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Early Newspaper Extracts — A

             Abstracts from early newspaper articles with a connection to Berkeley County, Virginia/West Virginia and what was later referred to as the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Berkeley County was created by an act of the House of Burgesses and formed from the northern third of Frederick County, Virginia, in 1772. On January 8, 1801, Jefferson County was formed from Berkeley County's eastern section, and on February 9, 1820, Morgan County was formed from Berkeley's western section.

          Note: This information was extracted from the newspapers and is only as good as the editors/reporters who wrote the information (i.e., errors in spelling, dates, locations, etc.). Often, it is not the entire article and isn't always verbatim; all exact wording is within quotation marks. However, all names are exactly as they appeared in the newspapers, even though they may be misspelled. There may be additional information in the newspapers mentioned (although all effort has been made to include all names, dates and locations of those with a connection to the area); it is being offered here to provide a starting point for your research. Please note first names were not always given and exact locations were not always available; for example if there is a city listed here, such as Great Falls, but no state included, then it wasn't in the newspaper article and couldn't be determined because there may be more than one city in the U.S. with that name. For cities that are recognizable and in which there is only one, i.e., Baltimore (Maryland), Richmond (Virginia) and the like, the state wasn't always included — some of the more recognizable cities and their states are listed at the end for reference. All references to Berkeley County are to West Virginia, not South Carolina (where a Berkeley County also exists) and all references to Martinsburg are for Berkeley County, not any other Martinsburg in the country. For more information on the newspapers, see the newspaper section at the end - note: not all newspapers have additional information; therefore, research is being done to see if these newspapers are available. It is likely they are all available on microfilm at the Library of Congress and many of them through the Family History Center's microfilm library.

          If there is no date given in the description of the events, one cannot automatically assume the event occurred the same date as that of the newspaper entry. Often, the newspaper article will say last Tuesday, today, yesterday or other words that can indicate the date, based on the date of the newspaper entry. Other times, it will just have to be presumed the event occurred within a short time of the newspaper entry. All dates given after the abbreviations for the newspaper are the dates of appearance in the paper, not the event date. If there is a question mark in parentheses following a name or location, it means the copy was so poor it was difficult to read; the best interpretation of the characters is included. Please also note some of the information in the transcriptions may be 'distasteful' to some readers (explanation of injuries suffered in an accident) and can occasionally be 'politically incorrect,' but since it is history, it is being presented here in that light.

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    • ABEL, Mabel — see SIMPSON, Harry, 14 Sep 1913.

    • ABELL, Mr. John N., a prominent citizen of Berkeley County, committed suicide yesterday morning. His family found him at an early hour hanging to a closet door in his room. "He has for years been living a retired life, and was in good circumstances financially, but was broken in life." For years he was president of the Old National Bank of Martinsburg, a position he resigned from about 15 years ago. He leaves an estate of about $40,000 and is survived by his wife and four children — WP 10 May 1905.

    • ADAMS, Anna — see ADAMS, Ella Josephine, 7 Oct 1909.

    • ADAMS, Miss Anna C. and Charles Walter KETTERING, both of Martinsburg, were married at St. Paul's United Brethren parsonage in Hagerstown, Maryland, on June 27 by the Rev. Dr. A.B. STRATTON — WP 29 Jun 1913.

    • ADAMS, Mrs. Annie — see ADAMS, John, 19 Jul 1942.

    • ADAMS, Charles, a well-known carpenter in the Martinsburg area, fell about 20 feet from a scaffold while at work on the new elevator at Kearneysville on Saturday and, having landed on his head, was killed instantly. A member of the order of A.O.U.W., he is survived by a widow and three children. His remains were taken to near Halltown, West Virginia, were he will be buried — ET 5 Apr 1905.

    • ADAMS, Ella Josephine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William ADAMS, Martinsburg, and Andrew C. JACKSON of Great Falls, Virginia, were married yesterday afternoon at the home of the bride, with the Rev. John S. DOUGLAS, rector of the Trinity Episcopal Church officiating. Anna ADAMS, the bride's sister, was bridesmaid and Crown DIEHL of Hancock, Maryland, was the best man. A reception was held following the ceremony and then the couple left for a honeymoon to "points East." They will live at Great Falls — WP 7 Oct 1909.

    • ADAMS, George P., B&O conductor from Martinsburg, will move his family to Brunswick, Maryland. Conductor ADAMS has a passenger run on the Hagerstown, Maryland Branch — EP 27 Mar 1912.

    • ADAMS, Miss Gwen of Martinsburg, senior at Duke university at Durham, North Carolina, has been selected by Alfred LUNT and Lynne FONTAINE, stage stars, as the most beautiful girl in the university. She had previously been selected as May Queen by her fellow students — CDM 8 Apr 1939.

