Genealogy and History books available at the Helvetia Public Library

The Life Story of Myrtle A. Booth-Myrtle A. Booth,Chillicothe, Ohio 1985

Matzener,Metzener Matzner, and Burki Burky

Jimmie and Loren Currence

Casto's & Related families-From their genealogy Collection

The Life and Times of Earl Frank Egleson-An Autobiography

A Family Story-Ernest Favri & Lela McLaughlin

Oral History-Minnie Betler Malcolmb, Mary Huber Marti, Edwin Ramsey

From the Alps to the Appalachians-the desendents of Emmanuel Gottlieb Betler of Helvetia ,West Virginia

Vogel & Fahrner

Johannes Hofer Family

Oral history -Margie Fahrner Daetwyler, Anna Zumbach Daetwyler, Paul Daetwyler, Eugene Daetwyler

One's own Hearth is Like Gold-A History of Helvetia , West Virginia-David H. Sutton

Family Genealogy of Rev. Daniel F. Schroth--Pastor of the Helvetia Church 1882-1885 1890-1898

The Settlement of Brooks Hill/Brooks Hill remembered-James W. Curry

The McAvoy Families of Central West Virginia- A listing of descendants- Compiled by Rogers McAvoy

The Andreggs

Oral history- Ella Karlern Betler

Oral history--Anna Sutton Fischer, Edward A. Sutton, Helen Schneider Sutton

The Life Story of Harry B. Booth--By Myrtle A. Booth

Oral History--Anna McNeal

Oral history--Myrle Bowersack Koerner, Mary Metzner Morris, Genevieve Hofer

Reference books

Bibliography of Swiss Genealogies--Mario Von Moos

History of Switzerland--J. Murray Luck

America Experienced -Eighteenth & Nineteenth century accounts of Swiss immigrants to the United States

Men of Bern- The 1798 Burgerverzeichnisse of Canton Bern, Switzerland-Volumes 1, 2, & 3

Swiss Surnames-A Complete Register--Famileinnamenbuch Der Schweiz--Volumes 1, 2, & 3. A thru Z.

Swiss Colonists in 19 th century America

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