Reunion Notes from Pendleton times 2002

2003 Reunion Notes

Pope/Cowger Reunion Includes History Tour

The 2002 Reunion was held for the first time in Pendleton County, the home of the Pope and Cowger ancestors. The 2003 Reunion added another "first" with tours on Friday and Saturday that included a talk that enabled the descendants to trace their roots to the earlier settlers Dyer, Eye, Brake, and Trumbos of Pendleton and Hardy Counties. They had the opportunity to visit the Cowger/Pope homestead, the Frank Eye house, and see the remains of the 2nd dwelling on the land built about 1811 by George’s son John. Harlan Rexrode hosted the tours to the Pope homes located near Rough Run and to the two cemeteries located on land originally owned by Peter Pope and his wife Catherine. Sandra Pope, researcher and compiler of the recently published histories on George and Hannah Hawes Cowger and Peter and Catherine Haefner Pope, provided the information on the tours. A copy of each book has been donated to the Pendleton County library.

The Reunion was held at the Ruritan Club in Oak Flat on Saturday, June 28 that included a time of fellowship and sharing prior to enjoying a delicious buffet. The coordinator for this event was Helen Cowger of Franklin. The living 5th generation descendants from the Pope line were recognized and a time of remembrance for set aside for those of the 5th generation who died this past year. The living 5th generation and or their spouses, are believed to by Russell and Minnie Pope, who celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this year; Anna Mae Pope Will, who received a prize for also being present at the 1936 Reunion; Ada Miller Pope, wife of Clyde Russell Dasher, deceased; Marie Bassler, wife of George Harold Dasher; Fletcher and Mary Pope, Jean Pope Sellers and her husband Isaac; Hester Pope Tayman and her husband William; Patricia Patterson Pope, wife of Bruce Moyers Pope, deceased; Virginia Simon Keemer and her husband Leland; George Henry Pope and his wife Anne known by the nickname "Petie"; J. Murray Pope and his wife Eva; Carroll W. Pope and his wife Peggy; Dorothy Pope, Doris MacMillan Pope, wife of Bertram Charles Pope, deceased; Elma Fae Pope Cox; and Betty Lou Pope Dau. The 5th generation deceased included Bertram Charles Pope, Bruce Moyers Pope, and Constance Collis Pope, wife of Russell Martin Pope, deceased. A roll call was taken of the Pope and Cowger family lines that were represented. A number were there for the first time.

Next year’s Reunion meeting will be held at the Ruritan Club on June 26, 2004. A first for next year may include a tour of cemeteries in the area and/or a trip to Brakes Run. That plan was cancelled this year due to the rain and the inaccessibility of some cemeteries.

Some Cowger descendants spent a 3rd day attending the Jesse Cowger reunion hosted by his descendants John, Raymond, and Jesse Cowger.

Contributed by Sandra Pope

Fourth Annual Morral Reunion 

The Descendants of Samuel and Mary Davis Morral held their 4th annual reunion at the Clinton Hedrick Community Center in Riverton on June 21,2003.  Approximately 80 people were in attendance.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded for work done on the Morral cemeteries to Greg Adamson, Richard (Buzz) Morral, Rick Morral and Paul Johnson.  

 Next year's reunion will be held on June 19, 2004, at the Clinton Hedrick Community Center at Riverton, WV at 11:00 A.M.   From Pendleton Times, 24 Jul 2003


Propst Clan Gathers for Annual Reunion

The descendants and friends of Lewis and Henrietta Propst held their annual reunion June 22, 2003 at the Old Propst Church near Brandywine.  Fifty people were in attendance.

The 2004 reunion will be held at the Old Propst Church on the fourth Sunday in June. From Pendleton Times, 31 Jul 2003.     

Fleisher / Flesher Clan Hold Bi-Annual Reunion

The descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Penninger Fleisher held their bi-annual reunion in Fayette County, OH on June 20-22, 2003.  Henry Fleisher was an American Revolution soldier of Pendleton County.

"Henry Fleisher had at least five of his nine children stop off in Fayette county on their way west.  Conrad Fleisher (Elizabeth Lemon) had nine children born in Fayette County between 1804 and 1823.  Henry Flesher (Susan Popejoy-mother Elizabeth Champe Popejoy) had nine children born in Fayette County. They were married  they were December 1810.  John Fleisher (Polly Seybert) children born in Virginia (now West Virginia) but he was in the 1840 census in Fayette County and may have left in 1842.  William Flesher (Mary Gum) is on tax list for 1817 and in 1830 census. Barbara Flesher (Michael Hefner) married in Virginia and is buried in Illinois.  They may have been in Fayette county for a period of time also.  Elizabeth Flesher (Edward James) married in Virginia in 1803.  Edwards was  in the census in Fayette County 1820, 1830 and 1850.  They had nien children and are buried in Illinois.  Of the brothers and brothers-in-law, five of them served in the War of 1812 as members of the Virginia Militia from Fayette County, OH."

Note: the name was Fleischer when they came to Port Philadelphia, PA, from Germany.  It was changed to Fleisher when they migrated to Virginia and changed again to Flesher when they went west. 

Pictures of the reunion are on a web page: http://home.usit/~gflesher/reunion

The last reunion was held at Cave two years ago.  The next Flesher /Fleisher bi-annual reunion will be hosted by Gary and Virginia Flesher in Milan, TN in June 2005.  Taken from Pendleton Times, 7 Aug 2003.

