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Maps of Breconshire

Access various maps of Breconshire (listed chronologically) by clicking on the links below (those marked with ** link to external websites).
Note: Large files take an appreciable time to download with a slow internet connection.

  1. County map 1610 (John Speed) [638 kilobytes]
  2. Brecon Town map 1610 (John Speed) [161 kilobytes]
  3. Brecon Town map 1744 (Meredith Jones) [197 kilobytes]
  4. County map 1805 (J. Britton, engraved by J. Roper) [508 kilobytes]
  5. County map 1816 (Joseph Nightingale) [715 kilobytes]
  6. Ordnance Survey Unions c. 1830 ('Vision of Britain' website)**
    [zoom in, centring on Breconshire, then scroll down and select relevant map]
  7. Brecon Town map 1834 (OS map, redrawn by Colin J Butcher) [1051 kilobytes]
  8. County map 1860 (J. Archer) [595 kilobytes]
  9. County map 1860 (J. Archer) [552 kilobytes]**
  10. Breconshire parishes map pre-1974 (Powys FHS) [55 kilobytes]

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Updated 3 July 2010
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