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Early Newspaper Extracts — J

             Abstracts from early newspaper articles with a connection to Berkeley County, Virginia/West Virginia and what was later referred to as the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Berkeley County was created by an act of the House of Burgesses and formed from the northern third of Frederick County, Virginia, in 1772. On January 8, 1801, Jefferson County was formed from Berkeley County's eastern section, and on February 9, 1820, Morgan County was formed from Berkeley's western section.

          Note: This information was extracted from the newspapers and is only as good as the editors/reporters who wrote the information (i.e., errors in spelling, dates, locations, etc.). Often, it is not the entire article and isn?t always verbatim; all exact wording is within quotation marks. However, all names are exactly as they appeared in the newspapers, even though they may be misspelled. There may be additional information in the newspapers mentioned (although all effort has been made to include all names, dates and locations of those with a connection to the area); it is being offered here to provide a starting point for your research. Please note first names were not always given and exact locations were not always available; for example if there is a city listed here, such as Great Falls, but no state included, then it wasn?t in the newspaper article and couldn?t be determined because there may be more than one city in the U.S. with that name. For cities that are recognizable and in which there is only one, i.e., Baltimore (Maryland), Richmond (Virginia) and the like, the state wasn?t always included ? some of the more recognizable cities and their states are listed at the end for reference. All references to Berkeley County are to West Virginia, not South Carolina (where a Berkeley County also exists) and all references to Martinsburg are for Berkeley County, not any other Martinsburg in the country. For more information on the newspapers, see the newspaper section at the end - note: not all newspapers have additional information; therefore, research is being done to see if these newspapers are available. It is likely they are all available on microfilm at the Library of Congress and many of them through the Family History Center?s microfilm library.

          If there is no date given in the description of the events, one cannot automatically assume the event occurred the same date as that of the newspaper entry. Often, the newspaper article will say last Tuesday, today, yesterday or other words that can indicate the date, based on the date of the newspaper entry. Other times, it will just have to be presumed the event occurred within a short time of the newspaper entry. All dates given after the abbreviations for the newspaper are the dates of appearance in the paper, not the event date. If there is a question mark in parentheses following a name or location, it means the copy was so poor it was difficult to read; the best interpretation of the characters is included. Please also note some of the information in the transcriptions may be ?distasteful? to some readers (explanation of injuries suffered in an accident) and can occasionally be ?politically incorrect,? but since it is history, it is being presented here in that light.

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    • JACK, C.D., who for 10 years was a constable, became a JP today in Martinsburg. He was named by the Berkeley county court to succeed C. Ward NICKLAN, who died several weeks ago — CDM 17 Nov 1938.

    • JACK, Charles D. — see FOWLER, Grover C., 18 Jan 1937.

    • JACK, Charles Denton, 58, in law enforcement work since 1921, died at his home Monday after a brief illness. He was the Republican nominee to succeed himself as justice of the peace at the November 5 election. Funeral services are scheduled for Wednesday — CDM 1 Oct 1940.

    • JACK, James, one of the first white children born in this area and who lived in Potomac of Berkeley County, died last Tuesday. He "employed himself in cultivating the then wild woods and raised a respectable family; his desire was to be buried on the same plantation where he was born 61 years ago — PGBA 14 Jan 1796.

    • JACKSON, Andrew C. — see ADAMS, Ella Josephine, 7 Oct 1909.

    • JACKSON, C.L., Martinsburg, was appointed grand senior warden at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows 75th annual session at Welch, West Virginia — CDM 5 Jun 1940.

    • JACKSON, Phillip — see CONLEY, A.J., 26 Sep 1904.

    • JACKSON, Richard, the stone breaker at Baker Bros. lime kiln who was burned when an accident occurred, is expected to make a recovery and was not fatally injured as reported in this newspaper yesterday. The accident happened last week when JACKSON was filling the kilns and the top caved in, carrying him in where he was caught and had burns up to his knees — NEWS 28 May 1889.

    • JACKSON, Thomas, 19-year-old apprentice to Robert CREIGHTON, Martinsburg, ran away — PGBA 14 Nov 1791.