    • ADAMS, John, 14-year-old orphan who lived with his grandmother, Mrs. Annie ADAMS at Berkeley Springs, died in Martinsburg today of lockjaw, from an infection caused by a splinter in his foot — CDM 19 Jul 1942.

    • ADAMS, Miss Nell, 32, graduate nurse, died at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, after she became ill on a motor trip from Martinsburg to Florida — CDM 7 Mar 1938.

    • ADAMS, Shell — see KERSEY, James, 12 Sep 1902.

    • ADAMSON, Mrs. Ada Colbert, a native of Martinsburg and former member of the Marshall and Shepherd college facilities, died yesterday in Philadelphia — CDM 18 Sep 1942.

    • ADKINS, William, soldier, American born, visited his father in Berkeley County. He deserted from Captain Joseph Brock's Company, 3rd US (Reg't), Winchester, Virginia — BVCG 30 Jul 1792.

    • AHL, Peter, Hessian; a long letter from Charles H. SWANGEL, Frederick County, denouncing him and giving biographical information — BVCG 14 Oct 1793.

    • AIKENS, Mrs. Agnes E., Rt. 2, Martinsburg, has been notified by the war department that her son, Pfc. George D. AIKENS, has been wounded in action in the European theater — CDM 5 Feb 1945.

    • AIKENS, Frances — see BOYD, John A., 19 Oct 1929.

    • AIKENS, George D., Pfc. — see AIKENS, Mrs. Agnes E., 5 Feb 1945.

    • AILES, Ann — see SHIPPER, Mrs. J.H.M., 6 Jun 1937.

    • AILES, Mrs. Eugene, of Martinsburg visited her mother, Mrs. W.D. LEWIS, of Broad Street, Charleston — CDM 17 Oct 1940.

    • AILES, Eugene Elliott — see AILES, John Cornwell, 26 May 1942.

    • AILES, Eugene Elliott — see AILES, John Cornwell, Lieutenant, 9 Jun 1942.

    • AILES, John C. — see SHIPPER, Mrs. J.H.M., 6 Jun 1937.

    • AILES, John C., Martinsburg, was one of 13 successful West Virginia candidates (of 28) to pass the examination to practice law — CDM 15 Sep 1940.

    • AILES, John Cornwell, of Martinsburg, and Miss Ann Elizabeth YOKE of Parkersburg, West Virginia, have announced their engagement and upcoming summer wedding. He is the son of Mrs. Sallie C. AILES of Martinsburg and the late Eugene Elliott AILES and the grandson of John CORNWELL, former governor of West Virginia and counsel for the B&O railroad. He attended Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia and Princeton University and received his degree of law from West Virginia University. After graduation, Mr. AILES served as a member of the West Virginia Law Quarterly board and worked in the claims department of the B&O railroad. In April 1941 he enlisted in the U.S. army and spent six months in Alaska. He is now top sergeant and will be commissioned when he completes his work at the officers’ training school at Fort Benning, Georgia. Miss YOKE, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Roy YOKE of Parkersburg, is a provisional member of the Parkersburg Junior League. She graduated from Parkersburg High School and attended Mountain State College before studying three years at West Virginia University. She is employed in the accounting department of the Monongahela West Penn Co. Her father is collector of the internal revenue department of West Virginia and state administrator for the war bond program. The family moved to Parkersburg nine years ago from Morgantown, West Virginia — CDM 26 May 1942.

    • AILES, John Cornwell, Lieutenant, of Martinsburg and Miss Elizabeth Ann YOKE were married Monday morning at the First Lutheran Church in Parkersburg, with the Rev. David E. KINSLER officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Roy YOKE of Parkersburg and the groom is the son of Mrs. Sallie C. AILES of Martinsburg and the late Eugene Elliott AILES. Mrs. Ira EYLER of Martinsburg, sister of the groom, was the matron of honor and Granville SMITH of Martinsburg was best man. The couple left for an eastern wedding trip and will later go to Colorado Springs where Lieutenant AILES will be stationed. The groom received his commission as second lieutenant Friday at the completion of officers’ training school, Fort Benning, Georgia — CDM 9 Jun 1942.

    • AILES, Mrs. Sallie C. — see AILES, John Cornwell, 26 May 1942.

    • AILES, Sallie C. — see AILES, Lieutenant John Cornwell, 9 Jun 1942.

    • AILES, Stephen B. — see SHIPPER, Mrs. J.H.M., 6 Jun 1937.

    • AINSWORTH, William — see HESS, Balser, 11 Oct 1797.

    • AIREY, Harry G. — see AIREY, William J., 22 Mar 1912.

    • AIREY, W.H. — see AIREY, William J., 22 Mar 1912.

