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Welcome to Clarksburg
           The Daniel Davisson Chapter NSDAR is located in North Central West Virginia in the City of Clarksburg, county seat of Harrison County.  The City was established on land acquired by Daniel Davisson in 1773, named Clarksburg in 1281 in honor of George Rogers Clark, and incorporated by the General Assembly of Virginia in 1795.
        The city grew rapidly as it was the stop-off point on the western edge of settled territory.  One of the major trails leading west, the Northwestern Turnpike. now called US Route 50, ran through the town.  The area is known for glass manufacturing, oil, gas, coal and timber production.
        Clarksburg is the birthplace of Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson, who is now regarded as one of the greatest American military geniuses of any war.  Other Distinguished Citizens include:  Nathan Goff, Secretary of the Navy under President Hayes, John W. Davis, Ambassador to Great Britain from 1918-1931, and democratic nominee for the president in 1924; Louis A. Johnson, W.S. Secretary of Defense for President Truman and Cyrus R. Vance, Secretary of State under President Carter.
Welcome to DAR
          DAR is about historic preservation, patriotism, and education.  If you are a woman 18 years of age or older, and can prove lineal decent from a patriot of the American Revolution, you are eligible for membership.  For more information about DAR, visit the National Society NSDAR , or the West Virginia Society.  If you are interested in joining Daniel Davisson DAR, or attending one of our meetings, lease contact our registrar, Elizabeth Davis.
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