    • JACKSON, William - see CONLEY, A.J., 26 Sep 1904.

    • JACOB, James – see METZ, David W., 24 Jun 1936.

    • JACOBS, Miss Amelia Virginia of Martinsburg and Martin Luther BOPP of Williamsport were married in Hagerstown, Maryland, yesterday by the Rev. D. Victor LONG, of the Church of the Brethren — WP 29 Jan 1911.

    • JACOBS, David — see JACOBS, Mrs. Mollie, 28 Sep 1911.

    • JACOBS, Mrs. Mollie, wife of David JACOBS, died in Martinsburg this morning. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Sue ENGLEBRECHT of Baltimore, Maryland, and Mrs. George PHEBUS of Frederick, Maryland; and three brothers, Joshua YOUNG of Springfield, Ohio, and George W. and William YOUNG. The funeral will take place on the 2:25 o’clock train over the B&O railroad and interment will be at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, Maryland. F. Obenderfer & Sons are in charge of arrangements — EP 28 Sep 1911.

    • JACOBS, Miss Gertrude Gilbert, daughter of J.C. JACOBS of Winchester, Virginia, was married June 28 at her home to Clyde HAULMAN of Martinsburg. The Rev. George S. BOWERS, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, officiated. The best man was Stewart JACOBS of Washington, D.C., brother of the bride, and bridesmaids were Misses Sarah CUTHBERT of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Mamie PINGLEY of Winchester — WP 29 Jun 1905.

    • JACOBS, J.C. — see JACOBS, Miss Gertrude Gilbert, 29 Jun 1905.

    • JACOBS, Stewart — see JACOBS, Miss Gertrude Gilbert, 29 Jun 1905.

    • JACQUES, Alice Evelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. JACQUES of Hedgesville, Berkeley County, and Samuel L. DODD, an employee of B&O railroad near Martinsburg, were married yesterday evening at the home of the bride's brother, Frank JACQUES of Martinsburg. Dr. J.T. McBRYDE of Hedgesville Presbyterian Church officiated — WP 17 Sep 1909.

    • JACQUES, Frank — see JACQUES, Alice Evelyn, 17 Sep 1909.

    • JACQUES, John Edward, 65-year-old manufacturing company employee and former chief of police of Martinsburg, died — 28 Aug 1939.

    • JACQUES, R.A. — see JACQUES, Alice Evelyn, 17 Sep 1909.

    • JAMES, Craven — see POISAL, C.W., 7 Jun 1933.

    • JAMES, William R., Pfc. of Hedgesville was among the first contingent of wounded veterans arriving at the army’s new Newton D. Baker veterans hospital in Martinsburg — CDM 1 Feb 1944.

    • JAMISON, John — see PRY, Richard, 27 Oct 1796.

    • JANE, Mr. and Mrs. Guy, of Martinsburg, has reported a certified Shetland pony belonging to their five sons died yesterday at the age of 48. Members of the family said the animal was “at least 48 if not a year or two older,” explaining it had been in the family for more than 20 years and was 25 years old when purchased from J.H. LEWIS of Berkeley County — CDM 4 Aug 1944.

    • JARBOE, Mrs. Eugene — see HODGES, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 5 Oct 1911.

    • JARBOE, Miss Ida — see HODGES, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 5 Oct 1911.

    • JARBOE, Samuel — see GITTINGER, Mrs. Maria Louise, 2 Oct 1911.

    • JARRETT, Mrs. Edwin — see EMMERT, Mrs. Howard, 16 Apr 1942.

    • JEFFORDS, Tracey L. — see STUCKEY, Charles W., 14 Aug 1910.

    • JEFFERDS, Tracy L. — see WOODS, Judge John Mitchell, 11 Mar 1925.

    • JENKINS, Elmer, of Martinsburg, fell yesterday while trying to get off a freight train at Harpers Ferry and had both feet crushed and his head and one leg badly cut — WP 25 Feb 1910.