    • AIREY, William J., of Martinsburg, son of W.H. AIREY of Terrace Street, was picked up last night about 2:30 o’clock along the B&O Railroad between Shenandoah Junction and Duffields. He was unconscious and was brought to Martinsburg on passenger train No. 3 and taken to the King’s Daughters Hospital where it was discovered he sustained severe internal injuries, and such severe injuries to one of his legs that it had to be amputated below the knee. Dr. HENSHAW performed the operation. AIREY could give no explanation about how he was injured, what he was doing in the neighborhood where he was found, or where he was going, saying he had “no recollection of the circumstances.” It is presumed he was struck by a B&O train or fell off the one he was riding. His brother, Harry G. AIREY of Frederick, Maryland, received a telegram yesterday of his brother’s accident — EP 22 Mar 1912.

    • AKERS, J.A. and wife, of Bluefield, West Virginia, and D.W. SCHAFFER of Martinsburg are staying at the Riggs Hotel in Washington, D.C. — WP 26 Jan 1911.

    • ALBEN, Miss Willie Louise, daughter of M.D. ALBIN of Winchester, Virginia, was married yesterday in Martinsburg to Ernest M. SUDDITH of Stephon City. The Rev. W.F. LOCKE officiated — WP 16 Oct 1910. (Note — Two different name spellings for the bride and her father; it is unknown which is correct. Also, the town listed for Mr. SUDDITH cannot be found — a spelling error, perhaps?)

    • ALBERT, Mrs. Clara – see DAVIS, Mrs. Grace L., 2 Jun 1928.

    • ALBRIGHT, Howard W., 22, and Martha W. SINE, 21, both of Martinsburg, were issued a marriage license in Frederick, Maryland — FP 27 Mar 1930.

    • ALBRIGHT, Lyle B., Pfc. — see ALBRIGHT, Mrs. Yvonne B., 30 Mar 1945.

    • ALBRIGHT, Nellie Jane — see DOWNS, Harris A., 23 Jun 1910.

    • ALBRIGHT, Mrs. Yvonne B., Martinsburg, has been notified by the Army that her husband, Pfc. Lyle B. ALBRIGHT, has been wounded in action in the Pacific Region — CDM 30 Mar 1945.

    • ALBURTIS, Louise — see MATTINGLY, John Fletcher, 12 Apr 1910.

    • ALBURTIS, O.H. and Emma RITTER, both of Martinsburg, were married by the Rev. George E. ZEHNER on Wednesday, August 29th at the Evangelical parsonage in Hagerstown, Maryland — HTL 6 Sep 1888.

    • ALDERTON, Leo, Robert BOWMAN and E.E. BUTTS, all of Martinsburg, have driver's license revocation hearings set for May 10 — CDM 4 May 1930.

    • ALDRIDGE, James H., 81, retired B&O railroad shop foreman, died recently in a Chicago hospital and funeral services were held in Martinsburg on Tuesday — CDM 24 Jan 1940.

    • ALER, F. Vernon, editor of the Martinsburg World, was "violently assaulted" in front of the Continental Hotel in Martinsburg by William T. STEWART. George L. SENCINDIVER, Stephen CUNNINGHAM and ALER were walking down the street when STEWART hailed ALER, using some "vile epithets." ALER started to move on when STEWART struck him a blow behind the left ear. This stunned the former, who hardly realized anything until after they were separated by bystanders. After striking from behind ALER's back, STEWART grabbed his left arm and continued striking him in the face until they were separated. The former was "helpless as a child." STEWART was arrested and fined $8.50 — HTL 1 Jun 1893.

    • ALER, Robert F. Vernon — see THOMPSON, James Furlong, 12 May 1913.

    • ALER, F. Vernon, former attorney in Martinsburg and recently a promoter of several industrial projects, and his wife have been “adjudged” in a voluntary bankruptcy in federal court — CDM 24 Jul 1930.

    • ALEXANDER, Archibald, deceased. John McCLUNG and William ALEXANDER, his executors, will sell his plant in Rockbridge County — BVCG 17 Sep 1792.

    • ALEXANDER, H.A. — see ZIRKLE, John H., 17 Aug 1930.

    • ALEXANDER, Herbert Lee of Martinsburg and Ida May BARR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. BARR of Washington, D.C. have announced their engagement. The wedding is scheduled to take place in June - WP 26 Apr 1908. Mr. and Mrs. BARR have cards out for the wedding reception of their daughter scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, at 8:30 p.m. The wedding, which will take place at the bride's home, will include only the immediate families, a few intimate friends and the Sunday-school class of the bride. Margaret BARR, sister of the bride, will be maid of honor and Mrs. R.H. BOYD of Martinsburg will be matron of honor. There will be six ribbon bearers — Almeda Barr, sister of the bride; Mary Alexander, sister of the bridegroom; Miss Elizabeth DONN, Miss Dubois and Miss Sarah DOOLITTLE, all of Washington, D.C.; and May BARR, a cousin of the bride, Hagerstown, Maryland. William Fontaine ALEXANDER, Charlestown, brother of the groom, will be best man — WP 31 May 1908.

