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Welsh Chapels in London
BoroughCharing Cross RoadTabernaclSt BenetsJewin

Methodistiaid Calfinaidd - Calvinistic Methodists

Ref. Name and address Founded or moved to this site Moved from this site or closed Records Records held at Notes
MC1 Cock Lane, Smithfield, E founded 1774 moved 1785 births & baptisms 1799-1839 [RG4/4400] TNA, NLW first chapel in London
Wilderness Row, east of Clerkenwell Green, EC1 from 1785 moved 1828 indexed by IGI
Jewin Crescent, Barbican, EC 1823? moved 1879 copy held by chapel 1799-1874, indexed by David Oliver Jewin Chapel bombed Dec 1940 and rebuilt
Jewin Chapel
70 Fann Street, Golden Lane, Moorgate, EC1
from 1879 active 2011 later registers kept by chapel Jewin Chapel Image at LMA Collage Jewin, Fann St showing bomb damage
MC2 Deptford (Falmouth Road) - branch of Cock Lane (#MC1) c. 1783 closed 1866 baptisms: 1852-61 (Cambrian); 1861-88 (Crosby Row); 1889-1979 (Falmouth Road). [CMA 8: EZ1/256/1] also other records NLW see Source 2, p.39
MC3 Mission to Welsh Seamen
(later called Cambrian Union Society's Chapel for Seamen)
Fair Street, Bermondsey, SE1
founded 1820 moved 1861 is this the same as #MC2?

Cambrian Union Society Chapel for Seamen, Fair St, Bermondsey
Interior of above
(Images from LMA Collage)
Crosby Row, Falmouth Road, SE1 from 1861 (1854??) moved 1889
Falmouth Road, Deptford, Southwark, SE1 from 1889 closed by 1991 same as #MC2?
Since 1991, the building has been the main London home of the Nigerian church of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.
MC4 Grafton Street, W1 founded 1849 ? baptisms: 1850-87 [CMA 8: EZ1/249/1] NLW
Nassau Street (now Gerrard Place), Soho, W1 ?? moved 1887 baptisms: 1850-87 [CMA 8: EZ1/249/1] NLW demolished
Charing Cross Road
82 Charing Cross Road,
from 1887 1976? marriages: 1927-76 [CMA 7: OZ1] NLW became the 'Limelight Club' in the 1980s and, from 2003, an Australian 'Walkabout' pub
listed: grade II

Interior of Welsh Presbyterian Church, Charing Cross Road (sketch)
Image at LMA Collage
MC5 Poplar founded 1857 ?
MC6 Chichester Mews, Shirland Road, Paddington, W9 founded 1857 ? not sure if this is one address or two. See VCH Middlesex Vol 9.
22 Braden Street, Paddington, W9 1871 closed by 1989 building renovated in 1989 as the The Amadeus Centre for the Subud community.
MC7 Holloway
Sussex Way, Holloway, N7
1865 last service:
8 Feb 2004
United with Wood Green (#MC14) 1960; united with Moreia, Leytonstone (#MC13) in 2002 to form Eglwys y Drindod, (#MC25)
MC8 Sunday School at Hammersmith founded 1879 became a chapel 1885
Hammersmith Chapel, Southerton Road, Hammersmith, W6 from1886 active 1956
MC9 Willesden Green
265 Willesden Lane, NW2
founded 1898; registered 1900 closed 1999 marriages: 1911-1982 [CMA 7:OZ11], other NLW building became the True Buddha Temple
MC10 Sunday School at Wandsworth founded 1896 became a chapel ??
Clapham Junction
30 Beauchamp Road, Clapham Junction, SW11
? active 2011 baptisms Lavender Hill Local Studies Library
MC11 Sunday School at Peckham founded 1899 became a chapel ?? baptisms, burials, membership records at the chapel first minister 1901
Lewisham Chapel
289 Lewisham Way, Brockley, SE4
1924 active 2011 Welsh Presbyterian chapel, 289, Lewisham Way
Image at LMA Collage
MC12 Walham Green
2 Effie Road, Fulham, SW6
founded 1897 closed 1988 members transferred 1988 to Clapham (#MC10)
building now the London home of The Haven charity
MC13 Moreia
Church Hill, Walthamstow, E17
founded 1903 moved 1958 moved to Leytonstone and building taken over by the Church of the Nazarene
881 Leytonstone High Road, Leytonstone, E11 moved 1958 merged 2002 merged with Holloway (#MC7) in 2002 to form Eglwys y Drindod (#MC25)
building now Forest Baptist Church
MC14 Wood Green
Palace Road, Bowes Park, N11
founded 1904 merged 1960 VCH Volume 5. No minister until 1950;
joined with Holloway (#MC7) in 1960
MC15 YWCA Uxbridge 1903 1904 VCH Volume 7
Swift's Assembly Rooms 1904 1909
Ealing Green, Ealing, W5
founded 1907 active 2011
MC16 Sunday School
Welsh Hall, Elm Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
founded 1930s ?
MC17 Sutton
Lind Road, Sutton, Surrey
founded 1933 active 2011 1956 address: Dashwood Hall, 25 Carshalton Rd, Sutton
MC18 Croydon,
West Croydon Methodist Mission Hall
founded 1949 ?
MC19 Barnet ? ?
MC20 Wembley,
London Road, Wembley, NW
founded 1939 ? VCH Volume 4 - mentions a Welsh Presbyterian congregation, established in Wembley in 1925, which opened a hall in 1927. Active 1956
MC21 Cropley Street, New North Road, N1 1848 1849 VCH Volume 8
Wenlock Hall, N1 1849 1853
Cropley Street, New North Road, N1 1848 1849 VCH Volume 8
Wilton Square, N1
1853 closed 1956 re-built 1884-5 - destroyed 1940; for a short time services held in St Phillips, Arlington Square, N1