    • JENKINS, Mrs. Emma was killed yesterday when Tony SEXOR, a laborer of Quarry, near Martinsburg, fired a gun, striking the woman in the head. County prosecutor Charles G. GAIN said a murder charge would be placed against SEXOR, who “was apparently jealous” when he saw Bert FRANKENBERRY, a friend of Mrs. JENKINS, talking with her on the porch of her home. They quarreled and it was said SEXOR went home to get his gun. The pair followed him to his house in an effort to dissuade him from getting the gun. Instead, SEXOR fire through the door, hitting Mrs. JENKINS. Both men are in jail, but GAINS said FRANKENBERRY would “only be charged with a minor offense, if at all” — CDM 6 Sep 1937.

    • JENKINS, Everett W., 28, and Mary E. MILLS, 21 (?), both of Martinsburg were issued a marriage license in Frederick, Maryland — FP 19 Oct 1928.

    • JENKINS, Mrs. Frank and daughter of Martinsburg, are the guests of relatives in Cumberland, Maryland — ET 3 Jun 1909.

    • JENKINS, Mrs. Marian — see JENKINS, Miss Mildred B., 15 Jan and 27 Jan 1927.

    • JENKINS, Miss Mildred B., daughter of Mrs. Marian JENKINS, Martinsburg, and Harvey E. DRAIS, son of Mrs. Laura V. DRAIS, Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg, were “quietly” married at the home of the bride Tuesday, January 9. They will make their home in Gettysburg where Mr. DRAIS is employed as salesman and claim-man for the Chase Nursery Company of Geneva, New York — GT 15 Jan 1927 and GC 27 Jan 1917.

    • JENNINGS, Mrs. Charles — see HASSON, Mrs. George, 20 Sep 1913.

    • JENNINGS, Conductor (no first name listed) — see KENNEY, Conductor, 8 Apr 1906.

    • JOE, John — see CLARK, Joe, 25 Oct 1904.

    • JOHN, B.W. — see HAMMOND, W.S., 11 Oct 1932.

    • JOHN, Samuel — see FINLEY, John, 28 Jan 1796/18 Feb 1796.

    • JOHN, William — see LAPPIN, Isaac, 3 Sep 1792.

    • JOHNSON, Albert of Martinsburg sued a feed company, claiming the death of one of his cows was caused by horseshoe nails, pieces of wire and chunks of iron in the feed. A verdict of $132 was handed down in magistrate's court, but the plaintiff has appealed — CDM 19 Oct 1930.

    • JOHNSON, Brent — see TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, 1 Mar 1926.

    • JOHNSON, C.C. — see WALLACE, Dr. William A., 11 Dec 1930.

    • JOHNSON, Charles, a clerk in a store at Martinsburg, was robbed of several suits of clothing, a watch and $12 in cash, and deputies in Frederick, Maryland, have been searching for proof that Clarence RUNKLES of that city had committed the robbery. The stolen goods are required before Mr. RUNKLES, who is being held in Martinsburg, can be brought to trial. He was brought to that city by Constable J.L. BROY of Berkeley County. On Monday, Deputy Sheriff Robert L. CRAMER spent the day at Braddock, Maryland, following up on a clue which he thought would lead to the recovery of the clothing. Deputy DEETER, also working the case, searched the lodging place of RUNKLES, who stayed for just a short time in Frederic; under the floor of the garret, two suits of clothing, an extra pair of trousers, a pair of shoes and a watch, all identified as the property of JOHNSON, were found and subsequently sent to Martinsburg for evidence at the trial — EP 14 May 1913.

    • JOHNSON, Mrs. David has returned to Martinsburg after spending a week with her husband’s mother, Mrs. James COLEMAN, Middleburg, Maryland — FP 31 Aug 1927.

    • JOHNSON, Fannie — see RHODES, Frank, 10 Oct 1895.

    • JOHNSON, Mrs. Fay, Martinsburg, was one of the members present at the state parole board session, which ended today in Moundsville, West Virginia — CDM 13 Jun 1934.

    • JOHNSON, Garfield — see DAILEY, Chris H., 2 Jul 1932.

    • JOHNSON, Garland — see SMITH, Clyde E., 7 Jun 1938.