    • ALEXANDER, Mrs. Herbert Lee of Martinsburg attended a dinner last evening at the Wyoming in Washington, D.C. held by Mr. and Mrs. Lester Arlington BARR for the bridal party of their daughter, Miss Margaret BARR and Dr. William Starr MYERS of Princeton, New Jersey. The wedding, of which Mrs. ALEXANDER will be the matron of honor, will take place this evening. "The bride wore a gown of chantilly lace over charmeuse satin, and a tulle veil caught with orange blossoms. She carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley and roses." Mrs. Alexander wore "her own wedding gown of white satin, trimmed with duchesse lace" — WP 8 Jun 1910.

    • ALEXANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lee of Martinsburg, will be traveling to Washington, D.C. for the April 14 wedding of Mr. ALEXANDER's sister, Miss Amanda (note: in the April 15 edition of the WP, it said her name was Almede) BARR and Mr. Frank Athern (this was Atherton in the April 15 edition of the WP) HOWARD — WP 31 Mar 1915.
    • ALEXANDER, Mary, of Martinsburg, was a bridesmaid in the recent wedding of Miss Charlotte Washington CHEW, daughter of Colonel and Mrs. R. Preston CHEW and granddaughter of the late John Augustine WASHINGTON, once proprietor of Mount Vernon, and Brantz M. ROZEL of Sewanee, Tennessee — WP 3 Feb 1905.

    • ALEXANDER, Mary of Martinsburg is a guest of Mrs. Font ALEXANDER, Washington, D.C. — WP 8 Jul 1906.

    • ALEXANDER, Mary — see ALEXANDER, Herbert Lee, 31 May 1908.

    • ALEXANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Victor — see SHANK, Mrs. Mary, 30 Jul 1924/28 Oct 1924 / 28 Oct 1924.

    • ALEXANDER, William — see ALEXANDER, Archibald, 17 Sep 1792.

    • ALEXANDER, William Fontaine — see ALEXANDER, Herbert Lee, 31 May 1908.

    • ALKIRE, Miss Pauline and Harry MacDONALD were married September 9 in Martinsburg — CDM 16 Sep 1925.

    • ALLAMONG, Norma Nell of Martinsburg, has been chosen to represent Berkeley County as a princess in the annual tomato festival at Berkeley Springs over the Labor Day weekend — CDM 2 Aug 1939.

    • ALLAMONG, Miss Norma Nell of Martinsburg, is one of the finalists who will compete for the titles of “Miss West Virginia University” and “Queen Rhodora IV” at the annual Rhododendrum festival in Webster Springs in July — CDM 18 May 1941.

    • ALLEN, Elsie May — see FELKER, Guy, 4 May 1911.

    • ALLEN, John, Irish, abt. 30, was a deserter from Captain Thomas Lewis' Company of riflemen in Staunton — BVCG 14 May 1792.

    • ALLEN, Major John, deceased. His land near Winchester, Virginia, will be sold — BVCG 14 May 1792.

    • ALLEN, Mrs. Lou — see HOLLIS, Edward S., 31 Mar 1930.

    • ALLEN, Pearl O. — see GREEN, Mrs. Lee Pownall, 11 Oct 1942.

    • ALLEN, R.E. — see DECATUR, Judge, 7 Dec 1930.

    • ALLEN, Thomas W., of Berkeley Springs, was one incorporator of a charter issued to North American Live Stock Insurance Company, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, with a capital stock of $100,000. The other incorporators were G.W. BISER, H.W. DISHER, and J. Frank OVERLY, all of Berkeley Springs, and Lewis G. SURRITH of Alexandria, Virginia — WP 24 Aug 1904.

    • ALLEN, Walter, described as a "desperate Negro," is wanted for assault on a woman at Martinsburg. Following a chase by policemen and a posse of citizens, he made his escape near Winchester June 12. Allen was seen and identified in Shawnee Hollow, near Winchester, Virginia. He was heavily armed and for a time defied arrest, but later fled. Authorities at Berkeley County hold warrants for his arrest — WP 14 Jun 1906.

    • ALLESIO, Dan J., Felece CHIARELLI, and Joseph PENORE, all of Martinsburg, are incorporaters of The Italian American Circle, Inc., of Martinsburg, a non-profit organization that was chartered Thursday — CDM 6 Apr 1939.

    • ALLISON, Miss (no first name listed) — see DARROW, E.C., 5 May 1892.

    • ALTHRE, E.C., Martinsburg, is an alternate named to represent the state at the American Legionnaire convention in Chicago September 25 — CDM 10 Sep 1939.