Welsh Chapel, Wilton Square
Image at LMA Collage
MC22 Y Gorlan
Langley Road, Watford, Hertfordshire (in St Thomas URC)
? active 2009
MC23 Name?? - services held in Felix Institute, Lavender Hill, SW11 founded 1903 ? active 1956?
Battersea Rise, SW12 opened 1906 ?
MC24 Stratford 1890 mid 1940s building destroyed 1940
MC25 Eglwys y Drindod
Freston Gardens, Cockfosters.
2004 active 2011     External link Eglwys y Drindod

Annibynwyr - Independents/Congregationalists

Ref. Name and address Founded or moved to this site Moved from this site or closed Records Records held at Notes
AN1 Gravel Lane, Borough, SE1 founded 1785 moved 1806
Little Guildford Street, Southwark, SE1 5 Jan 1807 needs to be checked rebuilt 1873

Welsh Chapel, Guildford St, Lambeth (in 1826)
Interior of above
Images at LMA Collage
Y Boro
90 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1
? active 2011 see VCH Surrey
listed: grade II

Borough Welsh Congregational Chapel Image at LMA Collage
External link Capel Y Boro
AN2 Woolwich (Parsons Hill), Willenhall Road, Plumstead, SE18 founded 1806 ? active 1956 - no minister since 1937
AN3 Aldersgate Street founded 1846 1870 see VCH Middlesex Vol 8

Plan of Aldersgate St with Welsh chapel
Image at LMA Collage
Cymry Hall, Hackney Road 1870 1875
Ware Street, Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, E2 1875 ?
John Griffith Memorial Chapel
Barretts Grove, Stoke Newington, N16
from 1885 1941 members moved to Kings Cross March 1941; property sold 1947
AN4 Snow Hill, Holborn, EC1 founded 1847 moved 1850
Fetter Lane, EC4 from 1850 moved 1889
Y Tabernacle
Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1
from 1889 closed 2006 listed: grade II
AN5 Belgrave Hall, Pimlico, SW1 founded 1859 ? see VCH Middlesex Vol 12
Union Chapel
Pavilion Road, Knightsbridge, SW1
1871 ? 1876 - room in YMCA, Sloane Square, SW1
Cadogan Terrace 1877 ? Huws, Ifor O., "Hanes Eglwys Radnor Walk Chelsea, Llundain, 1859-1959", London: Lewis, 1959. 72 p., illus
Radnor Walk
Chelsea, SW3
1880 final service:
1 Oct 2006
active 1956
listed: grade II
In 2009 the building was purchased by Hill House International Junior School
AN6 Sunday School in Haringey formed by King's Cross founded 1930s ?
AN7 West Hampstead founded 1930s ?
AN8 Dollis Hill founded 1930s ?
AN9 Capel-y-Lôn
Stoke Poges Lane, Slough,
(in St John the Baptist Church)
founded 1938 active 2011
AN10 Harrow, Lower Road, South Harrow, Middlesex founded 1937 active 2011 other NLW VCH Volume 4; first minister 1946, chapel built 1949
AN11 Lambeth c.1791 1820 services held in room close by Bishops' Palace
AN12 Back Lane 1800 ? Congregational?
Barns Alley unclear, but not active by 1866 Congregational?
AN13 East Ham - Katherine Road 1899 ? VCH Essex: Volume 6
Sibley Grove, E12 1901 1940 founded by the King's Cross Congregational church.
the iron building was sold to Welsh Methodists in 1945