    • JOHNSON, George and Miss Vera BARBEHENN, of Martinsburg, were recent visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George BARBEHENN, near Orrtanna, Pennsylvania — see S&S 30 Sep 1933.

    • JOHNSON, George Adison — see DUTROW, Miss Ada Kaufman, 6 Oct 1917.

    • JOHNSON, Hazel — see PAYTON, Monroe S. — WP 15 Mar 1922.

    • JOHNSON, Ida — see SIGLER, Donald, 8 Apr 1940.

    • JOHNSON, J.K., Martinsburg, paid a fine of $10 and costs before Justice of the Peace STRALEY for speeding at 61 mph near New Oxford, Pennsylvania — GC 5 Jun 1937.

    • JOHNSON, Jack, 23, of Martinsburg, was found in Fairmont in a nearly unconscious condition and identified him as an escaped inmate of the Lakin State Hospital — CDM 3 Apr 1937.

    • JOHNSON, John — see SHROPSHIRE, James, 4 Aug 1796.

    • JOHNSON, John — see JOHNSON, William, 18 Jan 1914.

    • JOHNSON, K. Brent — see SMITH, Clyde E., 7 Jun 1938.

    • JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Lester of Snyders (Morgan County), were robbed of about $200 in savings when a man posed as a census enumerator to gain entrance to their home. Mrs. JOHNSON said the man questioned her and asked if she had any money. When she hesitated, he drew a gun and ransacked the house — CDM 2 Feb 1940.

    • JOHNSON, Otis — see SNYDER, Miss Ida, 29 May 1910.

    • JOHNSON, Powell — see BARRETT, Luther, 23 Jan/31 Jan 1930.

    • JOHNSON, Robert — see SMITH, Clyde E., 7 Jun 1938.

    • JOHNSON, Samuel, 65, was caught under a fall of hot soot, cement and water at a cement plant in Martinsburg and died of the burns he suffered — CDM 7 Nov 1930.

    • JOHNSON, Shirly — see CONLEY, A.J., 26 Sep 1904.

    • JOHNSON, Vernon E. — see CROSS, John W., 10 Dec 1915.

    • JOHNSON, Vernon E., Berkeley Springs, was elected president of the West Virginia George Washington Foundation association at the meeting held Monday at the Charleston Women’s Club. Other new officers are Miss Sue SNODGRASS, Martinsburg, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Anita Buchanan SPEER, Berkeley Springs, recording secretary — CDM 30 Apr 1934.

    • JOHNSON, Mrs. W.A. — see NADENBOUSCH, Mrs. Margaret WILEN, 14 Oct 1932.

    • JOHNSON, William, indicted for the murder of John JOHNSON in Martinsburg last August, pleaded guilty in the circuit court at Martinsburg to murder in the third degree and was sentenced to the penitentiary for one year. William HUBBARD was given a year in the penitentiary for stabbing Noah GREEN, and Harry QUIRK was sentenced to jail for nine months for shooting at Warren ZILER — WP 18 Jan 1914.

    • JOHNSON, William M., Republican, was permitted to qualify as a member of the Berkeley County court for a six-year term by a 2-1 vote, one of them his own — CDM 24 Jun 1933.

    • JOHNSON, William M., a former member of the Berkeley county court, was appointed custodian of the courthouse — CDM 12 Jan 1939.

    • JOHNSON, William Mayberry, 70, former member of the Berkeley County court and one of the principals in an old election controversy in 1932, had a heart attack and died on the steps of the courthouse basement yesterday — CDM 19 Apr 1944.

    • JOLLIFFE, John — see MORISON, Miss Lucy, 22 Feb 1917.

    • JOLLIFFE, William S. — see SPILLMAN, Miss Ella Irene, 29 Jan 1905.

    • JONES, Mrs. Alice — see MICHAEL, Mrs. D. Jerome, 13 Feb 1911.

    • JONES, Mrs. Annie — see HARLEY, William M., 13 Sep 1911.

    • JONES, Armstrong — see WELSHANS, Sarah S., 25 Aug 1905.