    • AMBROSE, Lottie M. of Martinsburg and John J. MOLVER of Baltimore were married in Rockville, Maryland, yesterday — WP 21 Jan 1923.

    • AMBROSE, Miss Nancy, who has been a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter LANING of Washington, D.C., has returned to Martinsburg — WP 3 Aug 1924.

    • AMICK, James — see MARTIN, "Bobbie," 11 Jan 1923.

    • AMISS, Mrs. E.P. of Martinsburg recently visited Mr. and Mrs. D.H. KAUFFELT of Ronceverte, West Virginia — CDM 14 Apr 1934.

    • ANDERS, Charles Henry, who was married to the daughter of Charles P. MILES of Martinsburg, died at 1 o'clock last Friday morning and was buried in Hagerstown, Maryland. An agent of the B∓O railroad at Sheepshead, a station nearly opposite Alexandria, Virginia, Mr. ANDERS was 31 years old. He was previously an agent for the railroad at Keedysville, Maryland — HTL 24 Dec 1891.

    • ANDERSON, B.V. — see LEVI, H.W., 20 Feb 1925.

    • ANDERSON, Francis L. — see ANDERSON, Miss Nellie M., 30 Dec 1928.

    • ANDERSON, H.O., Martinsburg, is the first vice president of the West Virginia Oil Men’s Association, a group formed to promote interests of gasoline distributors in the state — CDM 5 Apr 1941.

    • ANDERSON, Harry — see CONLEY, A.J., 26 Sep 1904.

    • ANDERSON, Mrs. Henrietta R. — see THOMAS, Charles J., 1 Dec 1894.

    • ANDERSON, J. Wishard, a Martinsburg jeweler, and Ethel WHEELER, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. William WHEELER of Luray, Virginia, were married yesterday morning at her home. The father of the bride performed the ceremony, assisted by the bride's uncle, the Rev. BALLENGEE of Washington, D.C. The bride, who was born in Alabama, is a niece of the late Gen. Joseph H. WHEELER, Confederate soldier and a general in the United States army during the Spanish-American war — WP 2 Sep 1909.

    • ANDERSON, Miss Liz of Martinsburg is visiting her cousin, Mrs. N. ENGLAND, near Urbana, Maryland — NEWS 29 Jan 1895.

    • ANDERSON, Mrs. Morgan of Martinsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Harry ANDERSON of Chilicothe, Ohio, are among the guests of Mrs. Michael LEEHAN in Frederick, Maryland — EP 2 Aug 1912.

    • ANDERSON, Miss Nellie M., 815 Winchester Ave., Martinsburg, and Francis L. ANDERSON, 509 Moler Avenue, also of Martinsburg, were married in Frederick, Maryland, on Christmas Eve, by the Rev. Dr. G. Ellis WILLIAMS, pastor of the Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church in Frederick. The couple is on a wedding trip to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other eastern cities, after which they will make their home on Moler Avenue in Martinsburg — FP 30 Dec 1928.

    • ANDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver N. — see ANDERSON, Stella M., 22 Sep 1908.

    • ANDERSON, Robert — see LINTHICUM, William, 15 Aug 1853.

    • ANDERSON, Stella M., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver N. ANDERSON of Swan Pond, Berkeley County, and George D. PITZER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown W. PITZER of Hedgesville, were issued a marriage license for their Wednesday wedding. He is employed in the interlocking switch and signal department of the B∓O railroad now stationed at Weverton, Maryland — ET 22 Sep 1908.

    • ANDERSON, T.E. — see ANDERSON, W.R., 20 Jan 1909.

    • ANDERSON, Theodore — see HOOGE, Charles, 26 Apr 1905.

    • ANDERSON, W.N. — see POISAL, C.W., 7 Jun 1933.

    • ANDERSON, W.R., a merchant of Martinsburg, was badly burned yesterday while at a Pennsylvania Avenue hotel in Washington, D.C. when he filled a bathtub full of scalding water and jumped into it wearing all his clothing. When rescued by hotel attendants, the man was unconscious; at Casualty Hospital where he was taken, it was necessary to cut away great portions of skin. His body and arms were badly scalded and he will be confined to his bed for a week or more. Anderson registered at the hotel on Saturday under the name of W.J. WALSH of Richmond, Virginia. On the day he was injured he rose about 9 o'clock, attended to business at a local trust company and returned to his room at the hotel. Two hours later, the hotel attaches were startled to hear yells coming from the guest's room and when a bellboy broke down the door, he found the man lying in a tub of water. The room was filled with vapor and when the bellboy attempted to lift the man out, he scalded his hands so badly he had to let go of Mr. ANDERSON, causing the sufferer to slip back into the tub. When finally rescued, ANDERSON was placed in bed and Dr. Henry PIERCE of 325 C Street NW, was called. After attempting to assist the man, the doctor recommended he be taken to a local hospital where Dr. MOFFITT and assistants did all they could to relieve the man's suffering. When ANDERSON regained consciousness, he said he had registered under a fictitious name and gave correct identification. He said he was a brother of T.E. ANDERSON of Martinsburg who was notified by that city's police - WP 20 Jan 1909.

