Journals 41 - 60

Journals 41 - 60

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A virtually complete set of GFHS Journal should be held in the following repositories:-
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Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Treorchy and Swansea Libraries.
Cardiff and Swansea University Libraries.
LDS Family History Centres in Cardiff, Swansea and Merthyr Tydfil.
British Library, National Library of Wales, Society of Genealogists.
Guildhall Library, FFHS (Birmingham and Midland Institute).
LDS Salt Lake City, New York Central Library.


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Vols. 41 - 60

No Date Article Author Comments
41 Mar-96 Hann Family - Mining Dynasty of South Wales Part 4 (of 4) David Hann re Douglas Alfred HANN (1887-1973)
41 Mar-96 W.J.Rowe's Notebook Part 2 (of 2) - notes on visit to Wales Diary 1910 (January)
41 Mar-96 Robert Bodycombe and Mary Elizabeth Thomas June Conway Llansamlet and Australia
41 Mar-96 Tracing Your Ancestors in Pontypridd Part 1 (of 3) Mari Alderman  
41 Mar-96 Obituaries and Funeral Reports Robert Blatchford  
41 Mar-96 Button Gwinnett Was Proving to be a Problem Joseph Gwinnett  
41 Mar-96 Missing (Henry Haylette Griffiths ) Audrey Heath & Charles John Henry Griffiths
41 Mar-96 American Connections - Caerphilly to Kaysville Ken Wilkins re John WILKINS and Ann BROWN
41 Mar-96 Winchfawr Pit, Gellideg, Merthyr Tydfil Jean Istance  
42 Jun-96 Tracing Your Ancestors in Pontypridd Part 2 (of 3) Mari Alderman  
42 Jun-96 John Rowlands and Little Wales (Australia) D.G. Rowlands Patagonia and Freemantle
42 Jun-96 Railway Service Records Sue Mackay  
42 Jun-96 The Search for a Swansea Man Lost at Sea Ronald Webb re John Lewis PRUST
42 Jun-96 Visit to Ireland 1995 Roy Walters Irish research
43 Sep-96 Robert Thomas - Tenor  Mary Hughes  & Raymond Humphries
43 Sep-96 Influence of Railways on my Ancestors  Henry Perkins   
43 Sep-96 Searching for the Lewis Connection  Jill Harland   
43 Sep-96 The Battle of Trafalgar  Dr. Reginald Davies  Glamorgan men at the Battle 
43 Sep-96 Convict Women Book Review   (Extracts) Jean Jones  permission of Deirdre Beddoe
43 Sep-96 Brimlets Part 1 (of 3)  J.M. Brimson  Amusing anecdotes (written c 1925)
43 Sep-96 Henry Rowlands and the Welsh in Chile  D.G.Rowlands   
44 Dec-96 The Stewart Family  Francis Brennan  Stewarts of Swansea
44 Dec-96 Disappearing Places of Worship  W.D. Hollyman  Bethany Baptist Chapel, Cardiff
44 Dec-96 Brimlets Part 2 (of 3)  J.M.Brimson  Amusing anecdotes (written c 1925)
44 Dec-96 Parishes of Glamorgan - Cadoxton juxta Neath  Trevor Bailey  An occasional series
45 Mar-97 A Row of Hedges  Dot Akhurst  Research into the Hedges Family
45 Mar-97 In Search of the Copper Smelters  Lesley Walker   
45 Mar-97 Pity the Searchroom Assistants  Monica Bevan  Hereford FHS
45 Mar-97 Brimlets Part 3 (of 3) J.M.Brimson  Amusing anecdotes (written c 1925)
45 Mar-97 Appalling Boating Fatality at Aberavon  Jayne Stuart - Bell   
45 Mar-97 A 19th Century Policeman  Martyn Griffiths   
45 Mar-97 Another Disaster at Aberavon  Jean Jones  Captain William HENRY
45 Mar-97 The Wanderings of Wesley Philp  Henry Perkins   
46 Jun-97 Alexander Wilson - Cardiff Artist  John Hicks   
46 Jun-97 Hughesovka Part 1 (of 2) - John Hughes Jean Jones   Iron Master - Russian exploits
46 Jun-97 Graveyard Pursuits  Joy Cooke  Swansea Graveyards
46 Jun-97 New Leads from the 1881 Census  Joan Church  & Leslie Lougher joint authors
46 Jun-97 St.George's Church Reynoldston  Joy Cooke   
46 Jun-97 A Journey into the Past with the Morgans of St. Fagans  Owen W Roberts   