    • JONES, C. Frank, Dr., native of Martinsburg, died in Baltimore after a few months illness. One-time coroner and former health warden, he is survived by a brother, David H. JONES of Clarksburg, West Virginia – CDM 28 May 1940.

    • JONES, D.W., Dr., formerly of Hagerstown, Maryland, has moved to Martinsburg and established the Botanic Medical House on German Street, between Main and Race — WP 28 Apr 1869.

    • JONES, Daniel — see EDMONDS, Mrs. Sarah M., 1 Apr 1868.

    • JONES, Miss Dorothy L., of Martinsburg, 15th district, is included in the court of the forest festival, where Miss Margaret STRALEY of Ripley will be queen and attended by two maids of honor and 25 princesses, all of whom have been appointed by West Virginia representatives in the federal congress and state officials — CDM 26 Oct 1930.

    • JONES, Earl, a brakeman, dragged Mrs. Alexander WALTERS, Mrs. William SPILLMAN and the latter's little daughter "from certain death beneath the wheels of the engine" after plunging in front of a B&O passenger train at Hancock Station yesterday morning. Unconscious of the approach of the passenger train, the women, who live near Hancock, were walking along the track when the train, which does not stop at Hancock, rounded the curve to the west and bore down on them. Cries of warning from people nearby were not heard over the rush of the train. Brakeman JONES realized the peril of the women, jumped from his train and succeeded in reaching the women and child in time to push them from the tracks. The pilot of the engine struck JONES lightly on the back as the train swept past — WP 22 Nov 1913.

    • JONES, Layne, taxicab driver of Harpers Ferry, had charges dropped yesterday in Martinsburg by Judge BAKER because BAKER said he was opposed to the method used by a number of prohibition agents in carrying out their work. The judge dismissed the case against JONES, who, at the request of a government agent, had driven from West Virginia into Maryland to procure liquor for the agent. This case puts pressure on federal prohibition agents who induce innocent people to violate the Volstead Act merely to make an arrest — WP 21 Sep 1924.

    • JONES, M.L. of Martinsburg is a vice president of the newly organized watch inspectors' association of the United States and Canada, which met yesterday in Hagerstown, Maryland. The purpose of the organization is to combine all branches of railroad watch inspection — WP 24 Feb 1909.

    • JONES, W.L., 84, pioneer jeweler and businessman in Martinsburg, died at his home there today after a three-year illness. A Virginian by birth, he was one of the organizers of the West Virginia Retail Jewelers association and for years was its secretary-treasurer and president. Funeral services will be in Martinsburg tomorrow afternoon, with burial in that city — CDM 4 Aug 1934.

    • JONES, William T., on trial in Berkeley Springs for shooting and killing Morris Van GOSEN at Hancock Station several weeks ago, was found guilty of murder in the first degree yesterday and was sentenced to life imprisonment. JONES admitted the crime on the witness stand, but said he was after a man named BARNES, who had induced his (Jones') wife to go away with him and, that in the dark, he mistook Van GOSEN as BARNES — WP 7 Sep 1907.

    • JORDAN, Charles E., a farmer near Martinsburg, was killed July 11 when he was thrown by the horse he was riding. He was dead when he was found — WP 13 Jul 1906.

    • JORDAN, Mrs. Eva (LIVERS), of Basic, Virginia, and the sister of Mrs. H.P. THORN and Leo LIVERS, both of Martinsburg, died on Tuesday evening from a lingering illness. Originally from Gettysburg, she was 38. In addition to her sister, she is survived by her husband, Louis JORDAN, and one son, James JORDAN; her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John A. LIVERS of Grottoes, Virginia; and other siblings, Mrs. Fred ANDERSON of Winchester, Virginia; John LIVERS of Charlottesville, Virginia; and Charles LIVERS of Grottoes. Funeral services were Thursday, with interment at Waynesboro, Virginia — GC 27 May 1922.

    • JOSEPH, David — see FINE, S., 9 May 1937.