    • ANDERSON, William, a fireman, was overcome by smoke and taken to a hospital for injuries suffered while trying to put out the fire that broke out in the department store of George KATZ in Martinsburg. The store had been closed out of respect for his death. The fire, believed to have started in the basement, caused damages estimated to be about $50,000 — CDM 22 Feb 1930.

    • ANDERSON, William — see FIRSTOE, Louis, 20 Jan 1933.

    • ANDREWS, George Martin, 67, a former member of the Martinsburg school board, retired after 31 years service with the B∓O railroad — CDM 4 Jan 1938.

    • ANDRUS, Charles W., 74, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Thomas WILSON of London, Ontario, Canada. For years, he was engaged in manufacturing in Canada, retiring five years ago and moving to Martinsburg to live with another daughter, Mrs. F.M. YERICK — WP 10 Mar 1910.

    • APPEL, Mary V — see HOLLIS, Frank M., 5 Feb 1891.

    • APPLEBY, G.W. — see APPLEBY, Mary A., 10 Dec 1909.

    • APPLEBY, George W. — see APPLEBY, Mary A. 10 Dec 1909.

    • APPLEBY, George W., Martinsburg, and E.T. LICKLIDER, Shepherdstown, were members of the committee in charge of reunions for the Odd Fellows of Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania, which had its fifth reunion in Pen Mar, Maryland, yesterday — WP 7 Aug 1914.

    • APPLEBY, George W. — see DAILEY, Chris, 15 Apr 1930/13 May 1930.

    • APPLEBY, George W. Jr. was defeated by Chris H. DAILEY in the Martinsburg mayorial primary election April 13. APPLEBY made a motion for a recount, but that was abandoned when DAILEY, nominated by 37 votes for mayor on the face of unofficial returns, gained when the votes from 13 of 20 precincts were counted in the routine canvass by the city council — CDM 22 Apr 1930.

    • APPLEBY, Israel — see APPLEBY, Mary A. 10 Dec 1909.

    • APPLEBY, Mary A., widow of G.W. APPLEBY and a member of a prominent Maryland family, died at her home in Martinsburg yesterday. She was 80 years old. Formerly Miss Mary DOVE of Montgomery County, Maryland, she moved to Martinsburg 18 years ago. Survivors include George W. APPLEBY of Martinsburg; Israel APPLEBY and William S. APPLEBY Jr., both of Baltimore; and Mrs. G.W. CORNFORD of Montgomery County — WP 10 Dec 1909.

    • APPLEBY, William S. — see APPLEBY, Mary A. 10 Dec 1909.

    • ARBAUGH, Charles — see SMITH, Clyde E., 7 Jun 1938.

    • ARCHER, Charles, tailor and habit-maker from London, opened a business in Martinsburg — PGBA 12 Jan 1797.

    • ARLINGEN (or ARLINGER), S.O., of Martinsburg, arrived in Charleston Friday — CDM 19 Sep 1930.

    • ARMBESTER, Mrs., Martinsburg, is spending several days with her father, Mr. A.B. HEDGES, Brunswick, Maryland — FP 23 Jul 1928.

    • ARMENTROUT, Dr. Aubrey Webster — see BYRER, Catherine, 22 Apr 1935.

    • ARMENTROUT, Edwood, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. ARMENTROUT of Martinsburg, suffered the loss of his leg as a result of a hunting accident — CDM 16 Nov 1944.

    • ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Anna, widow of William ARMSTRONG, died at her home in Maritnsburg Sunday after a lingering illness of progressive paralysis. She was 74 and is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Joseph MURRAY of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Thomas O’NEILL of Johnstown (no state listed), and Miss Annie ARMSTRONG of Martinsburg — ET 20 Jun 1905.

    • ARMSTRONG, Annie — see ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Anna, 20 Jun 1905.

    • ARMSTRONG, Arthur S. — see RINKER, Mabel S., 9 Apr 1908.

    • ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth, from Philadelphia, advertised that "she has the public house that for several years had been occupied by Mr. Flo[rence] MAHONEY" in Martinsburg — PGBA 10 Mar 1796/CMAG 26 May 1796.

    • ARMSTRONG, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk — see ARMSTRONG, Maud L., 21 Dec 1905.

    • ARMSTRONG, Maud L., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk ARMSTRONG of Martinsburg, and Thomas L. DANCER of Piedmont, West Virginia, were married in Martinsburg on Saturday at St. John’s Lutheran parsonage, with the Rev. Charles S. TRUMP officiating. They will live in Piedmont — ET 21 Dec 1905.