46 Jun-97 Tracing your Ancestors from Pontypridd Part 3 (of 3) Mari Alderman   
46 Jun-97 Abstracts and Indexes from Welsh Wills  Kathleen Rhys   
47 Sep-97 Migration to New.South Wales - Talk Lesley Walker Ros Bowles London Report
47 Sep-97 Ten Years of the London Welsh FHS Branch  Roland Thorne   
47 Sep-97 Pontypridd M.I's  Mari Alderman   
47 Sep-97 Eleazer Son of John Pickwick 1844 - 1913  S.Heath   
47 Sep-97 The Lougher Family from Wick  Leslie Lougher   
47 Sep-97 Hughesovka Part 2 (of 2)  John Hughes Jean Jones   Iron Master - Russian exploits
47 Sep-97 Dr William Price  Martin Wells   
47 Sep-97 Electoral Registers  Mari Alderman   
47 Sep-97 The Changing Journey to Work in the 20th Century  Colin Pooley & Jean Turnbull Lancaster University Research
47 Sep-97 19th Century Travel Troubles  Diane Morgan   
47 Sep-97 Landfall in the Southern Seas  Thelma East   
48 Dec-97 London Report Synopsis of Talk on Maps  Ros Bowles  London Report talk by Robert Davies
48 Dec-97 Migration from Wales to New South Wales  Mr E.G.Walters   
48 Dec-97 Did you Know - Transcribing Parish Registers  Jean Jones   
48 Dec-97 Was your Ancestor a Farmer ?  Derek Williams  Matthews family of Tyllwyd
48 Dec-97 All that Glisters is Not Gold  Elfed Bevan  some Llangyfelach families
48 Dec-97 Llangyfelach Registers  Richard Bennett   
48 Dec-97 How Did She Know ?  Ronald Webb   
48 Dec-97 My Uncle - Phillip Jenkins  Doreen Moore   
48 Dec-97 Nanna White  Graham Williams   
48 Dec-97 An Evening To Remember  Ron Jenkins  Rhondda heritage trip
48 Dec-97 Melancholy Death of a Girl at Llantwit  Noel Israel   
48 Dec-97 An Old Morgan Family  Ifor L Davies   
49 Mar-98 How Your Journal Reaches You  Sue Mackay   
49 Mar-98 The Search for Dic Penderyn  Helen Jones   
49 Mar-98 The Story of an Athlete  Graham Williams   
49 Mar-98 Index of Welsh Master Mariners & Mates  Dr. Reginald Davies   
49 Mar-98 Hatched Matched Dispatched - Was She Worth it?  Jean Jones  Marital costs
49 Mar-98 The Names of Gulliver & Jolliffe in Poole & Dorset  Gordon Griffith   
49 Mar-98 Using the GFHS Census & Parish Register Indexes  Gwyn Rhys   
49 Mar-98 Melingriffith Works Militia List  Nick Davey   
49 Mar-98 The Old Fashioned Remedies are the Best  Noel Israel  19c. Medicine
49 Mar-98 Vestry Meetings in the Parish of Newton Nottage  P.W.T.Henry   
49 Mar-98 The Signalmans' Assistant  Tom Clement The one legged signalman
49 Mar-98 A Noted Family Thomas THOMAS of Gelli'ron, Glyncorrw C.T.Davies  re g
50 Jun-98 Sexual Harassment of Female Servants  Ros Bowles   talk by Dr. Jill Barber
50 Jun-98 Diary of a Rambling Holiday - The Happy Shoemaker  C. T. Davies  & Tom Elliot
50 Jun-98 Assisted Migration to Sydney  Dr Haydn Morgan   
50 Jun-98 School Days   Port Talbot County School Helen Jones  The Avonian Magazine
50 Jun-98 Research From Australia  Laraine Baker   
50 Jun-98 Hard Days Work is the Secret to a Long lLife.  Nick Servini   
50 Jun-98 Dick Penderyn's Family - Alive in Blaenrhondda  Ian Meredith   
50 Jun-98 Have Gas Mask and Teddy Bear - will Travel  Molly Hurford -Jones  WW2 evacuation to South Wales
50 Jun-98 Boot & Bikes  Terry Lee   
50 Jun-98 Turning Family Folklore into Facts  O.W.Roberts   
50 Jun-98 New To the Internet  Alun Jones   
51 Sep-98 Bravery at Sea   - The Bristol Channel Phil Roderick  The SS Orlando
51 Sep-98 The Lan Letters  C. T. Davies  The Lan Coal / Gas Company
51 Sep-98 Lanelay Hall  Geoff Howard  Glamorgan Fire Service HQ
51 Sep-98 London Branch Report  Ros Bowles   
51 Sep-98 Welsh Ironworkers in France  Brian Wagstaff   