Thirtieth Annual Crummett Reunion

The family of Daniel Pinckney and Bessie Mae Price Crummett celebrated their 30th annual reunion on July 13 2003 at Wildwood Park, Bridgewater VA.

Ed Smith presided over the meeting.  Elected officers for 2004 are Ed Smith, President; Anna Lee Hayes, Treasurer and Lois Samples, Secretary. 

Next year's reunion will be held on July 11, 2004 at Wildwood Park in Bridgewater, VA.  From Pendleton Times, 7 Aug 2003.

35th Dahmer Reunion Held at Maxwelton Park Aug. 2

The 35th annual Dahmer Reunion was held at Charlie Mackey Park in MAxwelton on August 2.

A program included a remembrance of those relatives who passed away in the last year, doorprizes awarded to the oldest and youngest members attending the reunion and a series of quiz questions relating to the Dahmer family.

Last year's officers were retained for next year including Eugene Dahmer, president; Genevieve Wiley, Vice-president; and Sandra Vandevander, secretary/treasurer.

Next year's reunion will be held the first Saturday in August at Maxwelton. From Pendleton Times, 7 Aug 2003.

Vandevander Clan Gathers at Thorn spring Park for Reunion.

The annual gathering of the Clarence and Texie Vandevander family was held at Thorn SPring Park on July 20.  There were 77 family members and friends in attendance.

 The next reunion will be held on July 18, 2004 at Thorn Spring Park.  From Pendleton Times, 21 Aug 2003.

Propst Descendants Gather at Welton Park

The annual reunion of the  Cleveland Propst family was held on Aug. 3, 2003 at Welton Park in Petersburg.  From Pendleton Times, 21 Aug 2003.

Hartman Descendants Gather for Annual Two-Day Reunion

The annual two-day reunion of the Isaac Perry and Lucy Vandevander Hartman was held July 26-27 at the home place pavilion on Smith Creek.  One hundred sixty-eight family members were in attendance.  Events at the reunion included a tour of local sites by hay wagon, a dinner of roast pork, a family group picture and volleyball, badminton and horseshoes.

Next year's officers were elected including Lois Huffman, president; Jed Hartman, vice-president; Margaret Hartman, Treasurer; and Jennie Hott, historian. Next year's reunion will be held July 24 and 25, 2004 at the pavilion on Smith Creek.  From Pendleton Times, 21 Aug 2003.

Hoover Descendants Meet August 3 for Annual Reunion

The annual Hoover Reunion was held Sunday, August 3.  Next year's reunion will be held at the Harper Picnic area on the first Sunday of August 2003.  From Pendleton Times, 21 Aug 2003.

Bennetts Gather at Fort Seybert

The annual reunion of the Harmon and Martha Nelson Bennett was held Aug 9, at the Ft. Seybert Recreation Center.

Short family stories were shared.  Evelyn Getz is the only remaining child of Harmon and Martha Bennett.  From Pendleton Times, 28 Aug 2003.

Dahmer Descendants Gather Here for Annual Reunion

The Descendants of John and Estella (Dickenson) Dahmer held the annual family reunion Aug. 30 at the Franklin Town Park. Six children are still alive, 5 were in attendance.  From Pendleton Times, 4 Sep 2003.

Annual Homecoming Held at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church

The annual homecoming of the friends and former members of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Dahmer was held Aug 1.  The church was organized in 1885 and ceased to be an active church in 1980.  A preservation society was formed and an annual homecoming has been held each year in August.  Next year's homecoming will be held August 15, 2004.  From Pendleton Times, 4 Sep 2003.

Simmons Family has 18th Reunion

the annual reunion of the Sebaldus Simmons family was held August 9, at the cabin of Gayle and Hester Judy.  Fifty-one people were in attendance.  From Pendleton Times, 4 Sep 2003.

Forty-eighth Waggy Reunion Held at Thorn Spring Park

The 48th annual reunion of the family of William and Martha Moyers Waggy was held August 10 at Thorn Spring Park.  A delicious dinner was served and a brief business meeting was called to order.  With the 50th reunion coming up, ideas are needed.  The next reunion will be held 8 Aug 2004.  From Pendleton Times, 4 Sep 2003.

Hedrick Descendants Hold Annual Reunion at Town Park

The annual reunion of the Harrison and Ida Frances Wimer Hedrick family reunion was held at the Franklin Town Park, Sept. 14.  Thirty-eight people were in attendance.  The reunion will be continued next year.   From Pendleton Times, 25 Sep 2003.

Evick Clan Gathers on Dickenson Mountain

The annual reunion of the descendants of Fred and Edith Evick was held Aug 31 on Dickenson Mountain at the home of Rock and Sheila Evick.

Music was provided by Richard Evick, Brandon Martin and Leroy Whetzel.

The reunion will be continued next year over the Labor Day weekend on Dickenson Mountain. From Pendleton Times, 25 Sep 2003.

Alt and Shreve Families Gather for Reunion

The Andrew and Joanna Shreve family and the family of Jacob and Anna Alt gathered August 31 at Welton Park in Petersburg for a reunion. From Pendleton Times, 9 Oct 2003.

Warner Clan Gathers for Annual Reunion

The third annual reunion of the Grover and Sallie Warner family was held on July 27, 2003 in Riverton at the Clinton Hedrick Community Center.  The reunion was attended by 69 family members, spouses and friends. 

The theme of the program was a celebration of patriotism with those serving or having served in the military specially recognized.  The day was marked by a buffet style luncheon and a WArner family heritage quiz.   From Pendleton Times, 16 Oct 2003.