    • ARMSTRONG, Norma Nell, Martinsburg, has been chosen their 1940 Dream Girl by the Pi Kappa Men on the campus of West Virginia University — CDM 17 Apr 1940.

    • ARMSTRONG, William, merchant in Winchester, Virginia, and Miss Nancy BLAIR of near Battletown, Virginia, were married on Tuesday, the 8th — BVCG 16 Mar 1791.

    • ARMSTRONG, William — see ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Anna, 20 Jun 1905.

    • ARNELL, Joseph, 19, was killed and Roy BARBER, 15, was believed injured fatally in an automobile collision at Darksville last night. Four other young people escaped serious injury. All were residents of Bunker Hill. The youths were riding toward Martinsburg when their auto collided with a truck driven toward Winchester, Virginia, by S. Thomas PARLETT, of Winchester. PARLETT is in the Martinsburg jail on charges of manslaughter. Officers said he is the son of a minister attending a church conference in that city — CDM 25 Sep 1931.

    • ARNETT, Mrs. Frank and son David of Martinsburg were visitors in Sutton, West Virginia — CDM 30 Mar 1938.

    • ARNETT, Mrs. Frank — see FISHER, Mrs. Sarah, 4 Sep 1939.

    • ARNICA, William G., 66-year-old night watchman of Martinsburg, succumbed to injuries he suffered when struck by an automobile last week — CDM 13 Dec 1939.

    • ARNOLD, Ann, and her husband, William ARNOLD of Rockbridge, have separated ("do not expect to live any longer together") — BVCG 17 Sep 1792.

    • ARNOTT, Mrs. E.A. presided at a dinner Sunday for members of her family. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leland BROWN, daughter Clara and son Lynn of Martinsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Edward ARNOTT of Morgantown, Mrs. Clyde BURNETT and children of Sissonville, West Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. LAMPPE and children of Grantsville, Miss Marie HICKS of Martinsburg, and Mrs. Walter STATTS, daughter Marylin and sons Stephen and Charles, of Spencer — CDM 28 May 1941.

    • ARNOTT, Edward and his sister Mrs. Leland BROWN, both of Martinsburg, each had their mother, Mrs. E.A. ARNOTT, visiting from Charleston — CDM 26 Jan 1941.

    • ASH, George was arrested about 11 o’clock Sunday night, driving a car down the Blue Ridge mountains, 12 miles from Martinsburg, on suspicion of transporting “illicit liquor.” Long suspected as a vendor, he put up $2,000 bond yesterday for his appearance in federal court. National prohibition officers picked up a 10-gallon lot of moonshine, which they allege Ash threw from his vehicle. When arrested, Ash broke 2 gallons of liquor before he could be stopped, said deputies. There was a woman and another man in the vehicle with Ash, but when they saw the officers approach, the jumped out and hid in the mountains, walking back to Martinsburg during the night — CDM 26 Sep 1922.

    • ASHBY, Mrs. Ivy is free today pending trial for assault. She is said to have inflicted serious injury on three children at her home in Blairton, a limestone quarry settlement near Martinsburg. Officers were told she attacked the children after she had drunk some liquor and that her emotions were further aggravated by the hot weather. It was said she choked a small brother of her husband, threw her three-month-old baby into a field, and used a hammer to inflict bruises and cuts on her husband’s small sister. She was subdued by her husband, who held her until police arrived. The victims required hospital treatment. Mrs. ASHBY was released pending trial because “the family needed her at home” — CDM 28 Jul 1930.

    • ASHBY, J. — see WARDEN, Harry C, 8 Sep 1930.

    • ASHENHURST, Oliver and William, from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, have established a tailor's business on Berk Street in Martinsburg — PGBA 21 Apr 1794.

    • ATHEY, Luella F. — see MYERS, Bernard D., 13 Oct 1910.

    • ATKINS, Mr. Dorsey of Martinsburg spent the past week with relatives and friends at Keyser, West Virginia — ET 15 Jul 1907.

    • ATKINS, John Franklin, 21, and Lillie SNOW, 18, both of Martinsburg, were married Saturday in Frederick, Maryland, by the Rev. George W. STRINE, pastor of the Centennial Memorial United Brethren Church — FP 27/29 Aug 1928.

    • ATKINSON, Lieutenant Peter William, 25, U.S. Army air corps pilot and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ATKINSON of Martinsburg, was killed in an airplane accident last Saturday at Burma, India, according to a telegram from Secretary of State Cordell HULL. No details were given. Lt. ATKINSON was one of three pilot brothers — two in the army and one in the navy. He was on leave from the army to serve as an instructor for Chinese pilots near Rangoon — CDM 28 Oct 1941.

    • ATKINSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert — see ATKINSON, Lieutenant Peter William, 28 Oct 1941.