51 Sep-98 Circling Caerphilly  Tess Mckellen  Research in Caerphilly area
51 Sep-98 Off to Pennsylvania & Back Again - Part 1 (of 3) Jill Muir  LLOYD family of Penygraig
51 Sep-98 Romilly School Barry  Howell Parry  Childhood Memories
51 Sep-98 Nanaimo Family History Society  Connie Duffy  Wales buried in Nanaimo Cemetery
51 Sep-98 Abbreviations  Sue Mackay   
51 Sep-98 New to the Internet  Alun Jones  Internet News
52 Dec-98 The Wicked Stepmother  Graham Williams  COULTHARD nee DAVIES
52 Dec-98 Off to Pennsylvania and Back Again Part 2 (of 3) Jill Muir  LLOYD family of Penygraig
52 Dec-98 Barry County School  Howell Parry  Childhood Memories in Barry
52 Dec-98 The Liveseys - Bandmasters of Merthyr  Mari Alderman  Merthyr Tydfil Bands circa 1900
52 Dec-98 Music Music - all the way  David England   
52 Dec-98 Glamorgan Militia Lists  Jean Jones  Lists of men 1819 - 1822
52 Dec-98 The W.W.Jones - The Unlucky Cutter  Phil Roderick  Another Bristol Channel disaster
52 Dec-98 Take Three Tablets  Ian Meredith  Unusual sources for HANCORNE
53 Mar-99 Off to Pennsylvania and Back Again Part 3 (of 3) Jill Muir LLOYD family of Penygraig
53 Mar-99 The Morris Family Gathering  John R Murtaugh   
53 Mar-99 Childhood Memories of Welsh Holidays  Owen W Roberts  Childhood memories of Treforest
53 Mar-99 Corporal Gwilym John  Dr. Reginald Davies   
53 Mar-99 The Grave of Dic Penderyns' Daughter  Ian Meredith   
53 Mar-99 More Rambling Holidays  Jim Dance   
53 Mar-99 Scraps of the Life an Emigrant Miner Part 1 (of 2) Ian Phillips   
53 Mar-99 Old Occupations  Mari Alderman   
53 Mar-99 Finding The Reverend David Davies  Jean Jones  A True life research story
53 Mar-99 Mainwaring Families In South Wales  Martyn Griffith  
54 Jun-99 Research Services for Members Gwyn Rhys  
54 Jun-99 West Glamorgan Archive Service Susan Beckley  County Archivist Swansea
54 Jun-99 Avoiding International Reply Coupons Sue Mackay  
54 Jun-99 All in a Days Work David Lewis Look Ups
54 Jun-99 Strays Index Sue Mackay  
54 Jun-99 Glamorganshire Harpists Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS Helen Forder 1870 - 1956
54 Jun-99 A Glamorgan Family of the middling sort  John Wilkins  
54 Jun-99 C.P.O. George Prowse V.C., D.C.M. Keith Trivett Copyright Five Arches
54 Jun-99 Born by Accident Graham Williams  
54 Jun-99 Where is Jane's Family W.A.Wynn Australian story
54 Jun-99 Scraps of the life of an Emigrant Miner Part 2 (of 2) Ian Phillips  
54 Jun-99 Crime and Punishment in Wales  London Report Ros Bowles talk by Gerald Morgan
54 Jun-99 Descent from Adam to Present Time David Clark  
54 Jun-99 Mary (Anne) David (1825-1892 Clive J. Davies  The Cardiff Union Workhouse
55 Sep-99 London Branch Report  Ros Bowles Talk by Keith Withington 
55 Sep-99 The Tragic Death of Pilot Blandford Lucas Phil Roderick   
55 Sep-99 Why Were we Kept in the Dark? Owen W Roberts  re William ROBERTS
55 Sep-99 Trombones and Trumpets Terry Lee   
55 Sep-99 The Parish of Skewen Trevor Bailey  
55 Sep-99 Cefn Coed in the 1930's P.J. Ridley  
55 Sep-99 How do you Find your Relatives John Murtaugh 6000 Miles away
56 Dec-99 The John Jones Conundrum Helen Jones   
56 Dec-99 Thankyou Mr.Lewis - Parliamentary Investigation Terry Lee  Workhouse Investigation
56 Dec-99 Merthyr Electric Traction & Lighting Co Glam List  
56 Dec-99 They Were Not All Heartless Testimonial to Abraham GREY Donald Smith  of Morriston
56 Dec-99 The Boy who Stowed Away with Shackleton Carol Gainsborough The South Wales Argus
56 Dec-99 Genes and Genealogy C.T. Davies   
56 Dec-99 Brutal Murder near Cowbridge John Lewis re David THOMAS of Llanblethian
