friendly and willing to help you with any questions. At my location they were very patient and helpful with my questions on how to use the equipment. I believe the microflm will remain at your local center for 3-4 weeks unless you ask/pay for an extension. ~Barbara

Visit the Historical Society for additional info...

Pocahontas County Historical Society
810 Second Avenue
Marlinton, WV 24954

-->See Pocahontas County Societies & Repositories, West Virginia State Archives

Phone: (304) 799-6659 (Summer only)
Phone: (304) 799-4973 (all year)

Hours: June-Aug. Mon.- Sat. 11-5, Sun. 1-5 (Note: check to make sure the hours have not changed)

No copying facilities are available.

Society and archival/manuscript program established in 1962. Description: 20 linear feet dating from the 1880s to the 1960s of items relating to the county's history in the form of 2,000 photographs and manuscripts. Including the correspondence and writings of clergyman William T. Price and several of his children. Also maintains the Hunter House Museum. Collection: manuscripts, county government records, business records, photographs, audio recordings, maps, and newspapers relating to the history Pocahontas County.

Other West Virginia Sources...
VitalChek - Remote Ordering Of Vital Records. They provide the service of ordering your records for you $$. Need a credit card .
WVGenWeb West Virginia Birth and Death Records

Please share your resources, experiences, and suggestions.
- - End of How To Order birth, death, marriage, deed records and more - -

Pocahontas County Government Information Source


Pocahontas County Commission
900 10th Avenue
Marlinton, WV 24954
(304) 799-6063

Pocahontas Co. Fire & Rescue


Pocahontas Development Authority
PO Box 256
Marlinton, WV 24954
Phone: 304-799-6674
Fax: 304-799-6675

Pocahontas County Courthouse
900C Tenth Avenue
Marlinton, WV 24954-1333
Phone: (304) 799-4549


Pocahontas Co. Local Business Directory


CapitolImpact.com, Pocahontas Co. Profile - elected officials, local entities, demographic info, courts, etc.

11th Judicial Circuit for Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties

Pocahontas County Elected Officials

Also see:

State of West Virginia

West Virginia Government

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Funeral Homes


VanReenen Funeral Home
Ivan VanReenen, Owner
James Smith, Manager
Marlinton, WV 24954

Office:(304) 799-4553
Home: (304) 799-4074


  Wallace & Wallace
Chapel in Arbovale • Phone (304) 799-4277
Lewisburg • Ronceverte • E. Rainelle • Ansted

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• Pocahontas County Highschool Library Media Center
• Pocahontas County Schools

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• Churches and Church Notices - The Pocahontas Times

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