    • ATKINSON, Lieutenant Robert E., son of Robert W. ATKINSON, RFD2, Martinsburg, was reported by the war department as missing in action in the Asiatic area — CDM 19 Apr 1943.

    • ATWOOD, Jane — see GROVE, Fred. M, 6 Sep 1888.

    • AUCHEY, Mrs. Abbie, wife of Claude AUCEY and daughter of Mrs. Alexander STIVEL of near Martinsburg, died after a lingering illness at her home in Paradise, Pennsylvania on Friday. She was 22. In addition to her husband, and two-year-old son, she is survived by two sisters and one brother, also living near Martinsburg. Funeral services were Tuesday and interment was in the Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, cemetery — GT 5 Sep 1910.

    • AUGUST, William T., 210 W. King St., Martinsburg, has been temporarily promoted by the war department from 1st Lieutenant to Captain — CDM 3 Aug 1944.

    • AULABAUGH, Leslie of Berkeley Springs, James ELLIS of Hedgesville, Marion HENSHAW of Charles Town, Edgar STALNAKER and James ROSENCRANCE of Mill Creek, and Dan FOLK of Martinsburg, have been given the higher honor given by the West Virginia Future Farmers of America — the state farmer degree — at the 15th annual statewide meeting Monday through Wednesday in Webster County. The honorary state farmer degree will be awarded to James E. McDONALD, Berkeley county farmer — CDM 8 Aug 1943.

    • AULT, Mrs. Edward — see THOMPSON, Philip H., 10 Nov 1911.

    • AULSTON, J.A. and his wife, and Henry McINTYRE and his wife, all of Martinsburg, are staying at the St. James Hotel, Washington, D.C. — WP 9 Dec 1906.

    • AUSTIN, Mrs. David — see MARTIN, Mrs. Sara Ruth, 2 Oct 1925.

    • AVERY, Herbert A. — see DOWNEY, W.W., 8 Feb 1943.

    • AVEY, Guy R. — see MILLER, Edwin W., 10 Nov 1934.

    • AVEY, Brady — see THOMAS, Frank, 25 Jun 1933.

    • AYDELOTTE, Dr. Frank, president of Swartmore College, Pennsylvania, and American secretary to the Rhodes trustee, announced that Martinsburg man Dudley Lee HARLEY will be a Rhodes Scholar to represent West Virginia at Oxford. HARLEY, who currently attends Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, formerly attended Lehigh University — CDM 14 Dec 1930.

    • AYRES, Mrs. Blanche (LIVERS), a former resident of Gettysburg and the sister of Mrs. H.P. THORN and Leo LIVERS, both of Martinsburg, died at her home in Washington, D.C. Friday from influenza. In addition to her siblings, she is survived by her husband, Asher AYRES; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. LIVERS of Grottoes, Virginia; and the remaining siblings, John LIVERS of Charlottesville, Virginia; Mrs. Fred ANDERSON of Winchester, Virginia; Mrs. Lewis JORDAN of Basic, Virginia; and Charles LIVERS of Grottoes. She and Mr. AYRES had been married about a year. The funeral was in Staunton, Virginia on Sunday — GC 4 Mar 1922.

      A B C D E F G H I J K L Mc M N O P Q R S T U V W X,Y,Z

      Abbreviations used in newspaper extracts:
      AAS — American Antiquarian Society
      abt. — about
      dec'd — deceased
      Esq. — Esquire
      I.O.O.F — International Order of Odd Fellows
      LC — Library of Congress
      NYPL — New York Public Library
      VHS — Virginia Historical Society
      VP — vice president
      VSL — Virginia State Library

      Newspapers (and Bibliography):
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      VGWeA — The Virginia Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, Richmond, 1781-1797; covers the entire state, especially New Kent, Princess Anne, James City, Henrico, Spotsylvania and Chesterfield counties and the city of Richmond. Major collection are William and Mary, LC, Harvard, VSL, AAS, and VHS. VHS has microfilm of issues at LC, Harvard, AAS and William and Mary; VSL has microfilm covering issues 1781-1797; University has microfilms 1787-1789
      VJAA — The Virginia Journal and Alexandria Advertiser, Alexandria, 1784-1789' covers the Alexandria area including Berkeley, Fairfax and Loudon counties, but may include information from Richmond, Powhatan, and Prince William counties. Major collections are at AAS and the Missouri Historical Society; a microfilm covering the known issues is available
      WG — Winchester Gazette (see BVCG)
      WN — Weekly News, Frederick, Maryland
      WP — Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

      Some City/State or County/State Locations:
      Baltimore, Maryland
      Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland
      Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland
      Charles Town/Charlestown, Berkeley County, West Virginia
      Gerrardstown, Berkeley County, West Virginia
      Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania
      Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia
      Rockbridge County, Alexandria, Virginia
      Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
      Washington is Washington, D.C.

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