56 Dec-99 London Branch Report  talk by David Hawkins Mari Alderman  Talk on railway staff records
57 Mar-00 One Hundred and Eighty Jean Jones An unusual tale of Longevity
57 Mar-00 Family Newsletters and Family History Linda Robertson The Barnett Family Newsletter
57 Mar-00 The Names Parents give their Children Jean Jones Favourite child names
57 Mar-00 Cowbridge Buildings and People Alun Jones Cowbridge Record Society
57 Mar-00 Who was John Vigurs of Penzance Roy Vigus Ynysygerwyn Tinplate Works
57 Mar-00 Under a Minute Terry Lee How Illiterate were the illiterate ?
57 Mar-00 Place names in and around the Bont Alun Jones Book Review of Deric John's book
57 Mar-00 The Church at Llandeilo Tal y Bont  Maura Bennett Moving the Church to St Fagans
57 Mar-00 London Report - Betty Ifan's Diary Ros Bowles Transcript of talk by Dafydd Hughes
57 Mar-00 S. Wales men in the Fur Trade record of Hudson Bay Co. Elizabeth Briggs & Ann Morton South Wales pioneers
57 Mar-00 James Rees Davies 1849 - 1898 Clive Davies Life of the Colliery "Check - weigher"
58 Jun-00 News From the Record Office Glam R.O Update on the GROCardiff 
58 Jun-00 Sporting Families of Merthyr Trev Jones Sporting Jones family of Merthyr
58 Jun-00 Saints in Merthyr Tydfil MT. Branch Member Early Mormon Church in Merthyr
58 Jun-00 Links between Merthyr & the USA Carolyn Jacob American links with Merthyr
58 Jun-00 The Church in the parish of Dowlais Huw Williams A history of all churches in Dowlais
58 Jun-00 London Report   Education Mari Alderman Wales & London in the 19th Century
58 Jun-00 A Visit to Wales Annette Nelson Annette's visit n Dec '99
58 Jun-00 Time to Remember - from Stroud Anon Pioneers of Welsh Industry
58 Jun-00 Glamorgan Strays Maura Bennett What is a stray ? - Strays Index
58 Jun-00 St. Augustine's Church - Penarth Vivien Liles A sort account of the Church
58 Jun-00 Bethel Baptist Chapel Gwyneth Evans 200 years of Bethel in Cefyn Coed.
58 Jun-00 The Kirkhouse Connection Martyn Griffiths More on the famous Welsh family
59 Sep-00 Search Services for Members Gwyn Rhys Services now FREE to Members
59 Sep-00 Llanishen from Village to Suburb Alun Jones Review of Graham Horton's Book
59 Sep-00 The Wreck of the Schooner Dundrennin Arthur Hammond Reprint from 1994
59 Sep-00 John Ward Roy Campbell Criminal Activities from 1840's era
59 Sep-00 Tracing Live 'Un's Graham Williams Tracing Live Relatives
59 Sep-00 Glyncorrwg Diary William Lewis Jennie Light Fascinating diary entries - 
59 Sep-00 Cefyn Mably Hospital Alun Jones History of the former T.B. Hospital
59 Sep-00 Ladies of the Night circa 1861Cardiff Phil Roderick gleaning from the "Cardiff Times"
59 Sep-00 Time to Remember Reg. Sydenham Family Memories
59 Sep-00 London Report Ros Bowles Welsh Slate industry
59 Sep-00 The Ararat Baptist Church 1824 - 1999 Eric Sandiford History of the Church in Whitchurch
59 Sep-00 A Family Oddity Ivor John Coincidence ??
60 Dec-00 Our First CD ROM Richard Bennett Review of Glam FHS 1851 Census
60 Dec-00 A Family Legend Terry Lee Cardiff in the early 1900's
60 Dec-00 Confession of a Novice Researcher C. H. Morris The trials and tribulations of research
60 Dec-00 Daniel Davies - The first Rhondda Printer Helen Forder  
60 Dec-00 Ely, Caerau & Michaelston super Ely Nigel Billingham ongoing study of the area
60 Dec-00 Was my Valley always Green Gerald Pearce agriculture in the Vale of Glamorgan
60 Dec-00 Ararat Baptist Church Eric Sandiford Founders Names
60 Dec-00 A Migration Case Study Stephen Jones Migration from Margam in the 1850's
60 Dec-00 Book Review Alun Jones Federation Books reviewed.


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