Waushara County Cemeteries

Please read the following poem in tribute to our ancestors


Your tombstone stands among the rest, Neglected and alone.
The name and date are chiseled out, On polished, marble stone.
It reaches out to all who care, It is too late to mourn.
You did not know that I exist, You died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you, In flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse, Entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor, the place you filled, One hundred years ago,
Spreads out among the ones you left, Who would have loved you so.
I wonder if you lived and loved. I wonder if you knew,
That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you.
Author Unknown

Cemetery Name


Amish Community Cemetery


Bardwell Cemetery Photos
Bardwell Cemetery Transcription
1/2 mile east of Plainfield at the corner of Hwy P and Hwy 73, in section 7 of Oasis twp. It is also known as Hillside or West Oasis cemetery. .
Big John Cemetery .
Sec 4, Bloomfield Twp., Hwy 49, NE W. Bloomfield
Bohemian Cemetery Sec. 5, Corner of 14th Ct. & Alp Ave in the Township of Rose.
Borth Cemetery County Trunk D and 37th Ave., just east of Borth.
Braun Burials Sec. 13, Bloomfield Twp., N. of Apache Ave., E of Co I. on fence line
Brushville Cemetery Sec. 30, Bloomfield Twp., Hwy 49, E of Brushville
Burr Oak Cemetery .
Caersalem Community Cemetery .
Cartwright Family Cemetery Township of Richford
Calvary Catholic Cemetery .
Coloma Cemetery .
Concordia Cemetery Sec. 9, Bloomfield Twp., County HH - E of W Bloomfield
Dakota Village Cemetery Sec 8& 9 15th Ave. & Cottonwood Dr.
Dakota Cemetery Section 31, Town of Dakota, corner of County Trunks JJ and Y
East Bloomfield Cemetery St. John, Sec. 11, Co. HH at 36th, Bloomfield Township
Fish Lake Cemetery .
Foster Road Cemetery .
French Cemetery Township of Warren
Hancock Cemetery .
Hancock Cemetery Contributed by Hancock Cemetery Assoc.
Grace Ev. Lutheran Cemetery Location: In Section 22: Deerfield Township, Waushara County, WI at County Trunks C & B. Copied June 27, 1976 by Wayne and Alta Guyant. Contributed by Sandy Russell
Hall Burial Leon Township
Hill Top Saxeville Township
Hillside Sec. 14, Coloma Twp., Follett St., S of Hwy 21, east side Coloma
Holden Cemetery Mt. Morris
Hope Cemetery Wautoma
Hope Lutheran Cemetery .
Howes Corner Cemetery .
Inda Family Burial .
Jordan Family Cemetery .
Lord Community Cemetery .
Maple Grove Cemetery .
Marion Cemetery w/photos Spring Lake
Marr (Glen Rock) Cemetery .
Mary Decorah Burial - Section 3 - Aurora Twp., Co. XX, north of Hwy 21
Mead Grave Cemetery .
Mt. Calvary Cemetery .
Miltimore Cemetery .
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Wautoma
North Deerfield Cemetery .
Nehring Burials Sec. 26, Bloomfield Twp., Archer Dr., W Co. I
Nichols Grave Sites - Section 32, Township of Wautoma, Waushara County, Wisconsin on State Highway 21, west of Wautoma.
Oak Hill Cemetery - A - D
Oak Hill Cemetery - E - J
Oak Hill Cemetery - K - P
Oak Hill Cemetery - R - S
Oak Hill Cemetery - T - Z
Oasis Cemetery .
Old German Cemetery Bloomfield Township
Old German (Methodist)Cemetery Sec. 33, Coloma Twp., Co. CC
Old Irish Cemetery .
Old West Cemetery .
Peterson Family Cemetery - Section 27, Township of Saxville, Waushara County, Wisconsin, on County Trunk M about 20 rods back in the brush.
Prince of Peace Cemetery Sec. 14, Coloma Twp., South side of Hillside Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery Sec. 6, Aurora Twp., Co. Q, NW Auroraville
Pine River Cemetery .
Plainfield Cemetery
Plainfield Cemetery - More comprehensive
Donated by Dolly Trickey
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Coloma Twp., Section 5, Co. V
Poy Sippi Cemetery .
Ray Cemetery Raymond - Sec 24, Dakota Twp., Co. YY
Richford Community Cemetery .
Saxeville Union Cemetery .
Sacramento Cemetery Sec. 36, Aurora Twp., 36th Road - approx. 1-1/2 miles NE of Berlin
Sheads Island Cemetery Sec. 12, Aurora Twp., Hwy. 21, E of Co. X - approx. 5 miles E. of Auroraville
Spiritland Cemetery Just west of Almond
Springwater Baptist/Attoe Cemetery .
Springwater/Hughes Cemetery Apache Road
St. Mark's Catholic Cemetery .
St. Paul Catholic Cemetery .
Staples Cemetery .
Teska Burials Sec. 13, Jct. Apache Ave & Co. I Bloomfield Twp.
Thomas Family Cemetery - Nedrow Beulow farm, just off of County Trunk P. In a woods, approximately 400' west of 15th Avenue, south of County Trunk P, approximately 2 miles south of Heffron.
Timm Burials Sec. 18, Bloomfield Twp., W of 31st Ct. on hill
Tripp Cemetery .
Union Cemetery - wild Rose South of Wild Rose in Waushara Twp
Victory Cemetery .
Wautoma Union Cemetery .
Webb Cemetery .
Welsh Cemetery Sec 28, Aurora Twp., Hwy. 49 - approx. 3 miles south of Auroraville.
West Holden Cemetery .
White Cemetery Sec. 7, Coloma Twp., Cree Ave & Co. V.
Woodville Cemetery .