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Doddridge County, West Virginia

County Coordinator is Frances Stewart

Doddridge County, West Virginia

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Located in the County Seat of Doddridge County, the Town of West Union, is the Wall of Honor, dedicated to all of those who have served in the US Armed Forces.  This was a massive undertaking for the County - and it is ongoing for the upkeep of this wonderful memorial.

Many of our Doddridge men signed up for the service - or for re-enlistment - while in other counties. These names were then not listed on the Doddridge records or available to those who worked on the original compilation.

And, sadly, there are other names to be added for the War on Terror already. But - it is a driving force here to honor those, and at some point, the Wall will be updated -

In the meantime, here are a few notes from our Veterans and their families:

My Grand Father Timothy Faulkner was a WWI veteran and my Father William H. Faulkner is a WWII veteran, he is also a Korea and Vietnam veteran as well. He has been actively researching his Army unit and some of his fellow solders. He was one of the first solders on Okinawa, April 1st 1945. He was born in West Union WV. and now lives in Sacramento CA.

William J. Faulkner


Enjoyed looking at the Doddridge Co. Web site. I left there in 1950 to serve in the U.S.Navy and only went back for visits. Going through the roster of service personnel that served in the wars. I would like to mention a couple things. In WW.2 my fathers name was listed as Willard L. Cogar. His name was Wilford L. Cogar. My brothers name, Gail Cogar, is missing. He served in the Army in the Vietnam War.

Kenneth Cogar


I am so thankful that West Union has created the Wall of Honor for those who have & are currently serving our country. However, as the daughter of one of these veterans, I have a request. My father is a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. He is listed as Randall C. Towner which is incorrect. Could you please tell me how I go about having it properly changed to Randy G. Towner? I appreciate your assistance regarding this matter.

T. Towner



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Click on the below for names of our Servicemen and Servicewomen listed on our Wall:

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  Special:  Area Revolutionary War Pensioners List - (pre-Doddridge County) courtesy of Becky Fain

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