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Pat Adkins Mon Dec 23 11:32:07 1996
I am looking for information about ALEXANDER SMITH ( son of SAMUEL & MAHALA ? SMITH) ALEXANDER SMITH married JULIANTES HAGER about 1871/72 in Boone Co. I believe. Their daughter ANTHELIA J. SMITH was born in Boone Co. in 1872. They Alexander and Juliantes Smith had two other children, who were they. I am also looking for the parents of SAMUEL SMITH and MAHALA ? SMITH. They were both born about 1810. Any information about any of these people will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Pat from Florida

Monica Nelson Thu Dec 12 20:48:38 1996
I am looking for information on Richard Patan CURTIS b. Abt 1850. He moved to Roane County and married Mary E. VINEYARD. Their first known child was born in Roane County in 1875. The Roane County birth records show that Richard Patan CURTIS was born in Boone County. I have no other information on his life or any relatives before he lived in Roane County. Any help with this will be very appreciated.

Monica Nelson Thu Dec 12 21:16:57 1996
I have found the actual birth date for Richard Patan CURTIS: 16 Sept 1850. He died 19 Feb 1930. I hope this helps find info on this man and his family. Thanks again:)

Susan Hedrick Chaffin Mon Dec 9 17:21:31 1996
Seeking information on WILLIAM WALLACE WORKMAN and his second wife, CHLOE COOK. Ca 1850 I believe them to be in Boone County. William Wallace's father was named JAMES WORKMAN. I am also looking for HOWARD COOK, possibly married to ANNA WORKMAN. Anna may have been the daughter of AMOS WORKMAN and FLORA ANN PERRY, of Bald Knob, Boone Co and Logan, Logan Co. respectively.

Date: December 9, 1996

From: Susan Hedrick Chaffin <>

Subject: WORKMAN.

Seeking the children of AMOS WORKMAN (b 23 Feb 1826) and FLORA ANN PERRY WORKMAN (b. 11 May, 1825.) One daughter, known as ANNA, married a HOWARD COOK and eventually migrated to KS. I will share info!!!!

Date: December 8, 1996

From: Lori McClure <>

Subject: McClure.

I am pretty new at this. I am trying to find my McClure family roots. My grandfather, Hubert McClure married my Grandmother, Parthenia Holly (unsure of spelling on both of her names). At the time of his death (1960) they lived and owned property in Alkol, W.Va. I do believe Alkol is in Boone county.
My Grandparents had several children, the ones I know of for sure are:

Norvel Norse McClure (my father)
Nello (Hubert?) McClure
James McClure
Hassel (or Hassle) McClure
Ernest (or Earnest) McClure
Mary Annajean McClure Green
Annalean McClure (died in a fire as a child).

My priority at this time is to find out who my Grandfather, Hubert McClure's parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc were.
If you have any information you could share with me on this subject I would be so very greatful.

Date: December 4, 1996

From: Ellen Cantley Pauley <>

Subject: Ferrell.

Seeking information on John and Sally Ferrell. Their daughter, Lucinda, married John Myers June 5, 1845 in Kanawha Co. Lucinda died October 8, 1861 in Kanawha County, and her death record shows John and Sally as her parents. They are in the 1860 Kanawha Co. census, apparently two houses from John and Lucinda Myers.

Curt Milton Thu Nov 7 05:45:37 1996
Seeking any information on Edward William PETTRY and his wife Gussie RAINES PETTRY (b. ca. 1893). After their separation, Gussie and sons William and Luther lived at Cabin Creek District, Kanawha Co. at time of 1920 census. Who were their parents? I can't relate them to the published PETTRY family of Coal River area.

Date: November 4, 1996

From: Curt Milton <>

Subject: Walker.

Seeking any information on Edward William PETTRY and his wife Gussie RAINES PETTRY (b. ca. 1893). After their separation, Gussie and sons William and Luther lived at Cabin Creek District, Kanawha Co. at time of 1920 census. Who were their parents? I can't relate them to the published PETTRY family of Coal River area.

david l gwilliams Fri Oct 25 05:57:49 1996
margaret songer daughter of john songer lived in kanawha cty by 1880 census. married henderson bailey in 1881-82. looking for original birth date and place. date of death and place. any other facts about children etc. I am decendent of her first son jacob songer.

Dave Kyle Thu Oct 10 01:57:50 1996
Looking for information on Jesco White for interview and story in the Nashville Scene newspaper.