    • JOSEPH, Elizabeth Ann, 18 months, of Martinsburg, was killed when a truck backed over her as it was leaving a parking lot at Brandywine (Note: it is not clear if this is a street or town name). The driver was exonerated — CDM 21 Aug 1938.

    • JUDD, Albert, a Western Maryland Railroad conductor living in Hagerstown, has been missing for several days. A few days ago he went to Baltimore and drew his salary from the railroad company. Since then, his relatives have heard nothing from him and the house he occupied in Hagerstown is closed. His wife and three children went to Martinsburg where Mrs. JUDD lived before her marriage — WP 8 Jul 1906.

    • JUDD, Hilda C. — see MARTIN, Paul Buxton, 20 Feb 1944.

    • JUDY, Ida M. — see SAMPSELL, W.H., 27 Mar 1905.

    • JULIUS, John purchased the E.C. Shepherd drug store in Martinsburg on Friday, making the close of an era — it has been a drugstore for 55 years. The price is said to have been $20,000 — FP 30 Aug 1927.

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      Abbreviations used in newspaper extracts:
      AAS — American Antiquarian Society
      abt. — about
      dec'd — deceased
      Esq. — Esquire
      I.O.O.F — International Order of Odd Fellows
      LC — Library of Congress
      NYPL — New York Public Library
      VHS — Virginia Historical Society
      VP — vice president
      VSL — Virginia State Library

      Newspapers (and Bibliography):
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      AS — Adams Sentinel, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
      BDT — Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, West Virginia
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      CDM — The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, Virginia
      CM — Charleston Mail, Charleston, Virginia
      CMPA — Charleroi Mail, Charleroi, Pennsylvania
      CMAG — The Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette, 1792-1800; covers the Alexandria area including Fairfax and Loudon counties. Major collections are at Harvard and LC (microfilm covering 18 Dec 1793 to 6 Dec 1800 is available)
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      DG — The Daily Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana
      DGB — Daily Gazette & Bulletin, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
      DJ — Denton Journal, Denton, Maryland
      DN — Daily News, Frederick, Maryland
      EP — Evening Post, Frederick, Maryland
      FD — Fayetteville Democrat, Fayetteville, Arkansas
      FP — Frederick Post, Frederick, Maryland
      FWJG — Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana
      FWN — Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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      GT — Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
      HTL — The Herald and Torch Light, Hagerstown, Maryland
      IEG — Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, Pennsylvania
      IM — Indiana Messenger, Indiana, Pennsylvania
      IP — Indiana Progress, Indiana, Pennsylvania
      IO — The Impartial Observer, Shepherdstown, 1797; the only issues known are at Harvard; microfilm is available at the University of West Virginia, West Virginia Archives, and VSL
      KG — The Kentucky Gazette, Lexington, 1787 +; covers the entire state of Kentucky and parts of Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. Major collections are at the Lexington Public Library, University of Chicago, LC, AAS, and Harvard
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      NOI — New Oxford Item, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
      PG — See PGBA
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      VGWeA — The Virginia Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, Richmond, 1781-1797; covers the entire state, especially New Kent, Princess Anne, James City, Henrico, Spotsylvania and Chesterfield counties and the city of Richmond. Major collection are William and Mary, LC, Harvard, VSL, AAS, and VHS. VHS has microfilm of issues at LC, Harvard, AAS and William and Mary; VSL has microfilm covering issues 1781-1797; University has microfilms 1787-1789
      VJAA — The Virginia Journal and Alexandria Advertiser, Alexandria, 1784-1789' covers the Alexandria area including Berkeley, Fairfax and Loudon counties, but may include information from Richmond, Powhatan, and Prince William counties. Major collections are at AAS and the Missouri Historical Society; a microfilm covering the known issues is available
      WG — Winchester Gazette (see BVCG)
      WN — Weekly News, Frederick, Maryland
      WP — Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

      Some City/State or County/State Locations:
      Baltimore, Maryland
      Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland
      Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland
      Charles Town/Charlestown, Berkeley County, West Virginia
      Gerrardstown, Berkeley County, West Virginia
      Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania
      Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia
      Rockbridge County, Alexandria, Virginia
      Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
      Washington is Washington, D.C.

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