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The name of the organization shall be Three Lakes Genealogical Society, headquartered at the Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library, Three Lakes, Wisconsin 54562

The purposes of this organization are to provide meetings and programs of genealogical interest; provide instruction in genealogical procedures; and collect, preserve, and disseminate genealogical data found in the Three Lakes/Oneida County area and/or relative to the people of this area.

    Section 1. Eligibility
        Membership is open to anyone the age of 16 and over, with an interest in genealogy, who applies for membership and tenders the necessary dues. Persons under the age of 16 may petition the Board of Directors for a waiver of the age requirement. There will be no residency requirements. Membership begins upon satisfaction of the above requirement.
    Section 2. Types of Membership
        A. Individual Membership
            A member is entitled to receive one copy of current mailings of the organization. This also entitles this person to one vote when applicable.
        B. Family Membership
            Two or more qualifying individuals of a family residing at the same address are entitled to receive one copy of current mailings of the organization. Two of these persons are entitled to one vote each when applicable. If more than two persons are otherwise eligible to vote, they shall petition the Board of Directors to determine which person shall qualify to vote.
        C. Honorary Membership
            Any person who demonstrates an active interest in this organization may be granted Honorary Membership by the Board of Directors and will be exempt from the payment of dues. An honorary member has no voting privileges and may not hold office but is entitled to receive one copy of the current mailings.
        D. Charter Membership:
            A Charter Member is any person who has paid the dues for the year 2000-2001 and is accepted as a member by August 31, 2001.
    Section 3. Dues
        Membership dues for a one-year membership will be set by the Board of Directors. Dues are payable at or before the annual meeting in October. The Treasurer shall notify any member(s) who is/are in arrears more than sixty (60) days. Member(s) still in arrears more than ninety (90) days shall be removed from the membership roll, considered delinquent, and ineligible to vote. Such members may be reinstated by payment of delinquent dues.

    Section 1. Frequency
        Membership meetings shall be held monthly.
            A. The Annual Meeting shall be held in the month of October.
            B. Special meetings, field trips and research seminars may be held in place of or in addition to the scheduled monthly meetings.
    Section 2. Open Meeting Policies
        Meetings shall be open to the public. Guest(s), on recognition by the presiding Officer, shall have a voice but not vote in the proceedings. Guests may attend up to three (3) meetings per year before being asked to apply for membership.

    Section 1. Officers: The Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past-President. All Officers shall be Directors as well.
        A. Duties of the President
            1. Preside at meetings of the Membership and of the Board.
            2. Appoint all other Committee Chairpersons with the approval of the Board of Directors.
            3. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
        B. Duties of the Vice-President
            1. Assist the President as requested, and assume the duties of President in the absence of the President.
            2. Vacate this Office and fill the Office of the Presidency should that office become vacant.
        C. Duties of the Secretary
            1. Record and report all minutes of Membership meetings and Board meetings.
            2. Handle correspondence as directed by the President.
            3. Maintain membership records and roster.
        D. Duties of the Treasurer
            1. Collect and record membership dues and any other monies paid to the organization. Deposit these funds as directed by the Board of Directors.
            2. Pay bills not exceeding $50.00 as directed by the President or Board of Directors or membership.
            3. Pay bills greater than $50.00 and not exceeding $150.00 with the approval of the Board of Directors.
            4. Pay bills exceeding $150.00 with approval of the membership.
            5. Maintain records of all financial data of the Society and report to the Membership at each meeting. Prepare and submit the Yearly financial report at the Annual Meeting.
            6. Shall prepare the books for audit at the end of each membership year.
        E. Duties of the Immediate Past-President
            1. To facilitate smooth transition of operations after the Annual Meeting.
            2. The Immediate Past-President shall serve as Nominating Committee Chair.
    Section 2. Term of Office and Limitations
        A. Term of Office for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be two years. The President and Secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years, and the Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd-numbered years.
        B. All newly elected officers shall assume office immediately after adjournment of the Annual Meeting. Upon taking office, they shall be responsible to familiarize themselves with the Bylaws of this Society and their duties as outlined.
        C. A member may serve only one consecutive term of the same office, but may serve in the office after one year has elapsed since serving. These limitations shall not affect interim elections, appointments to fill out unexpired terms, or serving as Immediate Past-President.
        D. No member shall be eligible to hold office who has not been a member in good standing for at least one (1) year.
    Section 3. Vacancies
        A. Vacancies in any elective office shall be filled by an appointment of the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, until the next election, except for the office of President, which shall be filled by the Vice-President.
        B. If the Immediate Past �President is unable or unwilling to serve, the Board may select a former Past-President to serve. If no Past-President is able to serve, the Board may select another member to serve in this office.