Greg Bailey Sun Sep 8 09:32:10 1996
I am looking for information on Ellen Wilson (m. Henry Holstein who was born about 1790 in Craigs Creek, Botetourt County, VA and who died in Boone County between 1856 and 1870)

Susie M. Eckerson Fri Aug 23 15:43:54 1996
Searching for parents and/or siblings of Charles L. CLARKE bc 1829, VA, d? married Louise RAINES bc 1839. Son Millard Fillmroe Clarke b 1857 in Rush Creek, VA(WV). Shown in 1860 census of Kanawha County, not found after that. All help much appreciated.

Tom Neal Thu Aug 22 02:31:37 1996
Looking for family census info and vital statistics (birth,death, marriage) on William E. Williams b.1896 W.V., Flossie Vickers b. 1898 W.V., Tolbert Perry b.? W.V.

Jim McCormick Sun Aug 18 16:53:46 1996
Parsons / Kinder I am looking for the family of the Parsons (John and Frances) that had a daughter Agnes (born 1818) that married Henry Kinder (born 1810). I have the Kinder family back to HeneryAEs father John who was the first Kinder in Va. coming from Pa. Any information on John ParsonsAE family will be appreciated. John Kinder first Kinder in Va. (now West Virgina) first shows up in 1860 census of Boone County (W) Va. Wife Mary Holstein is in other sourses listed as Mary Ward. John and Mary's son Henry Kinder b. 1810 m. Arie (or Agnes) Parsons in Kanawha County (W) Va. The Parsons parents are listed as John and Frances Parsons. I have no other information on the Parsons or Holstein families. I have a good bit of information on the Kinder family that I am willing to share, but if anyone has Kinder in the state of PA., Boone or Kanawha (W) Va. I would be interested.

Susie Eckerson Thu Aug 8 10:45:55 1996
Desperately searching for parents of Lucy (Lucinda?) PAULEY b 1828, m ca 1853 to Joseph LAWSON b 1824. Any information about this Lucy Pauley Lawson appreciated.
Jean Aicher Wed Aug 7 14:46:36 1996
Looking for info on John Henry Ryder b.abt 1860 died in 1940's. Also looking for info on the Beverage family around Cloverlick, my grandfather was Renick Beverage. Have some info on the Beverages. My grandmother was Lucy Elizabeth Doyle, daughter of Idella Dinia Tyler and Robert E. Lee Doyle. She was married to Elmer Rider, John White\ John Henry Ryder, & Tilden Carpenter, My father was Lloyd Ryder. I also could use info on Colonel John Baxter and his ansestory. Also Henry Duncan and John Tyler. Lucy Tacy and Randolph Bernard Tacy (Doctor) Thanks for any info, it is greatly appreciated.

Pamela Riffe Sat Aug 3 21:08:34 1996
Looking for death record for Mattison M. Higginbotham, between the years 1870 and 1876, in Boone County, WV. Thanks

Date: August 3, 1996

From: Pam Riffe <>

Subject: Walker.

I am looking for the parents and siblings of Matilda Francis WALKER b 15 April 1884 d 9 Jan. 1949 in Boone Co. WV. She married Melvin Sylvester LOVEJOY b 16 May 1883 d 7 April 1955. Both are buried at the Clark Cemetery in Putnam Co., WV. Melvin was born in Putnam Co. In the 1910 Census they are married and living in Kanawha County, WV. Matilda had two brothers I know, John and Wylie. The children of Melvin and Matilda are; Sarah Ann, Lorena May,( my grandmother, was born in Putnam Co.) Early Pleasant, and Delcie. A daughter Eva died in infancy. Any information greatly appreciated.

Date: August 3, 1996

From: Pam Riffe <>

Subject: Higginbotham/Messer.

I am looking for information on Millard Higginbotham's second wife Linnie or Minnie MESSER born 1886 died 1943. Some records say Linnie and some have her down as Minnie. She was my great grandmother . My mother always called her Minnie. Her tombstone says Linnie. My grandfather , Hubert William Higginbotham was born in Fayette county in 1911. By 1914 they were living in Boone County. Any information on her parents and siblings? All help greatly appreciated. Will share what information I have. 

Date: August 3, 1996

From: Pam Riffe <>

Subject: Higginbotham/Messer.

I am looking for information on Samuel and Rebecca HIGGINBOTHAM. Their known children are Lewis b abt 1834 married Emma?, Mattison b abt 1842 married Cintha Meadows in Boone Co, WV on Oct. 19,1865, and Leroy or Lee F. b May 1855. Living in Boone County,WV in 1870. Cintha also married Lee F. Higginbotham in 1876 in Kanawha Co., WV but they lived in Boone Co. and had their children there. Any information on Samuel and Rebecca and other children? All information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Will share what information that I have. 

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