Bedyddwyr Cymreig - Welsh Baptist

No. Name and address Founded or moved to this site Moved from this site or closed Records Records held at Notes
BE1 Eldon Street, Moorfields founded 1823 1887? accounts 1846-87, Pew rent book 1817-71 NLW inconsistency between start date of pew rent book & date of founding. ANW says 'active 1846-87' Baptist magazine says that it reopened in June 1834, after enlargement
BE2 London Welsh Missionary Society
Providence Chapel, Tottenham
founded 1859 moved 1889
Castle Street
30 Eastcastle Street, W1
from 1889 active 2011 listed: grade II

External link The Welsh Church of Central London

Methodistiaid Wesleyaidd Cymreig - Welsh Wesleyan Methodist

Ref. Name and address Founded or moved to this site Moved from this site or closed Records Records held at Notes
MW1 Wilson Street founded 1863 ?? marriages 1899-1940 LMA
City Road by 1878 ?1940
MW2 Chiltern Street, Baker Street, W1 ??1861 or earlier closed 2004 (1) marriages 1956-1999
(2) baptisms 1861-1933
(1) WCA
(2) LMA
MW3 City Road, St Mary Axe 1812 moved 1848 same as #MW1?
Friar Street, Doctors' Commons 1848 ?
Wilson Street, Finsbury Square, EC2 1863 ?
City Road 1883 closed 1940 building destroyed by enemy action 1940; members joined sister church in Chiltern Street
MW4 Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
1899 or earlier ? marriage register 1899-1933 LMA where was this?
MW5 Sibley Road 1945 ? VCH Essex Volume 6: In 1945 the London Welsh Methodist circuit took over the previously used by the Welsh Congregationalists (#AN13).
Some members had previously attended the Welsh Methodist church in Cumberland Road, Plaistow, West Ham
MW6 Poplar 1880 ? VCH Essex Volume 6
Horeb Welsh Church Cumberland Road, Plaistow, E13 1915 church sold 1939 some members joined the Welsh Methodist society which in 1945 took over Sibley Grove church, East Ham, E6.

Anglicanaidd Cymreig - Welsh Anglicans

Ref. Name and address Founded or moved to this site Moved from this site or closed Records Records held at Notes
AC1 St Benet's
St Paul's Wharf, Queen Victoria Street, EC4
founded 1879 active 2011 St Benet, Paul's Wharf
Image at Collage
External link St Benet's
AC2 Dewi Sant
St Mary's Terrace, Paddington Green, W2
founded 1886 active 2011 VCH Volume 9
AC3 Santes Fair
Ascension Church, Malwood Road, South Clapham, SW12
founded 1897 ? VCH Surrey
AC4 Sant Padarn
Salterdon Road, Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, N7
founded 1894 1969 baptisms: 1919-1931
marriages: 1960-1969
LMA started as an iron church opened in 1903 (Source 3)
present building 1910
sold 1982
AC5 East End Welsh Mission
Whitman Road, Stepney, E3
founded 1893 ?
Sant Rhystyd
9 Whitman Road, Stepney, Tower Hamlets, E3
founded 1914 ? demolished
AC6 St Mary's Welsh Church
Camberwell New Road, SE5
Feb 1912 Jan 1936 register of baptisms [P73/EMM/10]
June 1928 - June 1935: microfilm [X96/149]
pp. 126-141 entries copied from register of St Mary's Welsh Church
LMA VCH: Surrey
AC7 Ely Place Episcopal Church
Ely Place, EC1
1843 1874 register of baptisms on microfilm 1839-1904 LMA formerly St Ethelreda's, bought by Welsh Episcopalians in 1843 but sold to Roman Catholics in 1874 (Source 4)
see 'Ely Place', Old and New London: Volume 2 (1878), pp. 514-526.

Ely Place Episcopal Church (now St Ethelreda's RC Church)
Image at Collage

Cydenwadol - Interdenominational

No. Name and address Founded or moved to this site Moved from this site or closed Records Records held at Notes
CE1 King's Hall, South Road, Southall founded 1939 ?
CE2 Dagenham ? ?

Notes by Mari Alderman, supplemented by Theo Brueton.

(1) 'The Welsh in London' edited by Emrys Jones
(2) 'Cymry Llundain Ddoe a Heddiw' pp.66-85 Author? (1956)
(3) Victoria County History of Middlesex : see British History Online
(4) 'The London Encyclopaedia' edited by Ben Weinreb & Christopher Hibbert (1983)
(5) Capeli Llundain
NLW - National Library of Wales
TNA - The National Archives
LMA - London Metropolitan Archives
WCA - Westminster City Archives
VCH - Victoria County History
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