    Section 1. Membership and Terms
        A. The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) persons:
Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past-President. In the event an officer concurrently holds more than one office on the Board of Directors, then the Nominating Committee shall nominate and the members shall elect a Member-At-Large to serve one year to provide a tie-breaking vote for the Board of Directors.
        B. Terms:
There is no limitation on successive terms except as limitations on terms of Officers.
    Section 2. Powers
        A. Organization and Finances
            1. The Board of Directors shall have full power and authority over the affairs of the Society except for amending the Bylaws and of disbursements greater than $150.00.
            2. The Board of Directors is accountable to the general membership for the finances of the organization. They shall require the President (i.e., President-Director) to petition authorization of payment of any unexpected expenses in excess of $50.00.
            3. The President and Treasurer shall be registered with the financial institutions for any accounts with only one or the other signature required to sign for withdrawal of funds.
    Section 3. Board Meetings
        A. The Board shall meet at least once a year or at the call of the President.
        B. Three Board members shall constitute a quorum.
        C. Any action in which a majority of the Board members shall concur in writing or via email shall be binding and valid although not authorized or approved at a meeting of the Board.

Creation: There will be Standing and Special Committees. Standing and Special Committees shall be created as deemed necessary to promote the objectives and carry on the work of this organization.
    Section 1. Standing Committees: Those Committees which are formed to fulfill specific and limited objectives of the organization and which are usually expected to continue from year to year. Examples are as follows:
        A. Newsletter: The Newsletter Committee shall produce the newsletter, Tree Leaves, at least twice a year. The Chairperson shall be the Editor of the Newsletter.
        B. Programs: The Programs Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the programs for membership meetings.
        C. Publicity: The Publicity Committee is responsible for disseminating information about upcoming meetings.
    Section 2. Special Committees: Those committees which are developed for a particular objective or case at hand. They may or may not run for the full year and may be continued into the next year. An example of a Special Committee is the Nominating Committee. The President shall create as many special committees as are necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Society.
    Section 3. Membership: The Chairpersons may work alone or shall choose other members to serve on the committee. They shall file an annual report or as requested by the President.

    Section 1. Nomination of Officers
Two Offices will be elected by the membership each year. The President and Secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years, and the Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd-numbered years. The Office of Immediate PastPresident is a non-elected position.
        A. Nominating Committee
The Immediate Past-President shall, if available, serve as the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The Chairperson shall appoint active members to the Nominating Committee two months prior to the Annual Meeting. If the Immediate Past-President cannot serve, the President shall appoint the members of the committee.
        B. Nominations
            1. The Nominating Committee shall present to the President a list of candidate(s) for each office two (2) weeks prior to the election. The committee shall have obtained the candidates consent to run for office.
            2. At the Annual Meeting, the Conductor of the election will ask for nominations from the floor. If any, the Nominee must give consent to serve before considered as a write-in candidate.
        C. Qualifications of the Nominee
            1. The Nominee shall be a member in good standing.
            2. The Nominee can be a candidate for only one of the two offices being voted upon at the Annual Meeting.

    Section 2. Elections
        A. The Chairperson of the Nominating Committee shall conduct the election unless he/she is nominated. In that case, the President shall select another committee member to conduct the election. If all committee persons have been nominated, the President shall select a Conductor from the membership-at-large. That Conductor shall appoint two persons to tally the votes and one person to be the observer. None of these persons may be a candidate for office.
        B. Results
The nominee with the majority of votes of those persons present and eligible to vote will become the office holder. In the case of a tie vote, a second vote will be taken by written ballot. If there is still a tie vote, the Board of Directors of the previous year shall meet and decide the winner by a majority of those Board members present, excluding any Board member that is the candidate.

The rules contained in Robert�s Rules of Order, revised shall govern this Society when required and in which they are consistent with these Bylaws. A parliamentarian may be appointed by the President, if required.

    Section 1. The Board is responsible for selecting a bank to serve as a repository for Society Funds.
    Section 2. All checks for disbursement of Society funds shall require the signature of the Treasurer or President.

    Section 1. In the event that this Society does not meet within a six-month period, the Officer(s) available or a majority of the membership shall meet to coordinate and supervise property transfer.
    Section 2. Property is all assets belonging to and/or acquired by gift or purchase, to include all TLGS library and office equipment, and all monies accumulated by the Society. An inventory of the property shall be prepared and the assets disbursed to the Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library, local area Historical Societies and the State Historical Society.
    Section 3. All objects �on loan� to the TLGS shall be returned to the owner. In the event that the owner or family is unable to be located, said property shall be transferred to the Edward U. Demmer Memorial Library.

    Section 1. These Bylaws shall be presented to the membership at the review at the membership meeting 27 November 2000. They shall become effective and govern this Society after acceptance by a majority vote of those members present.
    Section 2. These Bylaws may be amended any time in the following manner,
        A. The President shall appoint a committee to study the need of a proposed revision.
        B. A proposed revision shall be submitted to the membership at any regular meeting.
        C. Voting shall take place no sooner than the following meeting. An affirmative majority vote of the members present is required for the Amendment to pass.
        D. The Bylaws shall be reviewed in even-numbered years and may be reviewed in other years.

Three Lakes Genealogical Society Bylaws were approved as amended on August 22, 2016 after review by the membership.

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